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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the slithering visitor ~ learn to appreciate too


Quite frequently we complain that nothing works and nobody responds, especially those in government service.  It may not be the same all the time and things can be quite different by experience ~ but we may not appreciate the good work of people when it happens.

Here is something we at Vijay Avenue, Venkatrangam Street, Triplicane experienced in the morning of an absorbing day in April 2004.

To us in Vijay Avenue,  located in a crowded locality, the day began on a different note today and showed us that everyday can be so, if only we want them to be.

        As early as 6 am the colony began witnessing frenzied activity what with the watchman having noticed an unusual but frightening visitor a snake.  Even as everyone was suggesting some action, the snake slithered into the electricity board with wires hanging all around and went out of sight.

        We made a telephone call to the local Fire Station at Triplicane around 6.15 am and were debating the further course of action and to everybody's pleasant surprise within 20 minutes, a fire tender rushed to the spot and the firemen sprang into action. After a search that lasted nearly an hour-and-a-half, they located the snake and caught it alive.

        The promptitude with which they arrived, the perseverance with which they searched and their attitude at the scene of activity were extraordinary.

        Such efforts most of the times go unnoticed but men like them continue, not expecting any reward or appreciation for their efforts. I would like to place on record the commendable work done by the Fire Service Personnel in our colony and more importantly urge fellow citizens to understand and appreciate goodness, and not just sulk when things go wrong once in a while.

S. Sampath Kumar, 22nd April 2004.

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