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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Pannaipuram to Parliament - musical genius Illayaraja

 Starting with a Q :  can you say the film that featured this song ? 

பூவிழி வாசலில் யாரடி வந்தது ! கிளியே கிளியே ! இளங்கிளியே கிளியே 

Anbukku Naan Adimai; Ellam Un Kairasi; Gramathu Athiyayam; Guru; Ilamai Kolam; Johnny; Kaali; Kallukkul Eeram; Moodu Pani; Murattu Kaalai; Nenjathai Killathe; Nizhalgal; Rishi Moolam; Soolam; Ullasa Paravaigal~ what brackets these together … .. besides the fact that these all were released in 1980s – there is another – one important at that .. the music of Maestro hearing which our generation grew ! .. .. 

Isaignani  Illayaraja – is a genius, a master at work – far different and far ahead of his era, the composer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, orchestrator, conductor-arranger and lyricist made the whole World look up to Tamil cinema music.  Have heard with awe, the way he would work with music notations and sharing them with his group for composing music for songs and .. .. and background scores too.  Those days, if 60 movies were to be released in a year, 40 of them would have Illayaraja whose music alone would ensure victory of some movies.  

The great news of the day is that Govt has today  nominated celebrated athlete P T Usha, iconic composer Ilaiyaraaja, philanthropist Veerendra Heggade and screenwriter-director V Vijayendra Prasad to the Rajya Sabha. Notably, all four personalities are from the southern states.  

Ans to the Q at the start : the song ‘Poovizhi vasalil’ featured in Sivaji starrer Dheepam, released in 1977 sung by Jesudas and S Janaki, written by PUlamai Pithan to the music of maestro Illayaraja. 

Illayaraja is a genius, stands very tall, way bigger and ahead  than most others – his melodies are the best companion when one wants to relax sitting alone, or anyone on a long drive.  A real boon to the music lovers are his songs ..  afer Padma Vibushan, this honour as Rajya Sabha MP is befitting. 

~  and perhaps he would be  conferred Bharatha Ratna too sooner !! 

A happy Raja fan !!

6th July 2022.


Pic credit : Joseph Raja

the turtle story of 'Kairavini pushkarini' aka Thiruvallikkeni

 The beautiful Temple pond is home to some big fish, ducks, water birds, sparrows and more .. .. and  .. .. and I found something else on a moat – zoomed my camera and took some photos – interesting ! – who let them in ? someone have intentionally brought and let them inside ! 

In the divyadesam of Thiruvallikkeni, the tamil month of Masi has special significance. On Masi New moon [Amavasyai] starts the float festival at Thiruvallikkeni.   The tank of Sri Parthasarathi Swami is famous ~ it is  ‘KairaviniPushkarini’… the pond of Lily – ‘allikkeni’ from which the place itself derives its name (~ and my blog is titled KairaviniKaraiyinile  literally meaning on the banks of holy Kairavini, the temple  tank)

முத்கலன் எனும் முனிவன் முன்னொரு காலத்தில் கோமதி நதிதீரத்தில் ஆஸ்ரமம் அமைத்து தவவாழ்க்கை வாழ்ந்து வந்தான்.  தவவலிமை பெற பின்னர், . முத்கலன், கைரவிணி திருக்குளத்திலே பலநாட்கள் நல்லதவம் செய்தான்.  அவ்வமயம் அங்குள்ள மீன்களின் கோலாகல ஆர்பாட்டத்தினால் தவம் கலையக்கூடுமென உணர்ந்த முத்கலன் - மீன்களை தங்கள் பரிவாரங்களுடன் நீங்குமாறு கூற - மீன்களின் கூட்டமே, இவ்விடத்தை நீங்கி வேறு தடாகத்திற்கு இடம்பெயர்ந்தனவாம்.   இவ்வாறாக இத்திருக்குளத்திலே மீன்களே  கிடையாதாம்!! .  காலம் செய்த கோலத்தில், நீர்தடாகம், சிமெண்ட் தரையாகி மழைநீர் தேங்க, அல்லிமலர்கள் பூப்பதில்லை ! - குளத்தை சுத்தமாக வைத்து இருக்க கெண்டைமீன்கள், கொசுக்களை அழிக்கும் கப்பீஸ் மீன்கள் முதலியன விடப்பட்டு, இப்போது குளத்தில், பல பெரிய பெரிய மீன்கள் உள்ளதை காணலாம். 

From a distance, could not recognize  .. ..  .. but from a closer point and with camera zoom, it was Tortoise .. .. Tortoise or Turtle .. .. I chose to call them turtles.   Biologically, these organisms have various adaptations that clearly distinguish them from each other. One of the critical difference between a turtle and tortoise is the habitat. Most turtles are aquatic while tortoises are terrestrial reptiles.  Both belong to the order Testudines, which includes all tetrapods with a true shell. 

Before we read something on the turtle at Triplicane, here is something read in newspaper.  Wildlife officials in the city are worried about the resurfacing of star tortoise smuggling cases from Chennai. In the last six months, three cases were reported in the state, of which two were at Chennai airport. Enforcement agencies seized live specimens and handed them to state forest officials.  According to an official,   in the two seizures at Chennai airport, more than 3,600 live star tortoises were recovered. The third case was in Bengaluru in which 600 live star tortoises were seized by authorities. There was a lull in this illegal trade during the past two years due to lockdown and non-operation of flights. Now, with flights operational in both domestic and international sectors, the trade has restarted, he said.

