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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tamilnadu heritage, Culture and % of WDS Individuals

நிலத்தினும் பெரிதே; வானினும் உயர்ந்தன்று;
நீரினும் ஆர் அளவின்றே- சாரல்
கருங் கோல் குறிஞ்சிப்பூக் கொண்டு,
பெருந்தேன் இழைக்கும் நாடனொடு நட்பே.

இது குறுந்தொகையில் இருந்து ஒரு பாடல்.    எட்டுத்தொகையில் உள்ள நூல்களுள் ஒன்று குறுந்தொகை.   தலைவனின் அன்பின் ஆழத்தையும் தலைவியின் நம்பிக்கையையும் எடுத்துரைக்கிறது இப்பாடல்.  இதன் அர்த்தம்  " மலைச்சாரலில் வளரக் கூடிய, கரிய கிளைகளையுடைய குறிஞ்சி மரத்தின் பூவிலிருந்து பெருமளவு தேன் உருவாகும் நாட்டைச் சேர்ந்தவனாகிய தலைவனிடம் நான் கொண்ட நட்பானது, இந்தப் புவியைக் காட்டிலும் பெரியது; வானை விடவும் உயர்ந்தது; கடலின் ஆழத்தை விடவும் அளத்தற்கரிய ஆழம் உடையது."
It represents the heroine telling her helper that ‘her love for him is greater than land, higher than sky, rare in measure, deeper than sea – all for the hero who hails from the country known for its hills, dark trees, bees and the honey that is derived from them. 

Read a  statistical piece of information (it appeared in the first page !!) -  how these groupings are done and whether they convey what they intend or ought to convey  bemuses me !

Yes, it reflects the percentage of people living alone – but whether it was by choice or chance and can Widowed / Divorced / Separated be grouped together ?

Next in a land where in every available platform, they speak of culture, heritage, and ancestral valour !!

Nobody wants broken marriages – at the same time once cannot deny the fact that they are on increase due to varied reasons.  You find and hear of them more frequently than ever before.  Understand that divorce in India is not an easy procedure. The entire process of divorce that starts from coping up with emotional ups and downs to contesting for the long awaited divorce decree for several months,  a tough affair to get through. Due to existence of diverse religious faiths in India, the Indian Judiciary has implemented laws separately for couples belonging to different religious beliefs.  Some state that mutual divorce can be filed only when they have lived apart for at least a year.

Now read this report that appeared in Times of India :

Tamil Nadu is home to the highest percentage of widowed/divorced or separated (WDS) individuals in India in 2010 (8.8%) while Delhi had the lowest (4.1%).     Maharashtra figured in both the top five lists of highest percentage of WDS overall and females in the country. The percentage of WDS females was almost three times that of men (2.9% against 10%).

Altogether, 7% of the population aged 10 and above were either widowed, divorced or separated in 2010 in India, according to the Registrar General of India’s Sample Registration System 2010 data finalized and submitted to the Union health ministry on Saturday. AP, Karnataka high up on WDS list.  States like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka recorded widowed/divorced or separated (WDS) population as high as 8.2%, followed by Odisha (7.2), Himachal Pradesh (7.1%) and Maharashtra (7%).

As far as women WDS are concerned, TN again topped the list with 14.5% of its population above the age of 10 belonging to this category, followed by Karnataka (14.2), Kerala (14), Andhra Pradesh (13.6) and Maharashtra (11.7). Several other states recorded a large gap between WDS men and women.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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