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Monday, April 9, 2012

brand new Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium and Gilchrist run out

Hearing so many catcalls – add a few more.  A few days into the game – IPL has had some close matches, some upsets, big sixer hits, a 5 wicket haul and some surprises.   There was glamour and glitz at Pune the venue for Pune Warriors, Kings XI Punjab match – as a new infrastructure had been created for the franchisee owned by Sahara India.  A prominent British architectural firm - Hopkins Architects Partnership LLP  is credited with the construction.

In the 2nd match of the day (8th Apr 2012) , Pune Warriors made a good 166 for 6 aided by Marlon Samuels and Uthappa and beat KXI Punjab by 22 runs.    The venue was Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, also known as MCA Pune International Cricket Centre, located at Gahunje near Pune, India.  Hopkins Architects of London has designed  a new 55,000 seat stadium.  Conflict with Pune Municipal Corporation in ticket allocation reportedly stemmed the construction of a new facility funded by Sahara. The one named as  Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium was inaugurated by ICC President and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on 1 April 2012.
depiction of new ground at Pune : from web of Hopkins

The score of 166 is challenging enough, made formidable by the good fielding of Pune.   Some drama was to happen in the chase – there was an LBW appeal against Paul Valthaty, Gilchrist took off, Valthathy seemingly did not notice at all.  Throw went to the bowler – Valthaty remained in his crease and after Gilly reached there, he ambled to walk out, sacrificing himself for his captain.  Soon Gilchrist followed him with another run out – Punjab eventually could not make the chase.   

The Rules on Run Out states : ‘when the ball is in play, if either batsman is out of his ground and wicket is fairly put down by the action of a fielder, batsmen is considered ‘Run Out’ – this would apply even in a no ball.  If either batsman is dismissed Run out, the run in progress when the wicket is put down shall not be scored, but runs completed by the batsmen shall stand, together with any runs for penalties awarded to either side. The bowler does not get credit for the wicket.

Law 29 specifies when a batsman is considered out of his ground – in 29(2)  - When a batsman is in his ground, and if he is later joined there by the other – it is the other batsman and not the one routed to the crease considered as out. 

Technically, when the wicket is dislodged with batsmen not crossing each other, the batsman running away from the crease is given out and if two had crossed, the batsman running towards the crease is considered out.

That way it appeared that the dangerous Adam Gilchrist was out and even when Paul Valthathy sacrificed his wicket, he should have been recalled by the Umpire and Gilchrist given out. That did not happen – anyway not much dust would be raised as Gilchrist ran himself out too shortly after that.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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