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Friday, August 4, 2023

Don't cling on to your troubles - let them go !!

How good is your memory !  - as one sits alone relaxing, or is struggling to get sleep in a new place – thoughts run in mind, run as if they are happening.  .. .. and you remember those bad moments when you were humiliated by your friends, relatives, colleagues – the ones whom you felt near and dear .. .. can be a nasty moment !! 

எட்டு எட்டா மனுஷன் வாழ்க்கையை பிரிச்சுக்கோ !!  நீ எந்த எட்டில் இப்போ இருக்க தெரிஞ்சுக்கோ !!    -  there are stages in life and in every stage we learn.  We learn from everything not only from schools more so from what we observe around.  Monkey carrying its kid is an objective lesson ! 

The stages of the life cycle of primates vary considerably in duration. These stages are broadly comparable to those of other mammals of similar size. Higher in the phylogenetic scale, they are substantially extended. The greatest difference is in the duration of the infant and juvenile stages combined; the least is in the gestation period, which, despite the general belief, cannot be consistently correlated with adult body size.   

Baby monkeys like most other animals  are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of threats, including their predators. They tend to hold on to their mother with their arms, clutching around.  The degrees of maturation and mother dependency at birth are obviously closely related phenomena. Newborn primate infants are neither as helpless as kittens, puppies, or rats nor as developed as newborn gazelles, horses, and other savanna-living animals.  However, they get full  maternal care - their mother clutches them to her chest after birth for a period ranging from several days to two weeks. At this point, she transfers them to her back, where they cling to her while she moves through the trees. 

A study has shown a link between the early separation of baby monkeys from their mothers and increased anxiety.  The monkeys, without the benefit of their mothers, developed numerous social and emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors like thumb-sucking. Even after returning to their mothers, they continued to struggle.


Life is a struggle – for sure, it had given enough of embarrassments and nasty moment when you felt hurt and perhaps you are still grieving.  But what is the point in carrying them far and long – why should we remember those moments still and lose happiness and sleep.   Let thoughts go away! – forget,  having a wonderful memory does not do good all times !  Try to pass over them, thinking as if nothing of that sort happened. Do not clutch your troubles close to your heart all the time.


Most times we cling to our problems – if only we can let them go and learn forgetting not only people but also worser moments, life will be much happier

Words of wisdom from  Aasami Sirippu Sinthanaiyaan
With regards – S. Sampathkumar
4th Aug 2o23 

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