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Friday, October 19, 2018

Oriental denies claim to victim of mob lynching citing criminal act

Tripura defeated Manipur by 75 runs in the Women Cricket Under 19 T 20 League 2018-19, played at Nimpur Ground in Cuttack of Odisha.  Tripura in North East India is third-smallest state in the country.  It is bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south, and west, and the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram to the east.

The area of modern 'Tripura' was ruled for several centuries by the Tripuri dynasty. The independent Tripuri Kingdom (or Hill Tippera) joined the newly independent India in 1949.  The Ujjayanta Palace is a museum and the former palace of the Kingdom of Tripura situated in Agartala, which is now the capital of the Indian state of Tripura. The palace was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by the King of Tripura, and stands on the banks of two lakes surrounded by gardens. It was the home of the ruling Manikya dynasty until Tripura's merger into India in 1949.  Ujjayanta Palace is now a State Museum; its name was given by Rabindranath Tagore, the first Nobel Prize laureate in Literature in Asia and a frequent visitor to the princely state as guest of the Tripura royal family.

Agartala is in news for wrong reasons in recent past.  Sukanta Chakraborty, 36, who was appealing to the public on behalf of the administration to refrain from rumour-mongering on social media,  himself fell victim of a mass hysteria over child-lifting that has claimed two lives and left as many as six people injured in three separate incidents in the past 48 hours, forcing the government to suspend all mobile internet services for two days. Chakraborty’s lynching came just hours after Uttar Pradesh resident Zahir Khan, who had been selling crockery and garments in remote markets of the state for the past 20 years, was killed and three others severely injured after 300-odd mob attacked them on suspicion of being child-lifters at Murabari in West Tripura district, about 30 km from Agartala, police sources told Outlook.

The trigger for the three back-to-back attacks, the sources said, were the alleged reports about illegal harvesting of the kidneys and other organs of an 11-year-old boy, Purna Biswas, who was found dead in the Tulabagan area of West Tripura district.  Amid reports of clashes between locals and the police over the incident, chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb took to social media to debunk the rumours, and claimed that the kidneys and other organs of the boy were found intact, citing the autopsy report.

The PSU – Oriental Insurance Co had issued GPA earlier in favour of Governor of Uttar Pradesh for the coverage of personal accidental insurance benefit up to a maximum of Rs.5.00 lakhs to the head of the family/bread winner of the covered family.   Mukhyamantri Kisan Evam Sarvhit Bima Yojna (earlier name Samajwadi Kisan Evam Sarvhit Bima Yojna) was introduced by the Government of U.P., insuring Head/Bread winner of the families of farmers and also for landless farmers, small businessman, labours, shopkeepers, coolies etc. of the Uttar Pradesh, whose income was below Rs.75,000/- per annum. Personal Accident policies in general, inter-alia exclude  death /injury / disablement   (a) from intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide, (b) whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (c) whilst engaging in Aviation or ballooning or whilst mounting into, dismounting from or traveling in any aircraft other than as a passenger (fare paying or otherwise) in any duly licensed standard type of aircraft anywhere in the world, (d) directly or indirectly caused by venereal disease/s, or insanity, (e) arising or resulting from the insured committing any breach of law with criminal intent.

Today, read a report in National Herald web edition that Oriental insurance had repudiated a claim of Tripura lynching victim stating that  the deceased was killed by the public because at that time he was involved in a crime.

In a detailed report, the paper reports that the wife of the deceased received a letter from   the Muzaffarnagar branch of the Oriental Insurance Company. The letter she has received from the insurance company mentions that the deceased was killed by the public because at that time the deceased was involved in the crime of attempting to kidnap. Therefore, under Mukhyamantri Kisan Sarvhit Bima Yojana, the person is understood to be involved in a criminal conspiracy at the time of murder. So the claim is not determined, the correspondence hence is closed.”

