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Friday, January 9, 2015

Employee goes on leave in 1990 and action taken in 2015 !!!!

Here is something reported in The Hindu today (9/1/2015) of an Official who had joined the CPWD in 1980,  going on Earned Leave in December 1990 and not reporting  to work thereafter. Can you imagine what happens and when ?  Long before the invention and usage of templates – there were specialists who used to tutor writing a leave application - ‘as I am suffering from fever’.

People do stay away from work – a long absence would sure affect the Department and in some critical / key positions, even a shorter duration could spell trouble ! ….. there are various types of leaves- generally it is held that employees of Govt and PSU enjoy many types of leaves and in most Private companies, the leave is very restricted – even the available ones would lapse as bosses may not sanction leave and then leave balance could get truncated with the closure of year………………… Here are some types of Leave : – Casual leave; Earned Leave(Privilege leave) ; Sick leave; Maternity Leave, Paternity leave, Bereavement leave; leave for election duty; leave to appear as witness; Additional Casual leave and more…..…..

Once at the famed Eden Gardens, veteran curator Prabir Mukherjee proceeded on a medical leave and termed the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) decision to sideline him for the third Test between India and England as an “insult.”  Reports suggested that Mr. Mukhejee, who has been preparing the pitch of the stadium since 1985, shot a letter to the CAB on a Saturday morning and sought a “medical leave”. He also hinted that he may not re-join at all. The development came less than 48 hours after the BCCI sent East Zone ground and pitch committee representative Ashish Bhowmick to prepare a customised wicket at the Eden.

There are children who invariably ask in the nigh – whether it is raining ? – imagining that ‘school would announce leave the next day’-  there is plethora of jokes of ‘grand ma’ dying – and in Western World, there are weird explanations. There cannot  be second opinion that those who come to work, need reasonable leave too. In most industrialised nations, advances in employee relations have seen the introduction of statutory minimum tariffs for employee leave from work.

The Hindu reports of an official of the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) who has been on a furlough for the past 25 years has been dismissed from service.  It is reported that Urban Development Minister M.Venkaiah Naidu issued orders directing the dismissal from service of A.K. Verma for unauthorised absence from duty. Mr. Verma, who joined CPWD as an assistant executive engineer in 1980 went on earned leave in December1990 and did not report to work thereafter.

According to the UD Ministry, he continued extending his leave and defied directions to report to work. An inquiry was instituted against him in September, 1992 for major penalty for wilful absence from duty. “Owing to non-cooperation of Mr. Verma with the inquiry and for other reasons, it got delayed and a fresh charge sheet was issued in 2005. The inquiry report, establishing the charges was submitted in July, 2007 and the same was accepted by the then Minister of Urban Development in August, 2007. But no further action was taken in the matter,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Soon after assuming office, Mr. Naidu called for a review of pending vigilance and disciplinary cases for expeditious action against the accused. The Minister has taken a serious view of in-action since 2007 and directed the officials concerned to fix responsibility for delay in the matter.

Looks a simple directive – but why it took so long perhaps has no answer

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
9th Jan 2015.

News and photo credit : The Hindu.

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