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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Are you a Swiftie - am great fan of that chirpy little bird !!

Chirping loud ! – is that a disturbance or most welcome – depends on your attitude !    know what is a ‘Swiftie’ – it is not associated to being swift !  ~  ‘Small is beautiful’ is today’s theme !

If in recession, how do you expect the Economy to swing back !  Several European cities have already reported a sharp rise in demand for hotel and short-term rental accommodation over the summer, when the Swift hurricane will arrive. In Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cardiff, rooms at the Travelodge chain around June dates have been sold out since August 2023, a month after tickets for the shows went on sale. In Paris, where fans anticipate   debut an updated version of the Eras show with songs from the new Tortured Poets Department album, 80% of hotels and apartments listed are already full up. In Warsaw on 2 August, only 9% of hotels listed on the same site are still available. Hang on, what is this about ?

Most sensible living beings, you would think, would abhor and shun living in Indian cities. Who needs the noise, traffic and polluting fumes, the weird emanations from cellphone towers, the fertiliser-laced food and (human) neighbours who are almost wholly unaware of your presence, let alone know your name? And yet, to one’s surprise there are so many different birds that come calling daily !!  - observed them, especially this little bird, which lands at one corner, before you could more your eye-lid jumps to another, to another and another .. ..   this bird is famous for its the ability to sew the edges of large leaves together to form a cone or container in which to build nests.  

Possibly one of the first English words that we (Tamil medium folks)  started using was Tailor .. .. .. there were so many tailor shops – on the compound of Sri Parthasarathi swami temple at Peyalwar koil street run by Subramani, a small 10 x 12 shop – there was– Jupiter Tailors at Big Street / Alangatha pillai St was much bigger ! – VIP tailors was a famous name – and in 1980s a well dressed bearded Cheenu stitched his pant for Rs.100/- - we spoke about that !! 

After learning the English word for the person who stitches clothes as Tailor, we developed doubt on whether it is ‘Taylor’ or ‘Tailor’ and one Prof told me that Taylor is a name; Tailor is a profession !  .. .. ?!? – perhaps some Spanish/ Latin  connection.  "Taylor" is a proper noun which is often translated as "Taylor", and "tailor" is a noun which is often translated as "el sastre".  A tailor helps make your clothes fit you better. The word tailor comes from the Latin taliare, meaning "to cut." A tailor is someone who cuts and adjusts your clothing to better fit. When you tailor a jacket, you have it taken in to better suit your physique. 

Read that  letter Y was at one time far more commonly used where we nowadays would use the letter I. The reason we now use I is because, in the course of the Nineteenth Century, scholarship about words improved dramatically, and scholars discovered that lots of these words they had been spelling with a Y came originally from Latin, which had really used an I; and which had only used Y for words of Greek origin. 

Though this post is intended to be one on Tailor Bird, it gives an opportunity to write something and post a photo of Taylor Swift.  The term Swiftie refers to a fan of musician Taylor Swift. It is commonly used as a self-identifying term by Swift fans and by others to refer to Swift fans. Calling someone a Swiftie often implies that they are a very passionate and loyal fan—as opposed to just a casual listener.

A post-pandemic appetite for live music events has fuelled huge worldwide interest in the American singer-songwriter’s Eras tour, which surpassed in $1bn sales in November to become the highest-grossing series of concerts in history.  The pop culture event of the summer will arrive in Europe next month, kicking off in Paris on 9 May and wrapping up in London on 20 August with 49 dates in between in Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The unique nature of the tour’s ticketing system, which was tweaked after a number of hitches last year, means there will be a mass movement of travelling fans who will not only be Swiftie in affiliation but swift-like in their willingness to travel across the continent.

In expectation of intense demand, Ticketmaster introduced a pre-registration system that rewarded some early applicants with access codes to the ticket sale proper, via staggered windows for each city. Notionally designed to prioritise genuine fans over “scalpers” – people who buy and resell tickets for a quick profit – the pre-sales system also meant many fans registered for tickets in multiple destinations across Europe to increase their chances.

Down under, when India played Aussie in finals of ODI championship, Krish Srikkanth was brilliantly caught by a jumping Peter Taylor – Taylor who ? .. .. had read that the man  answered the car-phone, he  had just begun a 650km drive to visit family in Sydney. Their 18-year-old son Charlie was making his way in grade cricket as an offspinner for Northern District, where Peter had played. Peter grew up in Sydney. His family owned a car dealership, but, uninterested in selling cars, he studied agricultural science at the University of Sydney. He hoped one day to become a farmer. He had been an outstanding junior cricketer, at the same time as Allan Border, and when the new of his selection was made known to him – he expected it to be  Mark Taylor and asked ‘Taylor-who ?’. 