The deceased Zahid had 2 bighas of land, and under Uttar Pradesh Sarvajit Kisan Bima Yojana, after the death of the farmer due to accident or murder, his family gets compensation of ₹5 lakh. Zahid has three children. His family had applied for compensation under Uttar Pradesh Sarvahit Kisan Bima Yojanaand has received this response.

Newspaper report further citing Tripura police investigator states this to be  incorrect.  It adds that the victim’s family has not received any government aid. His family applied for compensation under this insurance scheme. It was examined by the local tehsil. After 4 months, the Insurance Company has closed the claim with a letter of repudiation. The family too stated that it is totally wrong and that he never had any criminal case against him, the killing was claimed to be a fall-out of child-lifting in the area. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
19th Oct 2018.
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What is Underwriting ........... and Underwriting agreement !

What happens when a Q is put to an ordinary man and an expert ?

While an Ordinary man would try and answer looking into various realms, Specialist’s answer would get constrained to the field of specialization.  He may be authentic, yet would be constricted to a specific set of ideas.  Now the Q is what is Underwriting ?

photo above : Bharat Insurance Building, Mountroad, Chennai

Those in Insurance industry transact Insurance business and call themselves  variously Insurers, Assurers, Underwriters, Risk Managers and so on.  Insurance primarily is a form of risk management providing protection against uncertain losses.  In a way it is the equitable transfer of a risk of a loss from one entity to another, in exchange of consideration called premium. Insurance Company is the one selling insurance; the rate determined for undertaking the risk is known as premium.  Insurance is a  contract whereby one person, the Insurer – promises and undertakes in exchange of consideration to indemnify the policy holder in the event of a loss or damage occurring due to certain specified perils.  There are sound theories of ‘law of large numbers’ and the like. 

The man at the helm, evaluates, analyses and determines whether the proposed risk should be accepted, if so on what terms and conditions and at what rates- that is Underwriting.  The term comes from the tradition of Lloyds of London, a historical Insurer who has been in business for centuries.  The function of the underwriter is not only to collect premium enriching the coffers of Insurers but also to ensure protection to the company's book of business from risks that they feel will make a loss and issue insurance policies at a premium that is commensurate with the exposure presented by a risk But Underwriting is not restricted to ‘Insurance alone’.  Broadly, Underwriting refers to the process that a large financial service provider (bank, insurer, investment house) uses to assess the eligibility of a customer to receive their products (equity capital, insurance, mortgage, or credit). 

Securities underwriting :  refers to the process by which investment banks raise investment capital from investors on behalf of corporations and governments that are issuing securities (both equity and debt capital).

Underwriting agreement : Securities-purchase contract between an underwriter or underwriting syndicate and an issuer of bonds or shares. Among other terms, it specifies the price at which the security will be offered to the public (public offering price), underwriter's profit margin (underwriting spread), and the date by which the payments must be settled (settlement date).

Definition of 'Underwriting Agreement' : A contract between a group of investment bankers who form an underwriting group or syndicate, and the issuing corporation of a new securities issue. The underwriting agreement contains the details of the transaction, including the underwriting group's commitment to purchase the new securities issue, the price that the underwriting group will pay to the issuing corporation and the initial resale price.
Investopedia explains 'Underwriting Agreement'  as : Underwriting agreement can be considered the contract between a corporation issuing a new securities issue and the underwriting group that has agreed to purchase and then resell the issue for a profit. The purpose of the underwriting agreement is to ensure that all of the players understand their responsibility in the process, thus minimizing potential conflict.

The main purpose of an underwriting agreement is to clarify all the terms and conditions associated with the underwriting process related to these new securities. To that end, both the corporation and the underwriter will make specific commitments regarding the stock issue.

Some more Underwriting :

Real estate underwriting : In evaluation of a real estate loan, in addition to assessing the borrower, the property itself is scrutinized. Underwriters use the debt service coverage ratio to figure out whether the property is capable of redeeming its own value or not....

