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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Followers !! - flying squirrels !!

Following !  -  flying squirresl !! 

Ever heard of a 1965 Marathi thriller film ‘Pathlaag’   directed by Raja Paranjape. It was an adaptation of the novel Asha Parat Yete (Asha comes back) written by Jayant Deokule. The film stars Kashinath Ghanekar and Bhavana. It was a commercial success, and won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Marathi. 

Many of us live in social media counting the likes and comments, thinking them to be real and assuming people to be our followers, liking whatever we say, write, of post !! – the truth of life is far away from that all. 

We need followers and we need them to have blind faith.  Faith is simply believing in something,  blind faith could be unquestioning belief in something, without ever thinking whether it could be  unreasonable or wrong too.  

On my terrace observed these two squirrels running helter-skelter, following and chasing !  - and after a short run on the railings, one leapt in air to reach the next house, the other followed in the same motion, at same speed !! thrilling !!


நீ போகும் இடமெல்லாம், நானும் வருவேன் போ போ போ !!

நீ வாழும் இடமெல்லாம், நானும் வருவேன் வா வா வா

நீ பச்சைக் கிளியாய் மாறலாம், பறந்து வானில் ஓடலாம்

நான் இச்சைக் கிளியாய் மாறுவேன், என்றும் உன்னை நாடுவேன்  

This song written by Kannadhasan, sung by P Susheela and PB Sreenivas to the music of KV Mahadevan  was from Idhaya Kamalam ( Lotus of the Heart) Tamil  thriller film, directed by Srikanth, written by Aaroor Dass, produced by L. V. Prasad, released in 1965.  It starred  K. R. Vijaya and Ravichandran.     

The film was a remake of Pathlaag which was remade in  Hindi as Mera Saaya (1966).

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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