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  1. sir. today I have read your bolg spending some time usefully.
    Sir I pay you a small request here with. U are living in triplinane in chennai for long years
    you might be knowing so many famous people who are simillar to Mr.Vittalrao ( please refer tamil book
    valvin silla unnathankal by vittal rao -- narmadha pathipakkam )
    sir I that book Mr. Vittal rao have quoted the importance of old book shops of madras and he has quoted
    many books /jounals of old age . Sir I request you to collect more information about books collected by various old people of triplincane / chennai and keep publish them in your blog . This may bring so many useful informations. People like u who are influnced in chennai can do this work.
    There are lot of people / personlites who have rare books but sleeping in their houses idelly untouched.
    sir please add a heading BOOKS in your blog first.
    thnaking you sir