His final Test was against India, at the MCG in 1991. He was replaced by Shane Warne for the Sydney Test.  Taylor later  bought a wheat and cotton property outside Moree, which he still farms, and has since developed a cattle property at Inverell. For a while in the late 1990s he was an Australian selector.  

In serene atmosphere, you hear them loud .. . chirpy and in a trice, they fly away ! flirting between trees and shrubs … found hard to capture them on lens.   They make an intriguing quirk   Understand them to be ‘common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius)’,  a songbird found across tropical Asia. Popular for its nest made of leaves "sewn" together and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as Darzee in his Jungle Book.  The common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) is a songbird found across tropical Asia.   Although shy birds that are usually hidden within vegetation, their loud calls are familiar and give away their presence. They are distinctive in having a long upright tail, greenish upper body plumage and rust coloured forehead and crown.  

This morning was able to capture some clicks of this chirpy bird !!  Away from Mark Taylor, Ross Taylor, little known Peter Taylor, Sarah Taylor [the wicketkeeper batswoman, played for Sussex alongside men too]………….the local Tailor was the person who made and altered clothing for men and women…. while ‘women’s tailor’ still exist – the men’s tailors are fast vanishing in city.  

I am happy with the catch of Tailorbird featured here. . 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
14th Apr 2024 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Auto Aristotle ! - roadside learnings !!

Do you know what is ‘Lyceum’ ?- it was best known to be a school of philosophy – this is a post is on ‘learning that we get on streets’ !  ~  a powerful message on avoiding bribes. 

பிச்சை எடுத்தாவது படி !  ஆனால் படித்து பதவிக்கு வந்தபின் பிச்சை எடுக்காதே !!


A trip to Chennai (or for that matter most Indian cities)  would never be complete without an encounter with them……… the ubiquitous three-wheelers painted yellow and called ‘auto-rickshaws’.  In the city so well connected by road, rail, sea and air.  - a drive  in this [the peculiar sitting posture of the driver, the cuts and turn-arounds of the vehicle – its capacity to turn at right angles and wade through milling crowds], the language of its drivers, the missing meters and the bargain – can all force mortal fear in you no ends. 


File photo of Mr Balaji, a friendly auto driver of Triplicane kulakkarai


In the Ajit starrer ‘Attahasam’ – Karunas  is an auto-driver – Ajit & Co would pull the vehicle from backside, as the vehicle could not move –  help would be sought – first Ajit would adjust the mirror and allow the vehicle to move ~ next Ajit, would stop a way-side auto – adjust its mirror, then vehicle would move – confused Karuna would mumble on the logic  !! ….. in the super hit ‘Basha’ – Manikkam (Rajinikanth) is a humble auto driver who helps the needy. He also keeps away from unnecessary fights and quarrels.  

All great philosophies and philosophers of the world have been those who made man premier of their teachings. The first entity that man encounters in this boundless universe is his own self. Centuries before, Socrates, who was influenced by Sophism,  asserted that the real subject of man’s knowledge is the man himself. Out of copious philosophers who emerged in ensuing phases some assumed prominence in comparison to others.Philosophy (from Greek  philosophia, literally "love of wisdom") is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Such questions are often posed as problems to be studied or resolved. The term was probably coined by Pythagoras.  

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  -  Aristotle.   

Aristotle (384–322 BC) was an Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath. His writings cover a broad range of subjects spanning the natural sciences, philosophy, linguistics, economics, politics, psychology, and the arts. As the founder of the Peripatetic school of philosophy in the Lyceum in Athens, he began the wider Aristotelian tradition that followed, which set the groundwork for the development of modern science.  

Aristotle was revered among medieval scholars as "The First Teacher", - his works contain the earliest known formal study of logic. Aristotle was appointed as the head of the royal Academy of Macedon. During Aristotle's time in the Macedonian court, he gave lessons not only to Alexander but also to two other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassander. Aristotle encouraged Alexander toward eastern conquest, and Aristotle's own attitude towards Persia was unabashedly ethnocentric. 

There are many Aristotles locally and sometimes you find their writings on Auto rickshaws.   Some times such thoughts are mind boggling and thought-provoking.  Here is one found in Bharathiyar Salai recently. 


It roughly translates (but so catchy when you read it in Tamil) :  Begging is not wrong if it for Education; but  ‘ one should never beg after reaching official  status by virtue of education’  conveying  meaning “never take bribes”. 

The Lyceum  was a temple in Athens dedicated to Apollo Lyceus ("Apollo the wolf-god", best known for the Peripatetic school of philosophy founded there by Aristotle in 334 BC. Aristotle fled Athens in 323 BC,and the university continued to function after his lifetime under a series of leaders until the Roman general Sulla destroyed it during his assault on Athens in 86 BC.The remains of the Lyceum were discovered in modern Athens in 1996 in a park behind the Hellenic Parliament.

Interesting !
With regards – S Sampathkumar.