Preliminary investigations in the three cases pointed to the involvement of pet traders in Kolathur. A trader from Chennai, who was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for smuggling flap shell turtles from Uttar Pradesh, is one of the kingpins of star tortoise smuggling from Chennai to destinations in South East Asia, besides Sri Lanka.  It is stated that star tortoises are collected from shrub jungles of Madhanapalli and Palamner in Chittoor district and Ananthapur district Andhra Pradesh. Star tortoises are bought as pets in western and south east Asian countries. 

Tortoises and turtles are both reptiles from the order of Testudines, but in different classification families. The major difference between the two is that tortoises dwell on land, while turtles live in the water some or nearly all of the time. The bodies of tortoises and turtles are both shielded by a shell, the upper part of which is called carapace, with the lower portion called a plastron. The carapace and the plastron are attached by a bridge, which means that though the head and limbs of a turtle or tortoise may be withdrawn from the shell, the whole body can never be totally detached from it. These reptiles are generally reclusive and shy in nature.

In case you wonder, whether they are good or bad .. .. tortoises are not considered good though some have them as pets.  A few turtles in the pond, especially sliders, can be good for the pond's ecosystem as they help keep it clean while having a minimal effect on your pond biologically.  Turtles are omnivorous creatures, eating plant matter as well as sick and deceased fish.  Even snapping turtles, which are considered predators, will typically eat sick or dead fish over live ones. This is mainly because turtles, in general, are no match for a fish's speed and agility in the water. The biggest disadvantage to having turtles in your pond is they can reproduce quickly. If left unchecked, they can overpopulate a small pond in a short amount of time, leading to water quality issues, competing with other pond life for resources, etc.

While turtles typically prey on dead or weakened fish in your pond, there is the chance that they will eat healthy fish too. They don't differentiate between nuisance plants and the healthy aquatic plants.  It is not safe to swim in a pond with snapping turtles in it. The snapping turtle can grow quite large and have a powerful jaw with sharp claws on its feet;  unfortunately, they can be aggressive, causing serious injury to those in and out of the water, especially during the egg-laying months of June-July. Turtles also carry salmonella bacteria, which can be transmitted to humans …  ..

But .. .. how come they entered the holy pond ? – who put them in !?!? – some may know, yet there would be no answers.

Regards – S. Sampathkumar
2nd July 2022.

Wimbledon 2022 - Cameron Norrie faces Novak Djokovic in Semis !!

 As the sun was setting over Wimbledon on Tuesday, Cameron Norrie basked in the adoration of the supporters still left on the Grounds. He was seated on the media balcony at Wimbledon completing an interview, with fellow first-time semi-finalist Ons Jabeur standing a few feet away, as fans flocked to celebrate them.It was a remarkable day for Norrie, who reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time when defeating Belgian David Goffin 3-6, 7-5, 2-6, 6-3, 7-5 in an enthralling clash.The 26-year-old became the first British man since Andy Murray in 2016 to reach the last four at Wimbledon.

The man ready to face him is – the famous Novak Djokovic, it was the quick trip to the facilities that saved his tilt at a seventh Wimbledon title.  For two sets, he had been outplayed by Jannik Sinner. For two sets, he had had the confidence knocked out of him by the young Italian’s crunching groundstrokes, walloping serve and own growing sense of belief. And for two sets, he did not know how to stop it. “I started doubting my shots,” he said, now looking considerably happier having won 5-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2.

It is all happening at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (if that is sounding a bit unfamiliar) -  it Wimbledon.  The 2022 Wimbledon Championships is now on.  Novak Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty are the reigning champions in the singles tournaments. Barty is not defending her title, having retired from professional tennis in March 2022.This year, the AELTC barred Russian and Belarusian tennis players from competing, due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. In reaction, the WTA, ATP, and ITF withdrew ranking points from the tournament.  The grass court tournament is being played from 27th June till 10th July 2022.   This year it is the 135th edition, the 128th staging of the Ladies’ Singles Championship event, the 54th in the Open Era, and the third Grand Slam tournament of the year.

The other half of Men’s is open with Cristian Garín playing   Nick Kyrgios while Taylor Fritz playing Rafael Nadal. 

The British media went agog with   Briton coming  from behind to beat Belgian 3-6, 7-5, 2-6, 6-3, 7-5- this win enabled Norrie challenging  champion and No 1 seed for place in final. In the first grand slam quarter-final of Cameron Norrie’s blossoming career he had every reason to feel incensed by how things seemed to be progressing. Faced with the opportunity of a lifetime, his nerves early on were plain for all to see. He constantly dropped the ball short. His forehand leaked too many errors. All the while, David Goffin, his far more experienced opponent, picked him apart.Norrie fought hard until the final point, as he always does, and he was rewarded for his resilience with the greatest win of his life.

The wall of noise from No 1 Court left its mark on Goffin in the long game that followed as he meekly netted a forehand to relinquish the break. Shortly afterwards Norrie served out the set.The crowd was booming as the fifth set began and they stayed with Norrie as he saved a break point in the opening game and then took precious care of each service game until 5-5.As the crowd of 10,000 took in Norrie’s achievement, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present, chants of his surname rang out around the stadium. “Honestly, speechless. Can’t even talk,” he said.

