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Friday, June 19, 2015

recently discovered galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7 named CR7 after Cristiano Ronaldo !

Samsung Galaxy is a series of Android-powered mobile computing devices designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The product line includes the Galaxy S series of high-end smartphones, the Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Galaxy Note series of tablets and phablets.  Amid rumours that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. is rushing to launch its Galaxy Note 5 phablet in late August, other rumours suggest that the South Korean tech giant may also launch three new Galaxy S6 models this year: a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, a Galaxy S6 Plus, and a Galaxy S6 Mini.

That is for mobile afflicted  ~ a Galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas and dust, and dark matter. The word galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias, literally "milky", a reference to the Milky Way. Examples of galaxies range from dwarfs with just a few thousand (103) stars to giants with one hundred trillion (1014) stars, each orbiting their galaxy's own centre of mass. There are approximately 170 billion (1.7 × 1011) galaxies in the observable universe.

The 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala was the fifth year for FIFA's awards for the top football players and coaches of the year. The awards were given out in Zürich on 12 January 2015. Real Madrid and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA Ballon d'Or as the World Player of the Year for a second consecutive time, having won it previously last year.  Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and is the captain for the Portugal national team.  In some ways, he is ‘outside the Universe !’

In some ways,  astronomers have their names in the sky as they can name newly discovered objects in the Universe – some are named after the finder, while some name them after their favourites !

A group of scientists has dubbed a recently discovered galaxy COSMOS Redshift 7, or CR7. That’s also the nickname of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, who wears No. 7 on his jersey, and the inspiration for a Nike cleat dubbed CR7. The lead astronomer, who hails from Ronaldo’s native Portugal, cited Ronaldo as inspiration for the galaxy’s name, the European Southern Observatory said in a statement on Wednesday.It was described as “an exceptionally rare object, by far the brightest galaxy ever observed at this stage in the Universe.” The name is also a measure of the galaxy’s place in terms of cosmic time.

That way, Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming even  bigger– the Ballon D'Or winner has gone from mere football star, to an entire galaxy.Astronomers have dubbed a newly discovered galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7 - or CR7 for short. CR7 has long been Cristiano Ronaldo's copyrighted nickname, adorning the former Manchester United player's long line of products, including boots and men's underwear.Ronaldo has previously released underwear called CR7.  The group who first sighted the collection of stars are led by David Sobral from the University of Lisbon. Sobral claims to be a keen football fan and wanted to honour Cristiano Ronaldo by naming the discovery after him.

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly  Real Madrid,  is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain.Founded in 1902 as Madrid Football Club, the team has traditionally worn a white home kit since. The word Real is Spanish for Royal and was bestowed to the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. Real Madrid established itself as a major force in both Spanish and European football during the 1950s. Real Madrid was recognised as the FIFA Club of the 20th Centuryin Dec 2000  and named Best European Club of the 20th Century by the IFFHS in 2010.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

19th June 2015.


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