Forensic underwriting : is the "after-the-fact" process used by lenders to determine what went wrong with a mortgage. Forensic underwriting refers to a borrower's ability to work out a modification scenario with their current lien holder, not to qualify them for a new loan or a refinance. This is typically done by an underwriter staffed with a team of people who are experienced in every aspect of the real estate field.

Have heard this with reference to study of large losses by Insurers also.

Sponsorship underwriting: will  refer to financial sponsorship of a venture, and is also used as a term within public broadcasting (both public television and radio) to describe funding given by a company or organization for the operations of the service, in exchange for a mention of their product or service within the station's programming.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
10th Feb 2015.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

bizarre run outs - Azhar Ali in a trance - and when Krish Cheeka walked !

I vividly remember that 1st Test in 1981 – India beat England by 138 runs ! ~ for a specific reason. Chennaites were so fond of Krish Srikkanth – his batting style, entertaining, fearless – but evoking fear all the time to his supporters. The swashbuckler was a crowd puller, who can hit the 1st ball for a six – his lofted shots over extra cover, his straight drives, square drives, pulls and hooks all mesmerized us.

Today at Abu Dhabi, Pakistan moved closer to a series-clinching win,  breaking the back of the Australian bowling attack - and perhaps the spirit of the side - once and for all. On what was a draining day in ferociously hot conditions, Sarfraz Ahmed kept Tim Paine and his men out on the field for all but the last 12 overs. They amassed 400 runs in the process, and set Australia a gargantuan 538 runs to win. There was still time for Mir Hamza to get his first Test wicket, clipping the outside of Shaun Marsh's off stump with perhaps the best delivery of the match. Babar Azam and Sarfraz put on 133 for the sixth wicket, Babar falling agonisingly short of his first Test hundred, Mitchell Marsh trapping him in front when the 23-year old was on 99.

~ yet the talking point was something else – a bizaree run out – that of Azhar Ali, out in a comical fashion, chatting with his partner when a flat throw thudded on to Paine’s gloves - a mistake described by Michael Vaughan as 'the greatest run-out of all time'.

Azhar Ali,  edged a ball from Peter Siddle wide of gully and with the third man area vacant presumed the ball had run away for four.  Without a fielder to cover the area it looked a certain boundary for Pakistan, but, but, the ball the ball stopped short of the boundary rope and was retrieved by Mitchell Starc, was thrown back in and the bails removed by Tim Paine with Ali caught stranded  !     Ali had not even bothered running, only glancing at where the ball had gone before taking a few steps down the track and consulting his batting partner Asad Shafiq  Shafiq had his eyes on the ball, but he too did not notice it falling short.

The pair punched gloves and paused for a mid-pitch chat as Mitchell Starc's bullet throw from the boundary rope was received by wicketkeeper Tim Paine, who gleefully removed the bails. Ali stared in disbelief as he was caught well out of his crease with the Australians celebrating wildly. He reluctantly trudged back to the pavilion at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, with his 141-ball vigil coming to a farcical end. Ali hit 64 as Pakistan built a substantial lead over Australia in their second innings.

Run outs have changed matches (though this may not have any impact on the result) – one would never forget Lance Klusner choke run out in 1999 World Cup.  Decades earlier, on Dec 14, 1960 -   Joe Solomon threw down the stumps from square-leg to run out Ian Meckiff, and Test cricket witnessed the first ever Tie.  On that final day, between  the stolen singles and twos, Alan Davidson cut and hooked with vicious grace. He had walked in with the score reading 57 for 5, Hall on rampage. At the other end captain Richie Benaud looked unruffled. When he had come in at 92 for 6, all had looked lost.