Novak Djokovic knew there was something about Jannik Sinner long before the Italian threatened to bundle him out of Wimbledon on Tuesday afternoon. What he rediscovered about himself after coming back from two sets down to beat Sinner in five sets in the first quarter-final was that winning has never been easy for him in the tournament he treasures above all others.Seven times in his career, Djokovic has recovered from two sets down to win. Last year those faltering starts in the slam tournaments put him in peril 10 times – the longest sequence of his career – and he managed to get over the line nine times, including twice at Wimbledon, where he first bounced back against Jack Draper and then against Matteo Berrettini to win the title.

Five-set tennis is the ultimate test but, until they reach the last few hurdles, most ambitious players would prefer a few easier tests. Still, struggle has often been Djokovic’s experience at Wimbledon, a place of garlanded deeds for him, nonetheless.Sinner is a prince, 20 years old, and one day he will surely have a kingdom of his own. If it is Wimbledon, he will have a ready-made audience of fans.

It sounds simple, but far from it. Djokovic needed to dig into all his reserves to swamp the Sinner confidence. He has done it for so long against the best in the history of the game that it is second nature to him.On day nine at Wimbledon, Djokovic started fast, faded fast and recovered slowly. Sinner played outstandingly well to win the first set in just under an hour, and even better to go two sets up.The youngest player to break the top 10 since Juan Martin del Potro in 2008, Sinner was playing tennis beyond his years. He will come again – and he will win big titles, maybe even this one, on a surface that is still new to him.

Interesting !  - and thinking of Semi-finals, I still lament my hero Ivan Lendl losses at Wimbledon – in Semis in 1988 & 89 and in the finals in 1983 & 84.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
6th July 2022.

buying groundnut !!

பச்சை வேர்க்கடலையும் .. .. ஆழாக்கும்.  ஆழாக்கு =  அரைக்காற்படி.(எட்டு ஆழாக்கு ஒரு படி) 

 முகத்தல் என்றால் : மொள்ளுதல்; அளத்தல் ; தாங்கியெடுத்தல் ; விரும்புதல் ; நிரம்பப்பெறுதல் ; மணம் பார்த்தல்.  வேர்க்கடலை  மாவடு போன்றவற்றை படி (கால் படி; அரைப்படி; 1 படி) எனவும்; வேப்பம் பூ போன்றவற்றை ஆழாக்கு என்ற அளவையிலும் விற்றார்கள் - நாம் வாங்கினோம் என்பது ஒரு புதிய தகவலாக இருக்கலாம்.  

பால், மோர், நெய் போன்ற நீரியல் பொருளை உழக்கு படிகளால் மொண்டு எடுத்து அளப்பது முகத்தல் அளவை ஆகும். முகந்து அளக்கப்படும் பொருள்களுள், நெல் பெரும்பான்மையாகவும், சிறந்ததாகவுமிருத்தல் பற்றி, முகத்தலளவை நெல்லிலக்கம் எனவும் வழங்கப்பட்டது. முகத்தல் அளவை உங்களை கொஞ்சம் ஈர்த்து இருந்தால் :   படி - 4 படி கொண்டது, ஒரு மரக்கால். 6 மரக்கால் கொண்டது, ஒரு பறை.2 பறை கொண்டது, 1 கலம். 2 கலம் கொண்டது, 1 மூட்டை. 60 மரக்கால் கொண்டது, ஒரு உறை.  கிலோ கற்கள் போன்றவை வருமுன்னர்  காய்கறிகளை (பொருட்களை) எடை பார்க்க... கூழாங்கற்கள், நெல்மணிகள், குன்றிமணி, தெள்ளுக்காய், களர்ச்சிக்காய் போன்றவற்றையும் பயன்படுத்தியிருக்கிறார்கள்.   

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

SYMA Growth invites applications for +2 classes

                                       Srinivas Youngmens’ Association [SYMA] has been running free tuition centre for economically backward students since 2008.  Every year more than 100 students are benefitted 

Tomorrow, we reopen our Centre for X Standard – English medium 2 classes with pooja at 5.30 pm.  Here is pic of the banner being put up at Triplicane inviting applications from students for +2 Commerce & Science group.

மியாவ் மியாவ் பூனைக்குட்டி - 'Miyav' - “Meow” or “Miaow” is not catcall

மியாவ் மியாவ் பூனைக்குட்டி !  வீட்டை சுத்தும் பூனைக்குட்டி !!

அத்தான் மனது வெல்லக்கட்டி ! அவர் அழகை சொல்லடி செல்லக்கட்டி !!

குமுதம் 1961 ஆம் ஆண்டு வெளிவந்தது.  ஏ. சுப்பாராவ் இயக்கத்தில் வெளிவந்த இத்திரைப்படத்தில் எஸ். எஸ். ராஜேந்திரன், விஜயகுமாரி மற்றும் பலரும் நடித்திருந்தனர். இப்படத்திற்கு கே. வி. மகாதேவன் இசையமைத்திருந்தார். பல பாடல்கள் ஹிட்டானது.  எம். எஸ். இராஜேஸ்வரி  குரலில், மியாவ் மியாவ் பூனை குட்டி பாடல் பிரபலமானது.   இவர்தாம் - களத்தூர் கண்ணம்மா திரைப்படத்தில் அம்மாவும் நீயே அப்பாவும் நீயே பாடியவர்.    நாயகன் படத்து  - நான் சிரித்தால் தீபாவளி, பாடலிலும் இவர் குரல் ஒலிக்கும். 