Sumo wrestler Akeboni Taro dies young !

A decade or so ago TATA SUMO ruled the roads – just as comedian Vivek would say,  ‘it was a tough vehicle for rough villains’ as many of them would only hang on the vehicle (and not sit inside) in Tamil movies. 

Brands are more than just a name or a logo; they embody a story and a legacy. Behind every brand, there is a rich history and a unique set of circumstances that have shaped its identity and contributed to its success.   It was a great hit yet Tata Motors retired the iconic Tata Sumo in 2019 after a long 25 years.

Then there is this game with this name !  -  ‘Sumo wrestling’.  Sumo (lit. "striking one another") is a form of competitive full-contact wrestling where a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to force his opponent out of a circular ring (dohyō) or into touching the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet (usually by throwing, shoving or pushing him down). The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally. It is considered a gendai budō, which refers to modern Japanese martial art, but the sport has a history spanning many centuries. Many ancient traditions have been preserved in sumo, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt purification, from Shinto.

Life as a wrestler is highly regimented, with rules regulated by the Japan Sumo Association. Most sumo wrestlers are required to live in communal sumo training stables, known in Japanese as heya, where all aspects of their daily lives—from meals to their manner of dress—are dictated by strict tradition.  .. .. not a post on the game but tribute  Akebono, the first foreign wrestler to reach the pinnacle of the sport of sumo, who has died aged 54.

The wrestler, who was born Chad Rowan in Hawaii, is regarded as a pioneer after he broke down cultural barriers in the centuries-old sport to become the first non-Japanese yokozuna grand champion in 1993.He won 11 major sumo tournaments, which are held six times a year, before retiring in 2001 and turning to K-1 and professional wrestling. He was runner-up at 13 other tournaments, despite being plagued by injury.

Akebono Tarō was an American-born Japanese former professional sumo wrestler and professional wrestler from Waimānalo, Hawaii, who rose swiftly up the rankings.  One of the tallest and heaviest wrestlers ever, Akebono's rivalry with the young Japanese hopefuls, Takanohana and Wakanohana, was a big factor in the increased popularity of sumo at tournament venues and on TV in the early 1990s.  Akebono became a Japanese citizen in 1996, and after retiring in 2001 he worked as a coach at Azumazeki stable before leaving the Sumo Association in 2003. He passed away of heart failure in 2024, less than a month before his 55th birthday.

Rahm Emanuel, the US ambassador to Japan, said he was “deeply saddened” by the news.He said in a post on X that the wrestler, who was 203cm (6ft 8in) tall and weighed 233kg (514lb) at his heaviest, was “a giant in the world of sumo, a proud Hawaiian and a bridge between the United States and Japan.“When Akebono became the first-ever foreign-born grand champion … he opened the door for other foreign wrestlers to find success in the sport. Akebono is survived by his wife, daughter and two sons.

In case you are wondering why Sumo wrestlers look so heavy weights! – a couple of years back, Japan’s flagship carrier was  forced to lay on an extra flight at short notice after concluding that two of its planes were at risk of exceeding their weight limits. The culprit was not excess baggage, however, but a passenger list that included some of the country’s heaviest men.The sumo rikishi were scheduled to take Boeing 737-800 flights from Haneda airport in Tokyo and Itami airport in Osaka to Amami Oshima, an island in the far south, where they were due to compete in a sports festival, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said.Concern over fuel capacity emerged when staff learned late that the passenger lists included sumo wrestlers, whom they estimated weighed an average of 120kg – far more than the 70kg average, the Yomiuri said.The Amami airport runway would have struggled to accommodate a larger aircraft, the newspaper said, forcing JAL to lay on an additional service for 27 wrestlers, including 14 who had to fly from Itami to Haneda to board the special flight.

The Tata Sumo, a bull of a car, with its innovative design and adaptability, resonated wonderfully with the Indian market. Its introduction marked a new era for Tata Motors, solidifying its position as a manufacturer capable of delivering vehicles that met the diverse demands of Indian consumers. The car was not associated with Sumo wrestling but with Mr Sumant Moolgaonkar  who had his  early education in Pune and then pursued a degree in mechanical engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). He later joined the Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company(TELCO) now called Tata Motors Industries as Director in charge and later became Vice-Chairman, Managing Director, and Chairman of TELCO. His work was so seminal in the organisation that he is referred to as the architect of TELCO. In honouring him, Tata Motors named their multipurpose vehicle Sumo as a fitting tribute. 

With regards – S Sampathkumar
11th April 2024. 

Butterfly attraction !


Whatever be your liking ! – somethings attract and are good to start the day seeing !


