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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

when road was painted yellow ~accident and nothing to do with CSK !!

To those following IPL, no intro is necessary on the yellow brigade – CSK, the franchise, founded in 2008 and captained by mercurial Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  The Super Kings, one of the most successful teams in the IPL.    In 2010, they became the first Indian team to win the Champions League Twenty20 and repeated the feat in 2014.  Whether they play at Chennai, or elsewhere – the arena gets painted yellow with so many supporters of CSK wearing yellow T shirts and cheering them.

 ….the promo song  ‘Chennai super kingsku periya whistle adinga. enga ooru chennaiku periya whistle adinga. Enga thala dhoniku periya whistle adinga …’ is so much popular.  If we have Sudhir Kumar Gautam, painting  face and body in tri-colour, with Tendulkar name – in all India matches, there is Saravanan for CSK.  This fan hails from Ernavoor in Chennai and works as a warehouse-in-charge. Son of an autodriver, Saravanan is obsessed with CSK and Dhoni.   He has had a ligament tear and underwent surgeries spending lot of money.  For all CSK matches,  Saravanan with his friends arrive at the  Chepauk stadium early – the kit for a match consists of 25 bottles (15ml each) of yellow paint and a few bottles of Blue, Red and White paint, added is a  wig  completing the painstaking painting process preparation for the match.    He is a hero of sorts as people gather around to take pictures with him. 

It for sure would not be a great pleasure to stand in the hot sun with paint all over the body; yes he stands throughout the match, lest the paint may peel away – yet there are Sudhirs and Saravanans !!  ~Saravanan is happy having met Dhoni and other cricketers and now travelling with CSK.  The official fan of CSK now, he reportedly missed only one match, for he got engaged that day !

At a time, when players would get change their teams in a whiff, with some having represented so many franchises in IPL thus far, what do you think of the way of life of Saravanan and others of his ilk ?  ~ this post is more on a driver who too covered himself in yellow paint – not here in Chennai, but miles away in Russia !!!

A driver was left coated in yellow dye after his lorry crashed into a truck carrying paint for use as road markings.  MailOnline reports that the man had been driving the truck along a highway in Russia and was  involved in a collision with another truck, travelling in the same direction on the M-4 Don highway in the Tula region of the country.

The truck that was in front had paint as cargo.  The force of the impact of the crash made the paint explode, smashing one of the truck's windscreens and covering the cab in paint.  Fellow motorists on the motorway in Russia rushed to the aid of the driver, who only suffered minor injuries.  The crash then caused the truck's paint cargo to explode, covering the road and the truck in a thick blanket of paint.

Both drivers were taken to hospital, but luckily neither sustained serious injuries. Footage taken in the aftermath of the crash was then uploaded to YouTube and showed debris strewn all over the highway and coated in the thick yellow paint. Traffic was forced to come to a halt after the collision, which happened on the M-4 Don highway in the Tula region of Russia. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

2nd June 2015.

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