At close of play, Wes Hall was bowling, with the clock showing 5:56. Australia stood at 227–7, needing six runs to win from the 8-ball over, with three wickets in hand. Of the first ball, Wall Grout was hit on the high but ran a single. 2nd Richie Benaud was caught behind by wicket-keeper Gerry Alexander. The score was 228–8. 4th ball down the leg side and batsmen ran one. Next ball there was a mix up between the bowler and Rohan Kanhai resulted in a dropped catch and a single.  6th Meckiff swung connected and ran 2 – 7th ball   Lindsay Kline, pushed the ball to square leg and set off for a single. Joe Solomon scooped up the ball and, with one stump to aim for from 12 metres out, threw the ball in and hit the stumps, running Meckiff out by a few inches.  Australia were all out for 232 and the match ended in the first tie in 84 years of Test Cricket.

                   In 1999 – the  Asian Test Championship game between India and Pakistan in Kolkata ended in a 46-run win which was completed in front of a vacant stadium.  On the previous day, Sachin Tendulkar  was given run out for 9 in the 2nd innings with India chasing 279 to win. Tendulkar crashed into Shoaib Akhtar while trying to take a third run and was given run out after a direct throw. Wasim Akram refused to withdraw his appeal lashing out at the Indian media instead. He said "You have said that Shoaib obstructed Sachin from making his ground and I should have re-invited him to bat. Why should I do that? If a team fails for only one man, that is our bonus."  - immediately after the run out verdict there were riots, and  next morning when Indians were on the brink of defeat at 231/9 there was unrest in the stands.  Police and security forces removed all the spectators and the formality of Pak win was completed.   Pak were 26 for six in 9 overs on day 1. 

At Trentbridge on the 3rd day of play (31st July 2011) it was close to tea and the ground was filled with English supporters.    Bell was attempting to steal a run as it was not sure whether the ball had touched the ropes.  Bell scampered for the final run, hesitated, nonstriker was not interested and when the throw homed in, Bell was miles away towards the bowling end.  Dhoni collected the ball, whipped off the bails and there cannot be anything else than a Run Out.  Bell was in no mood to accept the decision, this time blaming the Umpire and the English batsmen walked out which again is a violation of the spirits of the game. Indian team was booed.

It was the last ball of the 65th over,  Ishant was bowling faster – Morgan flicked the delivery to deep square – Praveenkumar made an ungainly attempt at saving the ball – he did succeed in preventing it from touching the rope.  The batsmen assumed it was four – still hesitantly Bell attempted another run – Morgan was not interested.  Throw homed in, found Bell yards away – Abhinav Mukund collected the throw, off came the bails – Indians went on appeal and the Umpires gave Bell out. There were replays and the board flashed Bell out.  The famous English crowd which repeatedly had been hailed by their own press as knowledgeable but always displays partisan attitude jeered at the Indians.  We have been told all along that the decision of the Umpire is to be accepted !! Bell went to the fourth Umpire Tim Robinson stating that he had heard the Umpires calling ‘over’.   There are also reports that Strauss and Flower went to Indian dressing room at tea asking Dhoni whether he would withdraw his appeal.  It was clearly a run-out but Dhoni diplomatically recalled his appeal !! .. ..

In 1981, against Ian Botham and RGD Willis, Krish Srikkanth made his debut and failed to open his account in first essay.  Kapil Dev and Madan Lal polished England with 5 wickets apiece in 2nd innings for a famous Indian win.   Earlier in Indian 2nd innings, dashing opener Krishnamachari Srikkanth – fended one to the slips, started walking towards the leg umpire in his usual manner,  John Emburey saw an opportunity, threw the stumps down, Srikkanth was given out – Sunil Gavaskar openly admonished Cheeka and there was the remorseless remark on commentary that ‘this boy should learn that this is Juhu beach to go for a walking’.
With regards – S. Sampathkumar
18th Oct 2018.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

SYMA Medical Centre ~ in Vannam magazine Triplicane

2 ரூபா மருத்துவமனை : இணையற்ற சேவை
சைமாவின் (ஸ்ரீநிவாஸ் இளைஞர்கள் நற்பணி சங்கம்)

Srinivas Youngmens’ Association (SYMA) founded in 1977, runs a free Medical Centre for the past 29 years -  this medical centre is popularly known as Rs. 2 hospital .. .. here is an article that has appeared in “Vannam” ~ Triplicane tabloid. **
"நோயற்ற வாழ்வே குறைவற்ற செல்வம்" ~ என்ற தொடர் உடல் ஆரோக்கியம் பேணுவதன் அவசியத்தை வலியுறுத்துகிறது.