அவள் அப்படி ஒன்றும் அழகில்லை, அவளுக்கு யாரும் இணையில்லை

அவள் அப்படி ஒன்றும் கலரில்லை, ஆனால் அது ஒரு குறையில்லை


சினிமாக்களில் மிகைப்படுத்தப்பட்ட ஓர் உயிரினம் - வண்ணாத்திப்பூச்சி .. .. மிக அழகாக இருக்கும் -   வண்ணத்துப்பூச்சி என்று மற்றொரு பெயரும் உண்டு.   மனதில் காதல் வந்தால், உங்கள் தேவதையை பார்த்தவுடன் சுற்றி சுற்றி வண்ணாத்தி பூச்சிகள் பறக்குமாம் !  உங்களுக்கு பறந்ததுண்டா அல்லது எவ்வளவு முறை அவ்வாறு பறந்துள்ளது ?!? 


beau Cow and calf !

அழகே அழகு தேவதை,  ஆயிரம் பாவலர் எழுதும் காவியம்

பொன்முகம் தாமரை,  பூக்களே கண்களோ

மனக் கண்கள் சொல்லும், பொன்னோவியம்


He has just learnt to get up and stand, most likely,  will be the grandeur attraction during Chithirai brahmothsavam at Thiruvallikkeni.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

மூன்றாம் பிறை. Phases of Moon and .. .. full Solar eclipse

Are you fortunate to have a glimpse of the Moon today ? 


Today, April 10, 2024, is 2 days after New Moon (what we call as Amavasai)-  the moon is in  the waxing crescent phase of its lunar cycle. It is 4% illuminated.  While the moon has four primary phases each month, it is always changing. As you observe the moon during the month, watch as it grows from a new moon to a first quarter moon. As it grows, it is known as a waxing moon, and gradually increases from a waxing "crescent" (for its shape into the first quarter moon. As it continues to brighten, it takes on an oblong, or "gibbous," shape until it reaches the full moon stage. Then it will repeat the steps in reverse as it heads back to a new moon. 

இன்று மூன்றாம் பிறை.   சந்திரன்   மூன்றாம் பிறை தரிசனம் முற்பிறவி பாவத்தைப் போக்கும் என்பார்கள். சூரியனும், சந்திரனும் ஒரே ராசியில் இணைவது அமாவாசை திதியாகும். ஒவ்வொரு அமாவாசைக்கு பிறகு வரும் மூன்றாம் நாள், மூன்றாம் பிறை நாளாகும்.  அமாவாசைக்கு மறுநாள் நிலவு தெரிவதில்லை. ஆனால் மூன்றாம் நாளான துவிதியை திதியில் தெரியும் நிலவு, அழகாகவும், பிரகாசமாகவும் இருக்கும். மூன்றாம்  பிறையானது இரவு வருவதற்கு முன்னே 6.30 மணியளவில் தோன்றும் பிறையாகும். 

மூன்றாம் பிறையை பார்த்தல் மனநிறைவும், பேரானந்தமும், மன அமைதியும் கிடைக்கும். மனக்கஷ்டங்கள், வருத்தங்கள் எல்லாம் நீங்கும்.  மூன்றாம் நாளில் சந்திர தரிசனம் காண்பவர்களுக்கு ஞாபக சக்தி அதிகரிக்கும். மனக்குழப்பம் நீங்கும். கண் பார்வை தெளிவாகும். மூன்றாம் பிறையில் சந்திர தரிசனம் செய்து வணங்குவது ஆயுளை விருத்தியாக்கும், செல்வங்களைச் சேர்க்கும் என்று நம்பப்படுகிறது. .  மூன்றாம் பிறையை தெய்வீக பிறை என்றே சொல்லலாம். இந்த மூன்றாம் பிறையைதான் சிவன் தன்முடி மீது அணிந்திருக்கிறார். இத்தகைய சிறப்புடைய மூன்றாம் பிறை சந்திர தரிசன தினமாக இன்று அமைந்துள்ளது. 

The Moon, is the closest entity to Earth, has a gravitational pull on the water element. It governs the waves and tides, our emotional mindscape, too.  It is believed that just after the new Moon, on the third crescent day, of the new cycle towards the full Moon is the best time to set an intention. The best advice is to start small like a ripple on the surface of the ocean and carry it forward everyday incrementally. 

In our entire solar system, the only object that shines with its own light is the Sun. That light always beams onto Earth and Moon from the direction of the Sun, illuminating half of our planet in its orbit and reflecting off the surface of the Moon to create moonlight. Like Earth, the Moon has a day side and a night side, which change as the Moon rotates. The Sun always illuminates half of the Moon while the other half remains dark, but how much we are able to see of that illuminated half changes as the Moon travels through its orbit. 

From your astronaut’s viewpoint, you can see that the Moon is an average of 238,855 miles (384,399 km) from Earth, or about the space that could be occupied by 30 Earths. It travels around our planet once every 27.322 days in an elliptical orbit, an elongated circle. The Moon is tidally locked with Earth, which means that it spins on its axis exactly once each time it orbits our planet. Because of this, people on Earth only ever see one side of the Moon. We call this motion synchronous rotation. 