Do you like animals .. .. own any pets !  feed the stray ones regularly. Pets are a big part of life in many parts of the world, and a growing economy often means a growing pet population. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets.  

Catcall  :  it is not the sound that a cat makes but would mean ‘to whistle or yell  something sexually suggestive to a stranger, usually in passing”, hence bad. .   

In ancient Egypt the quintessential sound of a cat was “meow”, which meant “cat”. This sound can last between a fraction of a second and various seconds and cats produce it by opening their mouth and then gradually closing it again. In some cases the meowing can begin or end with another sound, such as a trill or a grunt. Cats vocalize in many ways depending on their breed, their mood, and whom they are talking to.  A “Meow” or “Miaow” sound is the most familiar vocalization of adult cats. It can be assertive, plaintive, friendly, bold, welcoming, attention soliciting, demanding, or complaining. Adult cats do not meow to communicate with other cats. They only meow when speaking to their human guardians.  There is also Purr, Chirr, chirping, chattering, trilling, humming, Growl, Snarl, Hiss, and Spitt  -  then there is body language.   

Cats have their own distinct ways of communicating with their tails, ears, eyes, and stance. Cats with tails held high (plumbing), eyes soft, ears forward, in a relaxed stance are happy and secure. A twitching tail is a warning. Ears back with eyes slit and back hunched means, “Watch out. I am not happy and I usually only say no only once”. 

This cat was sitting unperturbed by people and the sounds around at Triplicane and gently turned to the ‘man-call’ of a friend, when clicked ! 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

Sunday, July 3, 2022

SYMA Educational Aid Function 2022 - SYMA Seva Award

In this beautiful world, there are beautiful people – and if your senses are open, perhaps one could sight one such person closer by ! .. .. Triplicane has many. .. ..  likely you have travelled in the auto driven by the man in this photo !! 

1970களில்  MGR ரிக்க்ஷாக்காரனாக பிரபலம் ... 1995ல் ரஜனிகாந்த் - முந்திவரும் பாரு ! இது மூணு சக்கர தேரு என ஆட்டோவை இன்னமும் பிரபலப்படுத்தினார்.  பட்டிதொட்டி எல்லாம் ஒலித்த பாட்டு :

நான் ஆட்டோ காரன் ஆட்டோக்காரன்  .. ..

இரக்கமுள்ள மனசுக்காரண்டா!!   நான் எப்பொழுதும்

ஏழைக்கெல்லாம் சொந்தக்காரண்டா

In the Ajit starrer ‘Attahasam’ – Karunas  is an auto-driver – Ajit & Co would pull the vehicle from backside, as the vehicle could not move –  help would be sought – first Ajit would adjust the mirror and allow the vehicle to move ~ next Ajit, would stop a way-side auto – adjust its mirror, then vehicle would move – confused Karuna would mumble on the logic  !! ….. in the super hit ‘Basha’ – Manikkam (Rajinikanth) is a humble auto driver who helps the needy. He also keeps away from unnecessary fights and quarrels. His ambition is to bring up his brother and sisters with flying colours ~ he has a past ….‘Basha – Manik basha’.  No cine review this ! but a post on autokaran.

A trip to Chennai would never be complete without an encounter with them……… the ubiquitous three-wheelers painted yellow and called ‘auto-rickshaws’.  In the city so well connected by road, rail, sea and air.  - a drive  in this [the peculiar sitting posture of the driver, the cuts and turn-arounds of the vehicle – its capacity to turn at right angles and wade through milling crowds], the language of its drivers, the missing meters and the bargain – can all force mortal fear in you no ends.    Somehow there is lot of negativism attached to it – most users blame and would immediately tell their tale of woe. If you are a regular reader of Tamil magazines, a decade or more - ‘joke on soodu meter’ hogged the limelight.  The fact of life is they are very helpful –every road accident victim – the immediate rescuer is ‘auto drivers’.

To most of you, Srinivas YOungmens Association (SYMA) Triplicane would need no introduction.  We have been rendering service to Society from 1977.  We run a medical facility popularly ‘Rendu roova hospital’ since 1989 and a Tuition centre (SYMA Growth) providing quality educational assistance, free to students since 2008.   

July is a very important month for SYMA - our Educational Aid function, was held on 2nd July 2022 at NKT National Girls High School.   Mr G Sundararaman, General Manager & CFO was the Chief Guest.  Mr TM Shyam Sundar,  CIO and Country Head Operations and Customer service, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited  & Mr SR Rajagopal, former Additional Advocate General were the other distinguishd Guests on dias. 

In the Educational Aid function, we provide uniforms to around 1200 school students, honour the school toppers of Triplicane, financial award to select College students and present SYMA Seva award.   As a Social Service Organisation, we deem it our duty to identify and honour those individuals who had rendered great service to the society.  

2020 was different – the dreaded Corona virus Covid 19 threatened humanity, killing thousands and affecting millions.  People were confined to home and lived in constant fear.   At that juncture, not many ventured to come out and help others.  Having seen near and dear suffer, there was continuous fear in the minds of the people and suddenly many were living in isolation – in troubled times, there was none to help literally !!!  

