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Friday, December 9, 2022

life gets tougher when it rains !!

No Alarippu (meaning flowering bud) of Baratha Natyam, nor any of the karanas or mudras !  Rain poses two major possible dangers to a bird. The biggest one is hypothermia.  

மழையில் கிளிகள் நனைந்தாலும் சாயம் போவதில்லை !!  -  ஆனால் பறவைகள் மழையை ரசிப்பதாக, வரவேற்பதாக தெரிவதில்லை.  

Deep Depression over Southwest & adjoining Southeast Bay of Bengal intensified into a cyclonic storm “Mandous” pronounced as “ManDous” lay over the southwest Bay of Bengal about 270km ESE of Karaikal. It will move west northwestwards and cross north Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and the adjoining south AP coast between Puducherry and Sriharikota with a windspeed of 65-75 kmph around midnight of December 9, says IMD Bulletin. The weather department has warned of heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karaikal and Andhra Pradesh and NDRF teams have been put on alert.


When it rains, whether it’s a heavy downpour or even a light shower, you may notice that there are fewer birds about. The birds that do remain out in the open will look very soggy, but they have evolved remarkably well to weather storms. To keep warm, birds trap tiny pockets of air under their feathers, which is why a down coat or duvet is so toasty. However, when their feathers get wet, the pockets of air can fill up with water, and a bird’s temperature can drop rapidly, putting it at risk of hypothermia. 

Different lives ! different problems -  never add to the problem of others !!
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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