New Moon [Amavasai] is the invisible phase of the Moon, with the illuminated side of the Moon facing the Sun and the night side facing Earth. In this phase, the Moon is in the same part of the sky as the Sun and rises and sets with the Sun. Not only is the illuminated side facing away from the Earth, it’s also up during the day!


At the start  is a photo of Moonram pirai captured at Triplicane – couple of days ago, 8.4.2024 there was full Solar eclipse in USA – here are couple of photos captured at Irving Texas

With regards – S Sampathkumar

‘Maharaja Yadavindra Singh International Cricket Stadium’ - Mohali

                               Very recently a couple of days back, shot into limelight in that famous chase over Gujarat Titans, they were at it again yesterday.  They joined forces when Punjab Kings were 114 for 6 halfway into the 16th over. The required rate at the time was 15.33 which soon shot up to 16.75 with 24 balls remaining. Different bowlers bowled each of those four overs, and each one of them was taken to the cleaners. 

It was also one of missed catches, though not all were easy !  Sunrisers Hyderabad dropped three catches of Ashutosh Sharma in the final over off which Punjab Kings needed 29 runs. Two of them went over the ropes for sixes and nearly turned the match. But when the third went down, only one delivery remained and Kings needed nine. Shashank Singh sent the last ball miles over the long-off boundary, but Kings fell short by just two runs in their chase of 183 to give Sunrisers their third win of the season.  It was Jaydev Unadkat who bowled that last over which went for 26. As fate would have it, it was Unadkat who Harshal Patel had dropped on the final ball of Sunrisers' innings and the ball had popped up over the rope for six.  The margin of two leaves lot of stories unfolding.  What a dream it would have been had Shashank and Ashutosh pulled off another heist like they did five days back against Gujarat Titans. But eventually, they were left with too many to get in the final over of the chase.


This match was played at Mullanpur and provided some opportunity to read some history through IPL.  Mullanpur is paet of Mohali district,  officially known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar district or SAS Nagar district, one of the twenty three districts of Punjab. It was formed in April 2006 as the 18th  district of Punjab, created next to Pathankot district. This district was carved out of areas falling in Ropar and Patiala District. It is situated next to the union territory of Chandigarh , Ambala And Panchkula district of Haryana. The district is officially named after Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh. 

The match was played at ‘Maharaja Yadavindra Singh International Cricket Stadium’ in Mullanpur, Mohali, Punjab.  Mullanpur Garibdass is a town in Mohali district in   Punjab, north of the city of Mohali and Chandigarh. This town was founded by Garibdass, a commander of king Hathnoria Raja. The full name of the town is "Mullanpur Garibdass Da". Legend has it that Jayanti Devi, the Roop of Durga, asked Garibdass to fight against the cruel King to save civilians. Garibdass won the war and founded Mullanpur as the first village of his empire. 

Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh or Bhuppi GCSI GCIE GCVO GBE (1891 – 1938) was the  Maharaja of the princely state of Patiala in British India from 1900 to 1938.   He served on the General Staff in France, Belgium, Italy and Palestine in the First World War as an Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, and was promoted Honorary Major-General in 1918 and Honorary Lieutenant-General in 1931. He represented India at the League of Nations in 1925, and was chancellor of the Indian Chamber of Princes for 10 years between 1926 and 1938, also being a representative at the Round Table Conference.  Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was the first man in India to own aircraft, which he bought from the United Kingdom in 1910. For his aircraft he had an airstrip at Patiala built. 

The Indian cricket team touring England and the British Isles in the summer of 1911 was the first all-Indian team to tour the country. When the organizers of the tour were putting together the team, their first choice of a captain was Ranjitsinhji, the Jam Sahib, who by the time had been instated as the ruler of Nawanagar in 1907. However, Ranji was keeping away from organized cricket in British India, having been called out for his administrative lapses in tackling the plague and subsequent drought that had afflicted his state.  Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh,  was chosen as the captain of the team. The team had limited success winning only two amongst the 23 matches that they played on the tour. 

Maharaja Bhupinder was much acclaimed – he led the team, played 27 first class matches, played as member of  Marylebone Cricket Club; donated the Ranji Trophy in honour of Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji, Jam Sahib of Nawanagar. He was selected as the captain of India on its first Test tour of England in 1932, but dropped out for reasons of health two weeks before departure and the Maharaja of Porbandar took over. Most of the buildings of Chail Military School were donated by Maharaja of Patiala to the government of India. Sir Bhupinder Singh founded the State Bank of Patiala in 1917. He served as the Chancellor of Chamber of Princes from 1926 to 1931. 