நாம் வாழும் சமுதாயத்தில் அனைவரும், முக்கியமாக பொருளாதாரத்தில் பின்தங்கியவரும் கூட  தம் உடலின் ஆரோக்கியம் பேணிட திருவல்லிக்கேணியில் "சைமா" தம் ஆதரவுக் கரத்தை நீட்டி இருபத்தியொன்பது ஆண்டுகள் முடிந்து, முகமலர்ச்சியோடு முப்பதாம் ஆண்டில் அடிப்பதிக்கிறது. தான் ஆற்றும் சமுதாயப் பணிகளில் மருத்துவப் பணிக்கு சைமா மிகுந்த முக்கியத்துவம் அளிக்கிறது. மருத்துவப் பணியில் மட்டுமே முப்பதாண்டுகள் சேவை என்பதற்கு வண்ணத்தின் த்ரீ சியர்ஸ் டு  சைமா!

பொருளாதாரத்தில் பின்தங்கியவர்களின் நலனில் அக்கறைகொண்டு சைமா ஆரம்பித்ததே இம் மருத்துவச் சேவை. பொருள் முடை - உடல் ஆரோக்கியம் பேணுவதற்கு தடையாக இருக்கக்கூடாது என்பதே சைமாவின் நோக்கம். அதனை நன்குணர்ந்ததால் தான், மெடிக்கல் சென்டரை தற்கால மருத்துவ உபகரணங்கள் மற்றும் நவீன கட்டமைப்பு வசதியோடு சைமா அமைத்து,  தரமான மருத்துவச் சேவையை, இலவசமாக,  மனமார வழங்கிவருகிறது.

கட்டணமில்லாச் சேவை அலட்சியத்தை ஏற்படுத்தும் என்பதால், மிக மிகக் குறைந்த கட்டணமாக 2 ரூபாய் மட்டுமே மருத்துவ ஆலோசனைக்குப் பெறப்படுகிறது. சென்டர் தொடங்கப்பட்ட 1989 ஆண்டுமுதல் இன்றுவரை, என்றென்றும் இதே 2 ரூபாய் கட்டணம் மட்டுமே தொடரும் என்பது,  விளிம்பு நிலை மனிதர்கள் மீதான சைமாவின் பரந்த மனத்தைக் காட்டுகிறது.
Silver Jubilee celebrations of SYMA Medical Centre
From ® Dr J Radhakrishnan, IAS (Health Secy, Govt of Tamilnadu;  Mrs Pankajam Sridhar (Subha Sridhar lighting kuthuvilakku, Dr K Sridhar, Sr. Vice President - Medical & Director - Plastic Surgery, TA Sampathkumar, President & S. Sampathkumar, Secretary)

கட்டணம் மட்டும்தான் குறைவு; பயனாளிகளுக்கு தரப்படும் மரியாதை, சேவை நோக்கத்துடன் கவனித்தல், பண்புடன் பேசுதல் மிக மிக நிறைவு! இதன் காராணமாகவே, பயனாளிகள் மன மகிழ்ச்சி மற்றும் மன நிறைவோடு “ரெண்டு ரூவா ஆஸ்பத்தரி” என்று அழைத்து மகிழ்கின்றனர். இந்த சேவை சைமாவினரால்  ஸ்ரீ காஞ்சி காமகோடி  மெடிக்கல் டிரஸ்ட் உடன் சேர்ந்து ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்டது. இம்மையம் நடத்துவதில் பிரபல மருத்துவ நிபுணர் திரு கே ஸ்ரீதர் ஆரம்ப  நாள் முதல்  நல்ல ஆலோசனை வழங்கிவருகிறார்.