Sri V. Balaji is well known in Triplicane, not many know that he has a diploma as a lab technician and worked in Medical lab for few years and few more driving car.  This 1969 born has been driving auto (from Hanumantharayan koil street stand) for close to 2 decades now.  He has helped road accident victims and many old aged and patients of Thiruvallikkeni.  During torrid Covid times, Balaji   exhibited exemplary spirit of service, ferrying patients including Covid affected to hospitals in his auto  and general public in purchasing medicine and other essentials. At a time when even neighbours had only fear in mind, Balaji visited homes, offered help to patients.  Triplicanites were truly benefitted by the noble deeds of  persons like Balaji at a time when they were in need of help & when even their relatives could not offer much of assitance.   He was instrumental in successful running of SYMA’s free auto  Campaign for Covid patients too.    

SYMA considers him,   an Extraordinary Role Model  and is proud to bestow on him  “SYMA SEVA AWARD 2022” in recognition  of his outstanding contributions in the field of  service to the aged people and thereby to the  society at large.   His son is studying B.Com and his daughter studying +2.  Balaji was honoured at our Educational function – presented Seva Award, a shawl and a citation besides a medal. 

We pray to Lord Srinivasa to bestow on his and his  family ,  long life, good health  and  vigour  to enable continued rendering  of service to the society for very many years to come. 

There are good individuals and good Organsiations like SYMA rendering service to the Society – together we shall work for betterment of society. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
3rd July 2022.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Adjustment of MACT award ~ Principal or Interest or Costs ~ which Order !!

Motor Insurance is compulsory ~ all vehicles on public road should compulsorily have insurance – not a policy covering the vehicle or its owner but some, which are stated in the Motor Vehicles Act itself.  Sec 147 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 specifies the requirements of policies and limits of liability. 

For ease of compensation to victims involved in a motor vehicle accident,  Motor Accident Claims Tribunals have been constituted.  The defences available to the Insurer are very limited and again specified in the Motor Vehicles Act itself.  There can be circumstances where the amount deposited in satisfaction of the award could be less than the actual award + interest + costs.  Ever wondered, as to how the amount would be adjusted – against Principal, or Interest or Costs – in which order ? – this was answered in Civil Appeal no. 3056 of 2008  before Apex Court –  the defendant being Oriental Insurance Co Ltd.

The claim arose out of a road accident whence an Engg Graduate was killed in Apr 1993.  The victims filed application seeking compensation of 2 crores.   The Tribunal in Apr 1997 awarded Rs.98,40,500/- as compensation with interest @ 12% p.a. from the date of petition + costs of Rs.99443/-    Being aggrieved, the Insurers preferred appeal.  The High Court granted stay of execution of award subject to deposit of Rs.30 lakhs + costs.   A Division bench partly allowed the appeal in Dec 2001 reducing to compensation to Rs.56,40,000/-  retaining the interest rate @ 12%. 

The Insurers deposited a sum of Rs.23,27,635/- in Sept 2002 claiming it to be full and final satisfaction of the award.   The victims filed Execution Petition before the Executing Court claiming an amount of  Rs.20,16,700/-   The Insurers contended that their liability  to  pay  interest  gets discharged when it deposits the award amount in full.   Thus,  relying on the principle of accrual method,  they stated that only a  sum  of  Rs.36,650/- was liable to be paid, which was deposited in July 2003.

The Executing Court took a view that the amounts deposited by the Insurer from time were liable to be adjusted towards the component of interest first and thereafter remnant towards the decretal amount – by which Insurer’s liability was fixed vide order of Aug 2004  to the  extent  of  Rs.17,70,657/- together with interest @ 12%  p.a.  from  the  date  of       filing of the Execution Petition till the date of realization.  Insurers challenged this before High Court of Judicature, Andhra Pradesh.

The learned  single  Judge  of  the  High  Court  of Judicature, Andhra Pradesh, in  July 2005 held that  the part  payments deserve to be adjusted towards the principal decretal amount  and  not  any component of interest accrued upto that date. So the matter was agitated before the Supreme Court of India. Apex Court opined that before  adverting to the various issues involved in the  case  and  the       contentions advanced by the counsel on either side, we have given  our  anxious consideration to the judgment impugned of the  learned  single Judge of the Andhra Pradesh High  Court.   Extracting relevant paras of impugned judgment – it was stated that it is that in a plethora of judgments, the  Supreme  Court  as  well as the High Courts took the  view  that  any  amount  deposited under Rule 1  of  Order  21  CPC  must  be  first  adjusted  towards interest.  It added that the expression “interest if any”  occurring  in both the provisions is  significant.   A  decree  may  comprise of principle amount claimed in the suit, as well  as  a  component  of interest up to the date of decree.  Once a  decree  is  passed  for certain amount, it becomes a principle by itself and the  liability to pay interest thereon, and if so, the rate at which it is  to  be paid, would depend upon the  terms  of  decree.   The  amount  that carries the interest till the date of realization would be the  one stipulated in the decree.  It is not permissible  for  a  Court  to award interest on interest.         Sub section (3) of Section 3 of the - Interest Act clearly  prohibits  grant  of  interest  on  interest.

The Court observed the passing of order of High Court to be based on considerations of :  Firstly, the judgments relied upon by the claimants are based on the pre-amended provisions of Order 21 Rule 1 C.P.C;            Secondly,  in  the  cases  which  were  decided  subsequent   to       amendment, the issue - of appropriation of amounts has not fallen for consideration.  Thirdly, a decree comprises of principal claimed in the suit  as  well as component of interest.  Hence, once a decree is  passed  for  certain amount, it becomes principal by itself and Section  3(3)  of  Interest Act clearly prohibits grant of interest on interest.

