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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Parrots - Anandha Kummi

In the past decades, every train to Chennai Egmore would come scores of youth especially girls from villages in search of opportunity in tinseldom – Cinema was extremely attractive .. ..


Getting a chance is extremely difficult ! – but would that solve all problems, will it beget money and riches and would that create newer problems !!  - what is the recipe to success – good looking hero / heroine, good comedy, good plot, great music .. what else !! 

In 1983 a film directed by Balakrishnan, produced by Jeeva – ‘Anandha kummi’ hit the silver screen.  People may not know that there was a hero by name Balachandran, its heroine (who is no more now)  Ashwini acted in more than 100 films ! – the film failed at the box office though the songs of Illayaraja were a great hit.  

Here is a nice song from the movie sung by  S Janaki and SP Sailaja, melodious tune of Maestro Illayaraja.    

ஒரு கிளி உருகுது உரிமையில் பழகுது ஒ மைனா மைனா

குறும்புகள் தொடருது அரும்புகள் மலருது ஒ மைனா மைனா

தளிரிது மலரிது தானா இது ஒரு தொடர்கதை தானா

இரு மனம் இணையுது இரு கிளி தழுவுது ஒ மைனா ஒ மைனா

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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