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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remembering Veer Shivaji and Kalikambal temple, Madras

Today is 3rd April 2012 and 332 years ago occurred the death of a great person.

Before that, in the melee of Madras especially nearer Port – there are lanes and by lanes – couple of roads connect Clive battery to High Court on the other side – one is Thambu Chetty Street.  On this road is the famous Kalikambal Temple dedicated to Kamakshi (in the form of Durga) – legend has it that this temple was originally located closer to sea but got translocated  to its current place in 1640.

The great Emperor Shivaji Bhosle who was conferred the royal title Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born on 19th Feb 1630.  Shivaji founded the Maratha empire leading  the resistance to free the Maratha people from the Sultanate of Bijapur and the Mughal Empire  He is known to be a great administrator,  well-known for his strong religious and warrior code of ethics and exemplary character.

His kingdom was not confined to any small area, he launched a wave of conquests in southern India with a massive force, captured the forts at Vellore and Gingi. 

The emperor died on this day 332 years ago – on 3rd April 1680.  Shivaji had worshipped at the Kalikambal Temple at Thambu Chetty Street on 3rd October 1667 and a plague commemorating this is found in the temple.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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