His elder son, Maharaja Yadavindra Singh and younger son Raja Bhalindra Singh both played first-class cricket, Yadavindra  played in one Test for India, in 1934. Yuvraj Yadavindra Singh became the Maharaja on 23 March 1938. He was to be the last Maharaja, agreeing to the incorporation of Patiala into the newly independent India on 5 May 1948, becoming Rajpramukh of the new Indian state of Patiala and East Punjab States Union. Now if you know Indian politics well, Captain Amarinder Singh, Indian Army veteran who served as the 15th Chief Minister of Punjab, is the grandson of Bhupinder Singh. 

Yadavindra Singh GCIE GBE   was the ninth and last ruling Maharaja of Patiala from 1938 to 1971. He was also a diplomat, sports administrator and former cricketer who played in one Test in 1934.  He succeeded his father, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, as the Maharaja of Patiala on 23 March 1938.  Yadavindra served as president of the Indian Olympic Association from 1938 to 1960. He was instrumental in organizing the Asian Games. He was a noted horticulturist by passion and later served as chairman of Indian Horticulture Development Council. He was also the president of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). 

He agreed to the incorporation of the princely state into India on 5 May 1948. He was Rajpramukh of the new Indian state of Patiala and East Punjab States Union until it was merged with Punjab in 1956. In 1956, Sir Yadavindra Singh donated the Anand Bhawan, a 150 bigha palace, to the Government of Punjab (before the creation of Himachal) for a holiday home for poor children, which was later leased out to Baba Ramdev for his Patanjali Trust.   Sir Yadavindra served as Indian Ambassador to Italy (1965–1966) and as Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands from 1971 until 17 June 1974, when he died suddenly in office at The Hague from heart failure, age 60. On specific instructions of Indira Gandhi, he was cremated with full state honours.

With regards – S Sampathkumar
10th Apr 2024.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

what a waiting ! - what a waiting ! lovely Parrots tell !!


How patient are you ? – how long have you waited for your lover to turn up – you need to master patience, if you are to photo-shoot birds, especially the shy ones like Parakeets.


Remember that story of   Mohan and Sohan, sons of a police inspector, who excel in boxing.  As cine story would have it, their father is killed by a goon. Upon seeing this Mohan kills the goon, takes refuge in Ranjit's car boot, and goes missing.  Johny Mera Naam, released in 1970   directed by Vijay Anand starring  the director's brother, Dev Anand and Pran in the roles of brothers separated in childhood was a big hit. Its Tamil version was Raja.   

This song sung by TM Soundararajan and P Susheela to the tune of MS Viswanathan was a grand hit !  

நீ வரவேண்டும் என்று எதிர்பார்த்தேன்

வரும் வழிதோறும் உந்தன் முகம் பார்த்தேன்


காத்து கிடப்பதில் இன்பம் உண்டு; காக்க வைப்பதில் சுகம் உண்டு  


Raja starring Sivaji, Jayalalithaa, K Balaji was directed by CV Rajendran and was released on Republic day of 1972 – this movie too was a hit in box office.   

The wait for that beautiful parrot was worthy ! (you can fill up the lines ____ of your choice !)


With regards – S Sampathkumar

Monday, April 8, 2024

Kungfu Warriors !!


Master I want to learn Kungfu !  ~  Japanese martial arts films are very interesting !


Orochi   directed by Buntarō Futagawa, is the most popular and beloved film of Tsumasaburō Bandō, featuring the star at the height of his fame. The kinetic sword fighting scenes masterfully performed by Bandō were novel in an age when kabuki-style, leisurely and dignified movies were the norm. This style was passed onto modern chambara films. 

Well what you should read that this was filmed in 1925 in  B&W and was a silent film.   The original title of the movie was supposed to be "Outlaw," but the Japanese censors and police banned it, because the depiction of an outlaw as a hero was seen as very dangerous. The title was later changed to "Serpent," describing how Bando Tsumasaburo wiggles when he fights back and how, even in death, a serpent looks terrifying.  Confused, the censors allowed the title.

Interesting !
With regards – S Sampathkumar

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Nortje torn apart by power hitting Romario Shepherd

Do you remember that India played West Indies in  5th T20I at Lauderhill, if yes, who was the Player of that match ? 


Suryakumar Yadav came back after a lay-off but failed to disturb the scorers.  Having lost the first three games, Mumbai Indians finally opened their account in IPL 2024 as they beat Delhi Capitals by 29 runs at the Wankhede Stadium, in Mumbai.   After being sent in, Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan gave Mumbai a start of 80 in seven overs. Delhi Capitals staged a comeback in the middle overs but Tim David (45* off 21) and Romario Shepherd (39* off 10) muscled 96 in the last five overs – closing to a daunting 234 for 5. Prithvi Shaw kept Capitals in the contest with 66 off 40 balls. After he got out, Tristan Stubbs took over and ransacked an unbeaten 71 off 25 balls. But that Nortje over proved to be the difference in the end as Capitals fell short by 29 runs. 

