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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Presenting Our Nov. 2012 issue of BLISS, voice of SYMA

Dear (s)

Bliss, the monthly newsletter of Srinivas Youngmens’ Association [SYMA] is here.  

click here to download : SYMA Bliss 112012

The issue details :

v     The Eye Camp conducted by SYMA on Independence day, when more than 150 patients were screened and 15 performed ‘free cataract’ surgery at Sankara Eye Hospital, Pammal.  The camp was inaugurated by cine fame Gangai Amaran
v     Of the ‘Diabetic and Cardiac Care’ camp held on Gandhi Jayanthi day, when around 165 persons were screened.  In this camp,  BP, sugar, ECG and Echo tests were conducted.
v     Of the rally organized by SYMA for spreading awareness of ‘dengue’ and for keeping the environ clean, without water stagnation and eliminating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Every issue of BLISS contains a Q – and this time it is on ‘Bagel’ the ring shaped doughnut bread,  do you how this is associated with Sports and what is Golden Bagel Award

All this and more, read our issue of Bliss.  

Join SYMA, support of social activities; together we will strive for betterment of the Society

With regards – S Sampathkumar
Secretary – SYMA
Editor Bliss.

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