It was further pointed out that the law have not looked upon favourably where the judgment  debtor  does not pay or deposit the decretal  amount  within  the  time  granted  as  one cannot be permitted to take advantage of his own  default.   Therefore,  the normal rule that is followed is to allow the deposit or payment,  if  it  is in part, to be adjusted towards the interest due, etc.,  However, when there  is a  shortfall  in  deposit,  the  amount  has  to  be adjusted towards interest and costs, then it  has  to  be  adjusted  towards principal.   In money suit, the amount consists of principal and interest till  the suit is filed.  But, in case of award passed under the Act, the question  of inclusion  of  any  interest  on  the  decretal  amount  does   not   arise.

The Court held that keeping in  view  the  ratio of  the  Constitution  Bench  judgment  in  Gurpreet  Singh  (supra),  where considering an identical question of CPC, it was held that if the amount deposited by the judgment  debtor  falls short of the decretal amount, the decree-holder is  entitled  to  apply  the rule of appropriation by appropriating the amount  first  towards  interest,  then towards costs and subsequently towards principal amount due  under  the decree.

The Hon’ble CJ held that they are of the opinion that the appellants  herein  are  entitled  to the amount awarded by the Executing Court, as the amounts deposited  by  the judgment  debtor  fell  short  of   the   decretal   amount.    After   such appropriation, the decree-holder is entitled to interest only to the  extent of unpaid - principal amount.  Hence, interest be calculated  on  the  unpaid  principal amount.  The Court thereby allowed the appeal, setting aside  the  impugned  judgment of High Court passed in July 2005 and restoring the order of  Executing Court dated 18.08.2004.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

10th Feb 2015.

rare 'White elephant' and the flag of Laos !!

Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR) is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma,  China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  

Understand in the Sanga period, benevolent Kings would give elephant as prize to poets ~ obviously, it was not the animal only but wealth that went along ensuring their upkeep.  In our mythology, “Airavatham” is the white elephant who carries Indira.  Airavata has four tusks and seven trunks and is spotless white. It is known as Erawan in Thai. Airavata is also the third son of Kashyap and Kadru.  Airavatha is the King of elephants and brother of Garuda.  By some reference, King Bimbisara had one such white elephant,  captured in wild  and named Sechanaka which means "watering" as the elephant used to water the plants by himself without any prior training.

In reality, ‘A white elephant’ is a burden rather than prized possession – the owner  cannot dispose of  but the cost of keeping that of maintenance would be out of proportion to its usefulness.  The term derives from the story that the kings of Siam, now Thailand, were accustomed to make a present of one of these animals to courtiers who had rendered themselves obnoxious in order to ruin the recipient by the cost of its maintenance. In modern usage, it refers to objects / ventures that are considered not of any use. 

Elsewhere ‘white elephants’ are sacred in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  To possess a white elephant was regarded (and is still regarded in Thailand and Burma) as a sign that the monarch reigned with justice and power, and that the kingdom was blessed with peace and prosperity. The opulence expected of anyone that owned a beast of such stature was great.   The thai term  ‘chang samkhan’, actually translates as 'auspicious elephant', being "white" in terms of an aspect of purity.

Scientifically, a white elephant (also albino elephant) is a rare kind of elephant, but not a distinct species. Although often depicted as snowwhite, their skin is normally a soft reddish-brown, turning a light pink when wet.  They have fair eyelashes and toenails. The Burmese rulers and the King of Thailand do possess white elephants.   

A rare white elephant has been captured in Myanmar, state media said recently – the creature traditionally seen as a sign of political good fortune in a country edging towards breakthrough national elections. The pink-tinged pachyderm, which was caught in a forest reserve in the Irrawaddy Delta area of Pathein, is the ninth white elephant to be held in captivity in the former junta-run country, according to a report in the Global New Light of Myanmar.

The female elephant is thought to be about seven years old, is around 190cm tall and has “pearl coloured eyes”. They have been found at opportune moments for the country, which has been ruled by a quasi-civilian government since 2011. The discovery of a white elephant just before elections in 2010 was hailed by state media as the mark of a successful “democratic transition”, despite widespread criticism of the polls with allegations of cheating and the absence of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Myanmar is currently preparing for another general election, a key test of the country’s political reforms and one that is likely to see significant wins for Suu Kyi’s party. [source :]

From 1952 until the fall of the royal government in 1975 the country of Laos had a red flag, with a white three-headed elephant (the god Erawan) in the middle. On top of the elephant is a nine-folded umbrella, while the elephant itself stands on a five-level pedestal. The white elephant is a common royal symbol in Southeast Asia, the three heads referred to the three former kingdoms Vientiane, Luangprabang, and Champasak which made up the country.  The nine-folded umbrella is also a royal symbol, originating from Mount Meru in the Buddhist cosmology. The pedestal represented the law on which the country rested.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
16th Mar 2015.

Photo of Laos flag :  "Flag of Laos (1952-1975)" by Thommy - Own work, based on Flags of the World - Laos, 1952-1975 and Coat of arms of Laos (1952-1975).svg. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons; 

 Photo - of white elephant : the

rare sighting of civet cat in an ATM !!

