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Friday, April 19, 2024

How many are standing to vote in your booth ????

Indian Elections are the toughest ones to conduct in a country of 1,439,053,844 as of 18.4.2024, based on Worldometer. Election Commission deserves appreciation for this electoral exercise.  It is fully technology as votes are cast on EVM which has to a large extent eliminated booth capturing and mass voting (by hooligans) 

Am surprised that you can find the no. of people standing in Queue in your booth and go to vote, if you have not voted yet.  Check for yourself at :


If it less than 30 in queue, it should take around 15 mins only. No Excuse at all for staying away! Please cast your vote without fail.  Do carry approved photo ID card
In a city of educated masses, can we take the polling % to higher 90s !?!??! 

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