நோயாளிகளுக்கு அளிக்கப்படும் சிகிச்சை மீது மிகுந்த அக்கறை கொண்ட சைமா மெடிக்கல் சென்டர் பயனாளிகளின் மருத்துவ விவரங்களை,  மருத்துவ அட்டையில் பதிவு செய்து,  மருத்துவம் பார்க்கும் டாக்டருக்கு கடந்தகால மருத்துவ சரித்திரத்தை மனத்தில் கொண்டு மருந்து மாற்றித் தரவும் ஏற்பாடு செய்யப்பட்டிருப்பது மிகச் சிறந்த நடைமுறை.

மன நலம் மற்றும் புறச்சூழல் நோயாளியின் மனத்தை மேம்படுத்தும் வகையில் இனிய வகையில் சென்டர் அமைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. ஒரே மருத்துவர் நோயாளிகளை தொடர்ந்து கவனித்தால், டாக்டர் மற்றும் நோயாளிக்குமிடையே நல்லுறவு, புரிதல், நம்பிக்கை மூலமாக மருத்துவ கண்காணிப்பு சிறப்பு பெறும், என்ற கொள்கையில் மருத்துவ ஆலோசனை வழங்கப்படுகிறது. தவிர, புதன் கிழமைகளில் -  கண், சர்க்கரை நோய் , இரத்த அழுத்தம், நரம்பியல், போன்ற பல துறைகளில் சிறப்பு மருத்துவம், பல்துறை சார்ந்த மருத்துவ நிபுணர்களின் மூலம் வழங்கப்படுகிறது. வாரத்தில் இரண்டு நாட்களில் (திங்கள் மற்றும் வியாழன்) காலையில் 'மகப்பேறு நிபுணர்' பெண்களுக்கு சிறப்பு ஆலோசனை என மருத்துவ சேவை விரிகிறது.
Past Presidents of SYMA on stage at 25th year celebrations

மருத்துவ ஆலோசனையும் மருந்துகளும் முற்றிலும்  இலவசமே ! ~ தொடக்கத்தில் மருந்துகள் இங்கேயே தரப்பட்டன.  மருந்தின் தரத்தையும், மக்களின் மன எண்ணத்தையும் வலுப்படுத்தும் வகையில், தற்சமயம்,   இரண்டு மருந்துக் கடைகளுடன் முன்னேற்பாடு செய்துகொண்டு, சைமா மருத்துவச் சீட்டிருந்தால் இலவசமாக மருந்து என்ற  வழிமுறை பின்பற்றப்படுகிறது. இந்த மருத்துவ மையம் ஞாயிற்றுக் கிழமை தவிர வாரத்தின் 6 நாள்களில் மாலை 5 மணி முதல் 7 மணி வரை  செயல்படுகிறது.

2007ல் திருமதி சுகந்தவல்லி என். ராம ஐயங்கார் நினைவாக இரத்த பரிசோதனை நிலையமும் ஞாயிற்றுக் கிழமை தவிர இதர நாள்களில் காலை 7 மணி முதல் பகல் 12 மணி வரை செயல்படுகிறது. இங்கே பல்வேறு இரத்த பரிசோதனைகள் மிக குறைந்த விலையில் செய்யப்படுகின்றன.  இரத்தத்தில் சக்கரை அளவு பரிசோதனை செய்ய ரூ 20/- மட்டுமே என்பது உதாரணம். நமது நிலையத்தில் செய்யப்படும் பரிசோதனைகள், நாம் இணைந்துள்ளமிக பிரபல நிறுவனமான மெடால்  லேப்பில்பரிசோதனை செய்யப்பட்டு - மருத்துவ விவரங்கள்வெளி வருவதால், மிக்க நம்பிக்கைத்தன்மைவாய்ந்ததாக மருத்துவர்களால் போற்றப்படுகின்றன.

