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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Honouring flying Office KP Muralidharan - martyr of 1971 war

Those in the ‘Services’ – the Army, Navy and Airforce – protect us.  They undergo hardships for protecting the motherland and some of them give their ‘today’ for our tomorrow.

It is imperative that We hail them and the Nation honours them and takes care of the soldiers in the best way possible.  They should be paid the most ~ their lives are most invaluable ~ without them We cannot live in peace.

Today [18th Dec 2012] , read this newsitem  in Times of India, Chennai Edition about the exploits of  Flying Officer K P Muralidharan ~ the news mentions of ‘time limit’ being the cause of denial of conferring Mahavir Chakra for his bravery committed on the battle field in that decisive victory over Pakistan in 1971 War.  His and all other similar sacrifices must be recognized appropriately and there cannot be any time limit ~ for an action, which we failed to do, they cannot become victims !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
18th Dec 2012.
Times of India News reproduced :  Govt tags ‘expiry date’ on martyrdom
K R Rajeev | TNN

Kozhikode: Even as the nation celebrated Vijay Diwas on Sunday to commemorate the 41st anniversary of India’s decisive military victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war, the country remains ungrateful to the fighter pilot who led the retaliatory air strike on the first day.

The country has failed to honour the supreme sacrifice made by flying officer K P Muralidharan, hailing from Nilambur, who undertook a daring air raid over the Peshawar air base. 

As per IAF records, Muralidharan, belonging to the no. 20squadron — The Lightnings, destroyed many hangars and airfield buildings before being shot down by Pakistani fighter jets on December 4, 1971.

    Pakistani pilot, wing commander (retd) Salim Baig, who shot down the Hunter aircraft flown by Muralidharan, has written eloquently of the courage displayed by Muralidharan in his memoir ‘Air Battles — December 1971 — My Experiences.’ K Rajendran Nair, a relative of Muralidharan, got a letter from the Air Force headquarters on February 14, 2011, which had a bizarre headline, ‘Time limit for bravery.’
    The letter said though the Air Force headquarters had taken a decision to recommend Maha Vir Chakra for Muralidharan on January 26, 2010, the Central Honours and Awards Committee of the government of India turned down the recommendation citing a two-year clause which said that the act of conferring the gallantry award had to be made within two years from the ‘date of act.’”  It is very absurd. Does martyrdom have an expiry date anywhere else in the world? How can the supreme sacrifice of laying down one’s life for the country be measured by bureaucratic time bar,” asks Nair.

    “We don’t want any benefits or compensation from the government. All we want to say is that the nation should at least honour the supreme sacrifice made by a valiant young man,” said Nair.He added that the time limit clause for conferring the honour on him was not a proper excuse as IAF officer, squadron leader A B Devayya, was awarded Maha Vir Chakra posthumously 23 years after the 1965 war, based solely on the description of an air battle in the autobiography of a Pakistan air marshal.

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