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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chennai and other areas feel the Second Earthquake again - the aftershock

Chennaites feel the Earthquake again – after shock @ 16.10 hrs approx

In what people describe as ‘after shocks’ that could keep coming after a major earthquake, another earthquake was felt at Chennai at around 4.15 – 4.20 pm.  This time, people reacted more swiftly, running out of Office buildings and commercial complexes and streets were found with clusters of people – all describing what they felt – the tremors.

After the first 8.6-magnitude quake off Aceh province, hours earlier, reportedly spawned a wave around 30 inches (80 centimeters) high but caused no serious damage.  This was followed by another aftershock with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 shook its western coast.

News reports have it that two hours after the quake hit, there was no sign of the feared wave. Damage also appeared to be minimal.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami watch was in effect for Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.  But hours later, the threat appeared to have passed.

India's Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for parts of the eastern Andaman and Nicobar islands. In Tamil Nadu in southern India, police cordoned off the beach and used loudspeakers to warn people to leave the area.  Some reports quoting  director of the Indian National Center for Ocean information Services, said the chance of a tsunami was diminishing.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
11th April 2012.

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