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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

village life !! - who misses what ?

Is Life all about wealth earned or the ones that we missed !?! – ponder


Assuming that you are middle aged or more !!  - throw back to 20 years ago ! – what were your plans ? – have you reached the goals set then .. .. .. and what you did. 

When your financial goals were reached, you perhaps realized that they were low-lying fruits and hence you re-revised them and started chasing more ! 

Now after 20 – 30 years, are you really happy ?  What are your future plans ? – and all of us think ourselves to be extremely intelligent, living in cities, earning handsome salaries, living in own apartments, driving car and .. ..


Change the scene :  green field, tree, crow flying – a dusty village – old aged couple, no trendy backpacks,  seemingly owning a cycle and a cow – husband helping wife in placing the load properly .. .. .. and they are living happily ever !

Who is missing what ??
Words of wisdom from  Aasami Sirippu Sinthanaiyaan
S. Sampathkumar


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