Sure you have heard of ‘Punugu poonai’ – the civet cat.  It is not exactly a cat but a small nocturnal mammal that lives in forests.  The word civet also refers to the distinctive musky scent produced by the animals.   The civet has catlike body, long legs,  long tail, and a masked face resembling a raccoon or weasel. In some areas of the world, it has become an endangered species, hunted for its fur or as a food source. The civet's taste for fruit has been its downfall in at least one area of Southeast Asia; the durian fruit is also called "civet fruit," because it is used as bait for catching civets. The civet not only is fond of fruit, but has had a love-hate relationship with growers of a particular coffee bean in Viet Nam. Civets love this bean, and search out the tastiest examples with their long, foxlike nose.

It is considered sacred too – according to scriptures - aromatic substances javvadu, kasthuri and punugu  are used in rituals.  The three aromatic substances are used at the Tirumala temple  providing a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance.  Have read that  Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is rearing the animal `civet' in its Sri Venkateswara Dairy Farm.

From the traditional withdrawal from Bank standing in queue filling challans and always appearing bemused, automated teller machines (ATM) have changed the way of money transaction. All and sundry now flaunt no. of cards and allowing withdrawal from ATM of any bank has just added to the confusion. Still people do queue before select ATMs.  Currency notes are not the only thing that ATM disposes – some give coins; some Gold bars and gold coins and a Company introduced  gold, silver and diamond sales through vending machines.  Aavin used to dispense milk from automated vending machines. 

Users of ATM have had to cope up with peculiar problems – some are in deserted areas – in some you would find the security sleeping inside ! – this one is far different.  TOI reports that visitors to an ATM in Adyar on Tuesday [3.3.15] morning had unusual company waiting atop the kiosk shutter– a palm civet cat. The rare visitor was soon rescued and handed over to the zoo authorities by Blue Cross.

Blue Cross said the bank staff received information about the presence of some animal on top of the rolling shutters at the ATM counter in the morning. But, they were not quite sure about the species. They informed Blue Cross about it. A team came with a cage and the civet cat was trapped in it, without any injury. However, it took three hours to make it move into the cage, he said.  A  wildlife biologist of National Conservation Foundation, who studies small carnivores, told TOI that civet cats, also known as toddy cats, are adaptable animals. Basically a nocturnal animal, they are always usually found on trees. An omnivorous animal, civet cats feed on fruits as well as birds and other smaller animals. The natural habitat of the civet cat includes dry evergreen forests and agriculture fields surrounded by trees.

With such areas increasingly being taken over by concrete structures, civet cats often get stranded in human habitations. In old houses, they sometimes make the attic their home. It is also called a ‘toddy cat’, for villagers claim that they can tap the toddy from the palm tree; that is stated to be a myth though.  Theosophical Society, Adyar,  Guindy National Park, IIT-M campus, Madras Christian College campus, Vandalur zoo and the forests that stretch up to Chingleput  are some of the places where one can spot palm civets.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
4th Mar 2015.

diet drinks make people obese ~ Diabetes becoming epidemic

If you are above 40 ~ in the group of friends,  the discussion on health and more specifically on whether you are afflicted by ‘……..’ is bound to happen !  …. It is no disease but only a ‘disorder’ - One need to adapt a controlled way of living …. Sounds simple – when practised – life will be normal, ---- and ask those affected, how difficult is to control temptation [and not to yield to it !] …. Outwardly people will look normal – they can be of various walks of life; could be the most educated too…. still, given a chance of being alone in a party – they would jump to take more than the usual share of jamuns, lick ice-cream and more……some will say an additional dose of medicine will take care..

It is ‘Diabetes mellitus’  or simply diabetes [colloquially sugar] - a metabolic disease in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. For some of those affected, it is a daily struggle ~ others too strive hard to keep things under control, for, uncontrolled blood sugar puts people at risk for a range of dangerous complications, some short-term and others longer term, including damage to the eyes, kidneys and heart. Managing diabetes is too important.

Newspaper reports reveal that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently underwent 12-days of naturopathy treatment at Bengaluru for chronic cough and diabetes. “Cough gone, sugar under control. Feeling fresh and fit. (I) am excited to return to resume work,” Kejriwal tweeted before leaving for Delhi. The 46-year-old AAP leader was discharged from Jindal Nature Cure Institute on the outskirts of Bengaluru where he was admitted on March 5 and returned to Delhi around 8 pm on Monday.

Diabetes could become a global epidemic affecting one in 12 adults around the world cries this report in MailOnline.  Diabetes is 'epidemic' with 400 million sufferers worldwide: Number with condition set to soar by 55% within 20 years unless humans change way they eat and exercise. Researchers estimate 382million people suffered from diabetes in 2013; at current rates number of sufferers globally could be 592 million by 2035 .  In China and India 10 per cent of adult population suffer from the condition and this  compares to the global average of 8.3 per cent, according to study published in the journal Pharmaco Economics. Around 10 per cent of sufferers have type 1 diabetes – an auto-immune disorder that is usually present from childhood. But the other 90 per cent have type 2 diabetes – an illness driven by a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

The study, published in the journal Pharmaco Economics, cites data from the International Diabetes Federation estimating that 8.3 per cent of adults aged 20 to 79 now suffer from diabetes. Mr Seuring and his colleagues analysed the impact on increasing number of diabetics on the economies of 20 countries. They found that increased healthcare costs and reduced workforce productivity could severely dent economic growth. Charity warns diabetes is becoming a 'UK health emergency'.  He said: ‘People in the UK with diabetes experience an income loss of £887 per year. But it is carers in the UK who are the worst hit financially, with a reduction in income of £1327 annually.’

