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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Delhi Dy CM overspeeds; is chased, stopped and fined !!

Governance – an act by the Government - the system by which a state or community is controlled. This usage is analogous to what is called an "administration".  In its broad definition, Govt normally consists of legislators, administrators, and arbitrators. Government is the means by which state policy is enforced, as well as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state.  India is the largest democracy, a system of governance – where people govern themselves – through an elected group of our own representatives.  In someways, it is defined as Governance by the people, rule of the majority. 

The Shankar directed – Arjun starrer ‘Mudhalvan’ ~ theme of  ‘Oru naal Mudhalvan’ (Chief Minister for One day)….was a great hit and was indeed an enjoyable movie by most counts with inspirational dialogues of our beloved Sujatha. Arjun played the leadrole of Pughazendi, an ambitious TV journalist with Vadivelu as the camera person – Raghuvaran as the CM.  In the pivotal portion was the interview of Pugazh with CM posing tough questions. Unable to take them, CM teases with a poser – stating that its toughness would be understood only by those who underwent the ordeal and asks whether he can take the seat and run the administration – even for a day ?

Succeeding in politics is difficult, for those who have tasted success – governance may be much more difficult !!!  Ruling is no thrill – providing governance, good governance at that is not entirely about processes – it is more of decisions and implementations – that too balancing the available resources and providing what is required by the people ….it is of taking correct decisions at right time !

In Delhi, recently we saw a wave of popular change – it was a great victory for the newly formed Aam Admi Party – earlier they did not get the full mandate – they were not the toppers – still they got the chance to rule – ironically with the very support of the party whom they fought to conquer.  Within  a few days of rule – there are conflicts of ideology and implementation. The way the first two decisions about water and power were made AAP has raised serious issues about its ideology and politics ~ and there was the amateur talk of asking people to provide proof to enable their taking action against corruption… Govt is expected to uphold law and order… and simple gaffe at media would not work. 

Then came  another political gaffe – the rift Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with the Delhi Police, the Lieutenant Governor – the crevice was only getting wider.  In their earlier version, there was the overnight objectionable raid on people. In a highly embarrassing move, the Delhi High Court sought response from city's law minister Jitender Singh Tomar on a  plea seeking setting aside of his election from Tri Nagar assembly constituency over alleged wrong declaration of educational qualification in the nomination papers.  So a Law Minister with a fake law degree !
Days later, more controversy was to follow - former Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti was slapped with notices by Delhi Commission for Women after his wife filed a complaint levelling charges of domestic violence, mental torture, dowry and forgery which the lawmaker has rejected as "baseless".  MLA's wife Lipika Bharti alleged harassment in her complaint and Bharti, a  lawyer by profession, who was Law Minister during AAP's first stint of 49-day government, denied the allegations calling them "totally baseless". Bharti  had courted controversy for an alleged crackdown on a prostitution ring in his constituency during his ministership.

What a good governance from Aam Admi Party of Arvind Kejriwal…… and read this report from Times of India - around 5pm on June 12, traffic cops Deepak and Mohammad Ali flagged down a white Innova for speeding at the Khajuri Khas circle in northeast Delhi. The speed radar showed the vehicle had overshot the limit of 60 kmph. But the driver allegedly drove away asking the cops to send the challan home.

It was no ordinary person – a VVIP – reportedly Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodia inside the Innova. As other motorists stopped for the same offence protested that cops were letting a VIP get away, constable Sachin was asked to chase the vehicle on the police bike.  After a 2.4km pursuit through the evening traffic, the constable intercepted the Innova at the Wazirabad bridge. Sisodia was inside, cops said, but did not intervene. The driver, Mahesh Kumar, tried to escape action by saying "deputy CM sahib baithe hain (The deputy CM is in the car)."  But the cop proceeded to issue a challan (no. 3232-02290-1) of Rs 400 and Kumar paid it on the spot to avoid further confrontation, and left.

Sisodia could not be reached for comment despite several attempts. Cops said the Innova car, Sisodia was travelling in had a 'category C' special registration number, DL 10 CA 0017. The reserved price for acquiring such a number is Rs 2 lakh.  Police PRO Rajan Bhagat confirmed that the challan had been issued. The traffic police called it a "chase and challan" incident. As news of the action spread on Friday, the police treaded with caution and avoided any statement. Police chief B S Bassi described it as a minor incident one in which action was taken as per the law.

Eyewitnesses said Kumar had first tried to reason with the traffic constable but he insisted on issuing a challan. A crowd had gathered around them by this time after which Sisodia stepped out of the vehicle and waited for the driver to sort out the matter. Finally, the driver agreed to pay the challan amount.

Lawlessness – overspeeding – not stopping vehicle, not obeying road law – not stopping when asked to by the Police, not stopping even when chased ! – all would have cost dearly and a commoner would have been subjected to penalty and persecution under law – but here is the Dy. Chief Minister – and that speaks volumes !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

20th June 2015.

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