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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

பூவே செம்பூவே உன் வாசம் .. ..Hibiscus fragilis, the mandrinette

The biological diversity (biodiversity) of our planet is rapidly decreasing in great part due to the direct and indirect consequences of human activity. Ironically, it is also through human activity and intervention that threatened and endangered species are offered their best chances for survival. 

Thillainathan, a young graduate, leaves his village getting a bank job ! and in the new place falls in love with Jeyakodi. His favourite singer, his favourite poet and his favourite politician all come, one by one, to see him in his new house. Thillainathan is amazed by the words of his mentor's about somebody named Thenmozhi, goes on search of his heart-throb, unknown Thenmozhi … and his life gets caught in whirlwind !!  

You may not know the movie but sure have heard this Illayaraja melody hundreds of times !!  

பூவே செம்பூவே உன் வாசம் வரும்;  வாசல் என் வாசல் உன் பூங்காவனம்

வாய் பேசிடும் புல்லாங்குழல் .. ..  நீதான் ஒரு பூவின் மடல்


Solla Thudikuthu Manasu !  [My heart pulsates!]   directed by B. Lenin, starring Karthik and newcomer Priyasri was released in 1988 and was a big musical hit.  This song composed by Vaali set to Carnatic Gourimanohari by Isaignani Illayaraja was a super hit.    The flute portions in "Poove Sem Poove" were performed by Arunmozhi. 

Hibiscus  is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. The genus is quite large, comprising several hundred species that are native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. Member species are renowned for their large, showy flowers and those species are commonly known simply as "hibiscus", or less widely known as rose mallow.   

Hibiscus fragilis, the mandrinette, is a rare shrub that is endemic to steep slopes of the mountains Corps de Garde and Le Morne Brabant on Mauritius – they are planted elsewhere too.  The mandrinette looks rather similar to the Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) and the introduction of that to Mauritius as a garden plant is one of the main reasons for the dramatic decline of the mandrinette.


Here is one pictured by me and kept in an unnatural surrounding of White Vrutchi poo Ixora coccinea (also known as jungle geranium)
With regards – S Sampathkumar

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