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Friday, January 16, 2015

mail @ closing down !!!

Ever tried googling your name, try and find out your web presence ? – how many e-mail accounts you have ? – who are the service providers ???  Now people google, post on WA and Facebook, hear songs and even see movies on their mobiles which are connected with speedy internet connections.   About a decade and half-ago, accessing web was not easy.  One needed a telephone connection and another from an ISP – there were no modems but ‘dial-up’ connection.  The dialler connection developed in 1989 used the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to establish a connection to an Internet service provider (ISP) via telephone lines. The user's computer or router used an attached modem to encode and decode Internet Protocol packets and control information into and from analogue audio frequency signals, respectively. 

Remember purchasing  Mantra Online and Dishnet packs for usage.  When the bubble burst, many were swept out.

I have an e-mail account with a Service provider who claimed that theirs is the shortest e-mail address available on the net.  It is ‘’  an online venture from Web18, a Network 18 group company and one of India’s online networks based in Mumbai.  It has been on-line since August 2008. has a meta-aggregator, a web crawler, which works for a dynamic, and continuous mapping of the Internet, from which the most searched for and relevant sites are showcased for the user.

All that would become a thing of the past as from 4th March 2015, will be shutting down- the process  has started from 4th Dec  2014.’s communication states that after 6 years of a wonderful relationship,  it’s time for us to say goodbye.  Their communication further states that all their users who last logged in to on or after 5th December 2013 can download and store their data. This includes the inbox, sent, drafts and in-drive files.  Users can continue to access other Network18 properties like Money Control, Colors, Burrp etc with the same id. However, if one is using the mail ID for accessing Facebook, LinkedIn etc., they will have to change to a newer or existing ID of other service provider. 

Those having an … account and interested in downloading their mailbox are required to check the box now provided the ISP and would receive a download link at both their id and alternate email id within a few days. The download request option will be active only  till 4th  March, 2015.  They also offer to forward all your emails to your alternate email id until the date of closure.

So after 4th March 2015, you will not have access to …

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
16th Jan 2015.

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  1. if we needed my impotent mails then what is the option of access