IPL has seen power hitting by many CAribbeans – be it Chris Gayle, Bravos, Russel, Kieron Pollard, Pooran and more -  this 28-year-old Guyaneese giant was spoken off with an equally huge reputation of being the perfect all-rounder – someone who can be called upon to bowl in any situation  and can unlease brutal power.  Odean Smith was West Indies' hit-the-deck but Shepherd is much taller than him and pounds the deck even harder. 

The man today’s hero – Romario Shepherd.  In Oct 2019, he  was named in the West Indies One Day International (ODI) squad for their series against Afghanistan and made his debut on 6th Nov 2019.  In Jan 2020, he made his T20I debut   against Ireland.   

Romario Shepherd was named after the Brazilian footballer, one the greatest strikers in that sport. Shepherd was born in Linden, where football - or track and field - is arguably more popular than cricket, but he took to cricket. Tall, strong and muscular, Shepherd towered over other boys during age-group and regional cricket. He has a big presence in the middle and there are no half-measures with him. He was always meant to be a cricket allrounder. 

Last year when India toured WI & USA, in the 5th T20I, Romario  Shepherd towered over India's IPL stars, took 4 wickets.  Earlier in 2nd match he took his career-best ODI figures of 3 for 37 claiming Ishan Kishan,  Axar Patel, and Ravindra Jadeja to help dismiss India for 181 and fashion West Indies' first ODI win against India in almost four years. India were without their regular captain Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, who were both rested, but nevertheless, Shepherd's spell was a significant step in his progress. 

Anrich Nortje bowls fast but today he was blasted all over the ground for 32 runs in the last over.   Shepherd’s  10-ball 39 lifted Mumbai to 234 for 5, their highest total at the Wankhede Stadium. 

The 20th over was a carnage.  First was flat batted past the bowler, all along the ground closer to the non-strikers stumps for a 4   between long-on and long-off. Second went miles over long on for a 6; third disappeared in deep square for another 6;  then an off-cutter was thrashed over deep cover for another 6; 5th was hit so hard that longon had no chance and the sixth was hit powerfully over long on for another 6.  He moved to the off, created room and was hitting with raw power on the onside – 32 runs off a champion bowler 

Mark the name ‘Romario Shepherd’.  Romário de Souza Faria  is a Brazilian politician and former professional footballer. A prolific striker renowned for his clinical finishing, he scored over 700 goals and is one of the few players to score at least 100 goals for three clubs. Considered one of the greatest players,  Romário starred for Brazil in their 1994 FIFA World Cup triumph, receiving the Golden Ball as player of the tournament. He was named FIFA World Player of the Year the same year.   In the 2010 general election, Romário was elected to the Chamber of Deputies on the Brazilian Socialist Party ticket. He was the sixth most voted candidate for deputy in Rio de Janeiro.  In 2014, he  was elected to the Senate with the most votes received ever by a candidate representing the state of Rio de Janeiro. Years later, he publicly endorsed the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and criticised the previous administration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

With regards – S Sampathkumar

கொண்டலாத்தி குருவி ~ National bird of Israel

இந்த அழகான பறவை மரங்கொத்தியல்ல  !  - இதன் பெயர் :  "கொண்டலாத்தி குருவி"  -  இதற்கு  எழுத்தாணிக் குருவி, சாவல்குருவி, புளுக்கொத்தி, கொண்டை வளர்த்தி, கொண்டை உலர்த்தி, விசிறிக்கொண்டைக் குருவி  என்று பல பெயர்கள் உண்டாம்.  கட்டிடங்கள் மற்றும் பாறை இடுக்குகளில் இடையில் கூடு அமைத்து இனப்பெருக்கம் செய்யும் பறவை; . இதன் அலகு நீண்டு இருப்பதால் இதனை மரங்கொத்தி என மக்கள் தவறாக கருதுவர்.   இவற்றின் தனித்துவமான "கிரீடம்" இறகுகள் குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.


On a recent visit saw this beautiful bird in the fields of Thiruvali, Nangur divyadesam nearer Sirkali -  first thought it to be ‘Woodpecker’ but read it to be ‘Hoopoe’ – the National bird of the State of Israel. 

Hoopoes (ˈhuːpoʊ/) are colourful birds found across Africa, Asia, and Europe, notable for their distinctive "crown" of feathers. Three living and one extinct species are recognized, though for many years all of the extant species were lumped as a single species—Upupa epops. The Eurasian hoopoe is common in its range and has a large population, so it is evaluated as Least Concern on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. However, their numbers are declining in Western Europe. 

