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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the zipper and the doodle

It is a contraption that has become part and parcel of our life, used in many ways, daily.  Strangely, they can increase or decrease the size of an opening to allow or restrict the passage of objects; join or separate two ends or sides ; attach or detach ; decorate an item.

It is the ‘Zip; the Zipper; Zip fastener” – which can achieve the above stated variations by sewing one end of the zipper together, sewing both ends together, or allowing both ends of the zipper to fall completely apart.  A zipper costs relatively little, but if it fails, the garment may be unusable until the zipper is repaired or replaced—which can be quite difficult and expensive.  A failure can cause great embarrassment depending on which part of the garment it is placed.  Zips are extensively used in clothing, luggage bags, sporting goods, camping gears and many other items. 

The man associated with it is  Gideon Sundback  who was born on this day (April 24th 1880)  He  was a Swedish-American electrical engineer.  After his studies in Sweden, Sundback moved to Germany, where he studied at the polytechnic school in Bingen am Rhein. He later moved to US.  Sundback made several advances in the development of the zipper between 1906 and 1914, while working for companies that later evolved into Talon, Inc. He built upon the previous work of other engineers such as Elias Howe, Max Wolff, and Whitcomb Judson. His invention had two facing rows of teeth that pulled into a single piece by the slider, and increased the opening for the teeth guided by the slider.

The mechanical wonder that keeps lives together has come a long way since it was conceived.  The magazine and fashion industry made the novel zipper the popular item it is today, but it happened nearly eighty years after the zipper's first appearance.  Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine received a patent in 1851 for an 'Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure.' Perhaps it was the success of the sewing machine, which caused Elias not to pursue marketing his clothing closure. As a result, Howe missed his chance to become the recognized 'Father of the Zip.'  Within the first year of operation, Sundback's zipper-making machinery was producing a few hundred feet of fastener per day.

The popular 'zipper' name came from the B. F. Goodrich Company, when they decided to use Gideon's fastener on a new type of rubber boots or galoshes and renamed the device the zipper, the name that lasted. Boots and tobacco pouches with a zippered closure were the two chief uses of the zipper during its early years. It took twenty more years to convince the fashion industry to seriously promote the novel closure on garments.

Today Google featured a very attractive doodle remembering - Gideon Sundback

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.


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