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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Presenting April 2012 issue of BLISS - voice of SYMA

Dear (s)

The Apr 2012 issue of SYMA Bliss is in your hands.  The issue  can be downloaded  here : - Bliss Apr 12

At SYMA we have futuristic goals planned with broad vision. Besides our various monthly projects, we have our regular ongoing projects which are running our Medical Centre and Tuition centre. We are also preparing for
succession plans and continuance of long term objectives. SYMA is democratically run and every year we have our Annual General Meeting attended by most members.

·        This year it is scheduled on 29th of this month.   We invite  you for the AGM and full details of the AGM are on page 4. 

·        This issue has details of pooja conducted by us praying for the good performance of our Students as also of the honour conferred to us by Yogakshema Vedic Trust. 

·        We have a Corpus Fund Scheme and the names of donors to this are being etched on the façade of our Medical Centre.  We thank profusely Mr AVM Saravanan (AVM Charities) for patronizing us for the third time in as many years.

·        Every one of struggle to ensure that students get good education. There are some schools, which by exhibiting their performance milk money.  AT Thiruvannamalai,  it came to light that Mount St Matriculation School has been organizing mass copy and was caught supplying printed answer sheets to all students.  How shocking – an article condemning this also appears.

·        Something on the ‘Asthma detection camp’ conducted by us

·        An article on SYMA’s active role in keeping environment clean

·        Blood donation is indeed noble but sometimes the donors are not properly treated by the relatives of the recipients.  An article on the need for respecting blood donors also finds a place.

And for reading further………… please type ‘txv2Ab’ ; ‘prairaie’  -  sure you would  use lot of web based applications and often you would have encountered being asked to reproduce distorted letters of what you see on screen.  Do you know what they are called ? and that is this months Q in BLISS

Thanks and as usual do keep sending your feedback to the Editor  @ -

Yours Truly
S. Sampathkumar

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