ஈடில்லா மருத்துவச் சேவையாற்றும் சைமாவின் மக்கள் நலத் திட்டங்களைப் பொது மக்கள் அறிந்து அதனைப் பயன்படுத்திக்கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதே சைமா நிர்வாகிகளின் ஒற்றைக் கோரிக்கையாக இருக்கிறது. அனைவரும் வருக, பயன் பெறுக என்று சைமா அன்போடு அழைக்கிறது.

மருத்துவ சேவை தவிர சைமா பலபல சேவைகள் செய்து வருகிறது.  சைமாவின் கல்வி மையம் நல்ல தரமான கல்வியை இலவசமாக வழங்கி வருகிறது.  இரத்த தானம் செய்ய விரும்பும் நல்லுள்ளங்கள் சைமா மெடிக்கல் சென்டரில் பதிவு செய்து கொண்டு இரத்த தானம் செய்து நவீன பிரம்மா ஆகலாம்! நமது இணைய தளத்தில் ( இரத்ததானம் செய்ய விருப்பம் உள்ளோர் விவரங்கள் உள்ளன.

மண் மூடிச் சாகும் முன்னே கண் தானம் செய்து மறைந்தும் மற்றவர்களுக்கு விழிகள் தானம் அளிப்பதன் மூலம் இவ்வுலகை கண்டு ரசிக்க முயல்வோம்.  கண் தானம் செய்ய விரும்புவோர் சைமாவை அணுகினால், அதற்கான வழிமுறைகளைக் காட்ட சைமா தயாராக இருக்கிறது.

மழைநீர்ச் சேமிப்பு - :  மழை நீரை வீணாகாமல் நிலத்தடியில் தேக்கி சேமிப்பது மிகமிக அவசியமானது.  ஸ்ரீ பார்த்தசாரதி சுவாமி திருக்குளத்தில் இத்தகைய மழை நீர் சேகரிப்பதில், சைமா பெரும்பங்கு வகித்துள்ளது.  வீடு மற்றும் அலுவலகங்களில் மழைநீர்ச் சேகரிப்பு திட்டம் செய்தவர்கள் அதனை புனரமைத்தும், இதுவரை செயல்படுத்தாதவர்கள் உடனடியாக ஏற்படுத்தியும் நிலத்தடி நீர் மட்டம் குறையாதிருக்க விழிப்போடு இருங்கள் என்ற விழிப்புணர்வையும் சைமா விதைக்கிறது. இதற்காகவும், சைமாவை அணுகினால் ஆலோசனைகள் வழங்கிட சைமா தயாராக உள்ளது. 

நமது சமுதாயத்தை சிறப்பிக்க, நமது சுற்றுப்புற சூழலை மேம்படுத்த, சமுதாய பணிகளில் பங்குபெற விருப்பமுள்ள அனைவரையும் எங்களோடு சேர்ந்து பணி செய்ய - சைமா அன்புடன் அழைக்கிறது. மேலும் விவரங்களுக்கு  :  ஸ்ரீனிவாஸ் இளைஞர்கள் நற்பணி சங்கம், 29 துளசிங்க தெரு, திருவல்லிக்கேணி சென்னை 5 (பாரதியார் இல்லம் எதிரில்); தொலைபேசி : 28445050; மின் அஞ்சல்:  இணையம்:  - தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்.

SYMA and its social services have been highlighted in many media - “Vannam” ~ is a local magazine ‘ Triplicane tabloid’ – and the article is a subsidized promo.  This issue of Vannam is Deepavali Special and its Editor (Satyan Layout, VR Pillai 2nd lane) is printing 10000 copies.  This is an attempt of SYMA to reach out to more no. of people, trying to make more deserving people utilize our medical services.