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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Horse eating grass !

Horses are attractive – few decades ago in cinemas and folklore, the Queen or heroine would be abducted on a white horse by the man she dreamt of !!

We have seen horses eating green grass and are fed red gram too. Horses are herbivores that need a diet high in fiber and low in starch or sugar to maintain their health. Grass provides this and much more. Every horse owner’s idea of paradise is to see their horse grazing on a lush green field. Horses thrive in the wild on a diet of grass and other plants. From these foliages, they extract the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong. Domestic horses are no different; eating grass is essential.  Grass is essential to aid horses’ digestion and provide the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.   

The horse’s immune system plays a critical role in tackling the infections that it encounters. It is instrumental in protecting the horse when foreign invaders, such as viruses, parasites, fungi, or bacteria, breach the physical barriers—such as skin and mucous membranes— enter the body. The immune system is composed of two main branches. Innate immunity, present from birth, is the first line of defense against invading pathogens. Adaptive immunity, acquired later in life, is highly specific and involves immune cells. 

Just as many parts of Chennai city, read Triplicane is grappling with Cattle menace, residents of Subramaniyampalayam in Coimbatore  have raised concerns over the rising stray horse menace on the roads. The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) is impounding stray cattle, but it does not have people with expertise in catching horses.    The stray horses scare pedestrians, motorists and cause mishaps on roads. The owners who abandoned their horses must be identified and slapped with hefty fines. It is stated that the authorities are unable to find the owners of abandoned horses. An official stated that  some horses are  abandoned if they are injured or if a foal is born without a birthmark on its head  !!  Curious. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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  1. Your insight into horses' dietary needs is both fascinating and informative. It's amazing how these majestic creatures require a diet that's not only rich in fiber but also low in starch and sugar for their well-being. The symbiotic relationship between horses and grass truly comes to life through your words. The mental image of horses grazing on lush green fields is indeed a paradise for any horse owner, and it's heartwarming to learn that this diet is integral to their digestion and overall health.

    Quote from the professional assignment writers" It's a reminder of the remarkable mechanisms nature has equipped them with to navigate their environment" Thank you for shedding light on these facets of the equine world. Your article was not only an enjoyable read but also an educational one. Keep up the great work!