The genus Upupa was introduced in 1758 by the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus in the tenth edition of his Systema Naturae.  The names in Latin and Greek are onomatopoeic forms which imitate the cry of the bird.  The hoopoe was classified in the clade Coraciiformes, which also includes kingfishers, bee-eaters, and rollers.    

The hoopoe was chosen as the national bird of the State of Israel in May 2008 in conjunction with the country's 60th anniversary, following a national survey of 155,000 citizens, outpolling the white-spectacled bulbul.  It was declared National bird by  President Shimon Peres. 

The Hoopoe figures in mythologies of Arabic, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and other cultures.   According to Jewish folklore, the hoopoe helped lead King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba. Unsure about the queen's purity and motives, Solomon confided in the bird and trusted its advice. The king also praised the hoopoe's observation techniques and called it "wise."

In the race for modern national primacy, it easily met the strict competition criteria. The winner had to represent Israel's character, be a permanent resident of the country and appear in Jewish tradition. Israel is home to around 540 bird species. But bird-lovers had the chance to choose their favorite one from a shortlist of 10 species compiled by ornithologists. Ballots were placed across the country, including in national parks.  Tens of thousands of schoolchildren and soldiers took part in the vote, which was also held in 40 Israeli embassies and consulates worldwide. The hoopoe,  received 35 percent of the vote, the warbler (pashosh) came second with 10.3%, and the finch (chochit) took third place with 9.8%. In announcing the hoopoe's landslide victory in the nationwide vote by over 155,000 people, President Shimon Peres said the primaries were the most successful in Israel's 60 years of statehood, but expressed regret that "the most Zionist bird in nature," the dove, had failed to make the finals. "


Interesting !
With regards – S Sampathkumar
7th Apr 2024. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Onions rising !!


To some – Onions makes food tasty; to some (who cut) – it makes them cry !

Govts have fallen by their price rise !


Onion prices going up is ‘Inflation’ – Onions themselves going up is __________

Friday, April 5, 2024

Triplicane greets NEET MDS toppers (1 &2) achieved by twin sisters

Education is the most important thing in life – only Education can truly change the lives, the status of people.  Thiruvalluvar glorified Education and here is one of his Thirukkural : 

ஒருமைக்கண் தான்கற்ற கல்வி ஒருவற்கு

எழுமையும் ஏமாப் புடைத்து.

ஒரு பிறவியிலே தான் கற்ற கல்வியானது,   ஒருவனுக்கு அந்த பிறவியில் மட்டுமல்ல,  தொடர்ந்து வரும் ஏழு பிறப்புக்களிலும் அவனைப் பாதுகாக்கும் சிறப்புடையது ஆகும்  

Much water has flown over the bridge and NEET is well known to all students. The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (Undergraduate) or NEET (UG), formerly the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is an all India pre-medical entrance test for students who wish to pursue undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS) and AYUSH (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc.) courses in government and private institutions in India and also, for those intending to pursue primary medical qualification abroad.   

Then there is NEET MDS too.   It is an eligibility-cum-ranking examination prescribed as the single entrance examination to various Post Graduate MDS Courses under Dentists Act, 1948. NEET-MDS is a single window entrance examination for Dental PG courses. No other entrance examination, either at state or institution level, shall be valid for entry to MDS Courses as per Dentists Act, 1948. 

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) announced the results for the NEET MDS 2024 exam on April 3. The toppers list includes details such as application numbers, ranks, and scores of the highest achievers. This exam is conducted for over 6,000 post-graduate Dental seats offered in India. NBE conducts the NEET MDS exam in a computer-based mode for a duration of three hours in exam centres located across India. The web reports state Rank no.1 at 772 marks and 2 at 753 

For General/EWS category, the 50th percentile stands at 263. Meanwhile, for SC/ST/OBC (including PwBD of SC/ST/OBC), the cutoff percentile is at 40th percentile, with a score of 230. For General PwBD candidates, the cutoff percentile is slightly lower at 45th percentile, with a score of 246. These cutoffs determine the minimum scores required for candidates to qualify for the NEET MDS examination, ensuring a fair selection process across different categories.  

Triplicanites are elated on hearing the news the National topper and Second are from our area – in fact they are twins.  All India First Rank holder is Dr. Virraja whilst her twin sibling  Dr.  Vasudaa is All India Second.


Both of them studied in Sir Sivaswamy Kalayala Mylapore and completed their BDS from Tamil Nadu Government Dental college meritoriously (First UG Neet batch).  Their father Sri TK Anandan is employed in a Private Company while their mother Smt. Saraswathi, is a home maker.   

A glorious achievement (yet nothing has been reported in any media about this extraordinary achievement)  

Hearty congratulations on this special achievement to the twin Doctors and pray our Emperuman Sri Parthasarathi  to shower on them choicest blessings for  glorious completion of their Masters and all good thing in life. 

With great regards – S Sampathkumar