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Monday, April 8, 2024

Kungfu Warriors !!


Master I want to learn Kungfu !  ~  Japanese martial arts films are very interesting !


Orochi   directed by Buntarō Futagawa, is the most popular and beloved film of Tsumasaburō Bandō, featuring the star at the height of his fame. The kinetic sword fighting scenes masterfully performed by Bandō were novel in an age when kabuki-style, leisurely and dignified movies were the norm. This style was passed onto modern chambara films. 

Well what you should read that this was filmed in 1925 in  B&W and was a silent film.   The original title of the movie was supposed to be "Outlaw," but the Japanese censors and police banned it, because the depiction of an outlaw as a hero was seen as very dangerous. The title was later changed to "Serpent," describing how Bando Tsumasaburo wiggles when he fights back and how, even in death, a serpent looks terrifying.  Confused, the censors allowed the title.

Interesting !
With regards – S Sampathkumar

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