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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Pigeons' fluttering !

Count them .. .. and imagine the fluttering sound this many pigeons would make ! – or would you hear a nice melody in your ears ! 

அடி ஆத்தாடி... இளமனசொன்று (ஒன்றல்ல !!  பற்பல) [புறாக்கள்]

இறக்கை கட்டிப்பறக்குது சரிதானா..!

தாகப்பட்ட நெஞ்சுக்குள்ள  .. .. ..  ஏகப்பட்ட சந்தோசம்..! 

இசைஞானி இளையராஜா குரலில் இசையில் கடலோரக்கவிதைகள் பாடல் 

For just a skyline pigeon

Dreaming of the open

Waiting for the day

That he can spread his wings

And fly away again 

"Skyline Pigeon" was played on the radio as early as 1968. It was the most popular song during the very early period of  Elton John's musical career, yet it was not released as a single. It is, however the most performed live and best known track from the Empty Sky album


With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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