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Monday, April 2, 2012

Traffic changes in Anna Salai - 2nd phase

Chennaites are facing lot of trouble – something borne to have a better future. Chennai is not ideally planned – the arterial Mount Road (Anna Salai) takes most of the traffic and there are no parallel roads.  Time and again, the city has painfully learnt that a political agitation or a show of strength by any leader has left the city paralysed.  The balance is so thin that some diversion occurring somewhere, would adversely affect people elsewhere and one can see huge crowds waiting for the buses and vehicles piling up unable to move. Traffic  snarls are too common as vehicles try to by-pass another – and sadly, you have little options or the proverbial ‘hobson’s choice’.  

Planners have decided Chennai Metro Rail Project as a viable alternative, aimed  at providing the people of Chennai with a fast, reliable, convenient, efficient, modern and economical mode of public transport, which is properly integrated with other forms of public and private transport including buses, sub-urban trains and MRTS.  The Phase I of the project consisting of two corridors covering a length of 45.1 km is under construction. The elevated section of the project is scheduled to be operational by 2013 and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by the financial year 2014-2015.

The first of these changes came in to effect from 3rd March 2012 whence the stretch on Anna Salai from Thiru.Vi.Ka Roadjunction up to Wellington junction was  made one-way with entry from Whites Road junction towards the LIC.   Somehow the city tried to manage and the traffic was somewhat flowing.

the work going on .....

Till the second phase became operational on 24th of March 12  - it left the public confused as traffic turned chaotic.  Now there is no change in the movement of traffic from Anna Fly Over (Gemini) towards Saidapet.  It is the oncoming vehicles that have to go on a major de-tour.  Vehicles coming from Nandanam now take a left near Eldams Road, Teynampet Junction – turn to North Boag Road, come through GN Chetty Road to reach Mount Road.  The only saving grace is that Metropolitan buses are still allowed to ply in this stretch from Teynampet towards Gemini, on a narrowed lane though. 

It is too obvious that smaller roads like Vijayaraghava Road cannot take the bus traffic and traffic would come to a stand still.  Presently, the authorities have planned in such a way allowing buses only and diverting all other vehicles, which still suffer going through the narrow lanes and getting caught in traffic web. 

The next phase is to happen soon when traffic up to Saidapet might undergo major changes !!

As of now, vehicles from Nandanam are diverted at Eldams Road junction to take a route via Thyagaraya Road, North Boag Road, G.N. Chetty Road to reach Anna Salai. North Boag Road  is  made one way, with entry not permitted from G.N. Chetty Road.

One could visibly see vehicles flowing all the way from Tambaram and even farther and at every signal, more vehicles would join – has been the way of life.  Those coming from outer suburban areas were earlier troubled by the construction of the clover bridge at Kathipara and then one near Airport.  Now the bridges have somewhat eased the flow but still, at times, vehicles could be seen inching their way.

That is primarily because the City is struggling to grapple with the ever increasing population with paucity of resources,  poorly laid out roads, impatient and senseless driving by many.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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