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Friday, June 19, 2015

Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk ordered to pay £2,000 in backdated rent in row

A few decades ago, cameraman was a specialist in a function – people would feel gleeful, seeing themselves in a group photo.  Now it is at ‘arm’s-length’- even at functions, people are not taking photos of the occasion – but hold their mobile camera, tilt head at a rewarding angle, strike pose, click a ‘Selfie’ – the most fashionable self-expression, which would find its way immediately to FB and other social media, garnering likes and comments.

In this Selfie age, people have graduated from snapping pictures to putting themselves in picture.  Microsoft has designed the Lumia 735 explicitly with selfies in mind: there’s a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and even the 6.7MP rear camera can be aligned on your face with the built-in Lumia Selfie app. It’s also worth noting that the phone ships with the Lumia Denim firmware, which helps the phone fire off quick shots.For all of our myopic focus on flagships, Microsoft has pared down the feature set to what most phone users tend to do: take selfies, browse the Web on a high-speed network, and run a few apps.

Simon Christopher Danczuk, is a British Labour Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) forRochdale since 2010.  Married to Labour MP Simon Danczuk, it has been Karen's love of selfies, especially of a titillating nature, that has seen her become a fixture of the tabloids and a social media sensation. Danczuk was co-founder with Ruth Turner of Urban Visions Limited, which traded as Vision Twentyone, a research, public affairs and communications consultancy. Simon Danczuk has long been one of Labour’s most maverick backbenchers – but his wife, Rochdale councillor Karen, made headlines with her revelation that she was sexually abused as a child. The paper’s headline reported: “Exclusive – selfie queen’s hell”, a reference to Karen’s penchant for posting slightly risqué photographs of herself on Twitter.It was an extraordinary revelation from the MP’s wife, even by the standards of the Danczuks. The pair have seemingly courted controversy ever since Simon’s election in 2010.

In a political arena in which words are carefully chosen, PR narratives carefully designed, and human frailties rarely admitted, the Danczuks stick out. They both come from broken families, in which dependence on benefits was par for the course.Karen, one of five children, was the only one to carry on her education after school and says she lives a life that her siblings wouldn’t recognise.

Now the Selfie queen Karen Danczuk is in news again as she has been ordered to pay £2,000 in backdated rent in row over her former delicatessen business. Karen Danczuk has been ordered to pay £2,000 to her former landlord; the former councillor claims to have sold Danczuk's Deli in February less than two years after opening the sandwich shop with her husband, Labour MP Simon Danczuk.Despite claiming she is no longer liable for the property in The Walk, Rochdale, the mother-of-three has been told she must pay thousands of pounds to her former landlord Stephen Butterfield.

The former councillor and her husband opened Danczuk's Deli in 2013 after campaigning on behalf of local businesses in Rochdale.  In February Mrs Danczuk announced she would be selling the business because she was too busy to run it.A county court judgement ordered the 31-year-old to pay Mr Butterfield £2,045 for last quarter's rent. She must continue to pay rent on the property until a new tenant is approved, Mr Butterfield's lawyers claimed. Speaking of the dispute, Mr Butterfield claimed he was forced to take legal action after failing to resolve the issue with Mrs Danczuk privately.

The 31-year-old MrsDanczuk appeared not to have a care in the world after the directive,  as she went for a bike ride around Rochdale, stopping for an obligatory selfie along the way  ! The mother-of-three said she would seek further legal advice on the matter of the backdated rent. 'I am in dispute with the landlord, I have taken initial legal advice and intend taking further legal advice,' she said.

News of her legal dispute over the business's rent comes as her half-brother, Paul Taylor, faces questioning over allegedly harassing her online. The 48-year-old was arrested by Greater Manchester Police last month amid allegations he had posted offensive messages about her. He was bailed pending further inquiries and told not to make contact with his half-sister or her family.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

19th June 2015.

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