There is a tendency to take ‘Diet Coke’ ‘diet Pepsi’ ‘zero coke’ and other sugar free drinks and sugarfree chocholates and sweets by those afflicted.  Another report in Daily of the Science Reporter threatens that ‘Over-65s who drink fizzy low-calorie drinks every day increase their waist size by three inches over a decade’. Those  who regularly have diet drinks in later life are more likely to develop a pot belly, research suggests. This was more than four times as much as pensioners who said they never had diet drinks.

A large waist size is thought to contribute to a higher risk of heart problems, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Experts say fat that gathers around the middle produces more dangerous chemicals and is closer to the body’s vital organs than that on the bottom, hips and thighs. Over ten years, University of Texas scientists followed 749 pensioners from the age of 65, tracking their diet, weight and waist size. The research, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, found that those who did not consume diet drinks saw their waist size increase by 0.80 inches during the study, while those who had them occasionally gained 1.83 inches.  Those who drank a can a day saw their waist size increase by 3.16 inches.

The study did not explore the reasons behind the link - and critics point out that those who drink diet products are more likely to be predisposed to obesity. The burden of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, along with healthcare costs, is great in the ever-increasing senior population. People in their old ages want weight reduction and commonly believe that diet soft drinks will help to reduce the calorie intake.
Confusing to say the least !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar 18th Mar 2015. Photo :

Savannah goats - herded by Cheetos !!!

Modern day children are choosy and would not settle down for anything less than what they want !

Cheetos  is a brand of cheese-flavored, puffed cornmeal snacks made by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. Fritos creator Charles Elmer Doolin invented Cheetos in 1948, and began national distribution in the U.S. The initial success of Cheetos was a contributing factor to the merger between The Frito Company and H.W. Lay & Company in 1961 to form Frito-Lay. In 1965 Frito-Lay became a subsidiary of The Pepsi-Cola Company, forming PepsiCo, the current owner of the Cheetos brand. Cheetos has been the top selling brand cheese puffs in its primary market of the United States.  

Ever imagined this utility of ‘Cheetos’ which even their manufacturers would not have claimed !!

In Feb this year, they introduced the new limited-edition flavour  -  making it the first and only time Cheetos has made a sweet version of its iconic crunchy puff in the brand’s 67-year history. With Chester sporting bunny ears and carrying an Easter basket, it's likely parent company Frito-Lay is eyeing the kids' market with these. It is cinnamon brown instead of cheesy orange. From the salty snack brand, Frito is trying to lure the sweettooth...

The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. The goat is a member of the family Bovidae and is closely related to the sheep.  There reportedly  are over 300 distinct breeds of goat.  Female goats are referred to as "does" or "nannies", intact males as "bucks", "billies", or "rams" and their offspring are "kids".

The Online Sales is picking up in India and many retailers are alarmed at its penetration and the discounts offered.  One of the top leaders, Amazon is globally selling everything online – it is stated that one can purchase all kinds of lawnmowers from Amazon, from old-fashioned rotary push mowers to ultra-modern robotic mowers ~and that is not all, - they’ll even let you rent goats to keep your lawn under control. This eco-friendly service is being offered in the lawn care section of Amazon’s growing Home Services.  So, one can rent goats to mow their lawn but not a person to do the yard work !    Amazon’s home turf in Seattle, of course, is covered. Some California cities should be, too. Ruminant lawn care has been championed by a couple major tech companies there.

Police say Cheetos helped them catch goats roaming free in Savannah. Savannah-Chatham police say these goats, which were found wandering around the city, will soon be available for adoption.
 Photo courtesy of Savannah-Chatham police

Police are crediting Cheetos and teamwork with the recovery of six goats found wandering in midtown Savannah.  “That was our saving grace,” said Savannah-Chatham Animal Control officer Christina Sutherin. “They started to follow a Cheetos bag. They ate the entire contents of the bag.” After metro police were called about the loose pack of livestock in the road at 52nd and Exchange streets, a patrol officer found the animals impeding traffic and was able to corral them until animal control could arrive. “They were foraging,” Sutherin said. “They were just out looking for food. They were grazing on several people’s bushes and plants, along with some of the shrubbery there along the side of the road.”

The small herd created something of a spectacle for residents as it wandered on Myrtle Street near Burroughs and 48th streets, Sutherin said. One man was able to contain a juvenile goat in his fenced-in yard, and animal control officers got the other five contained in another enclosure. A spectator with a bag of the cheese-flavored puffed corn treats jumped in, and officers were able to lead the sometimes noisy herd into an animal control vehicle, Sutherin said. “They didn’t appreciate being handled very much or put on the truck, but for the most part they were cooperative,” Sutherin said. Part of the trick, she said, was getting the rest of the herd to follow the large male goat, whom officers have named Big Daddy Goat.

Sutherin said the goats belonged to a man who had been cited by property maintenance personnel for keeping the animals within city limits, which is against ordinance. He apparently moved them to an area near where they were found – he  has since been cited for livestock at large. The goats, now just “kind of hanging out” at animal control headquarters on Sallie Mood Drive, will be available for adoption to approved individuals in a few days. Sutherin said people who live in areas of the county where residential goats are allowed must have at least 2 acres of land.  This was  not the first time animal control has been called for goats at-large, though Sutherin said it’s the first time she’s encountered a herd.

“Goats are notorious for escaping,” she said. “They need to have a very strong fenced-in area, plus they can jump. They’re pretty agile.”

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
19th May 2015.