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Me - Sampathkumar

v    Over years,  it was a natural shift of people leaving villages for better pastures.  My ancestral lineage  could be traced to the tiny hamlet "Mamandur"  (Dhoosi)  near Kanchipuram;
v    born,brought up and living in Thiruvallikkeni.
v    Studied in Samarao School and the historic Hindu High 
      School at Big Street,Triplicane.
v    Graduated from DG Vaishnav College.
v    Joined Insurance Profession in 1985;  worked in Oriental Insurance for close to 20 years – with a stint of 6 years in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
v    With a leading Private Sector Insurance Co. handling Property & Marine claims since Apr 2003.
v    Have a great  passion for Marine Insurance which enthused me to writing my thoughts and this blog was born.
v    Active member of social service organisation SYMA, presently its Secretary. Editor of newsletter of SYMA titled BLISS almost from its inception in 2003.
v    I have two blogs – my articles on Insurance, Sports and Current affairs are on [ ]

v    My posts on Temples and Tamil language are on: []

v    Would be too happy to have your feedback as comments below the Posts or e-mail me at :