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Sunday, August 1, 2021

India vaccinates more than 32.85 crores - UK honours vaccinologists at Wimbledon 2021


Covid 19 has thrown life out of gears – at least from Mar 2020 (at least 15 months) people have been living in fear .. .. yet, there is always hope !  .. .. In India, monday's Covid-19 tally was slightly lower than the previous day's, when the country reported 50,040 fresh infections and 1258 new deaths.

The Nation and Govt must be appreciated for the way vaccination has been done. Most of us never imagined going to Primary Health Centres, and when we did, we were surprised at the neatness and the smart way, our Health-workers inoculated us. Just for a second imagine – an inefficient corrupt Govt at the centre – vaccine jabs would have been available only to rich and powerful and that too at a premium price.  Most of us would have been happy standing without voicing a mutter, infront of some big Corporate hospitals paying Rs.10000 or more for a jab ! ~ now, we have seen campaigns, administration of vaccines at PHCs and literally at doorsteps, street corners – yet some are complaining still !!

India began the last  week with a record, by administering over 8.6 million doses of vaccine on a single day, an impressive feat even from a global perspective.  If we look at the CoWin data, on average, 60 lakh Indians were vaccinated after the blockbuster show on June 21st, the daily average too is very impressive.   India’s cumulative vaccination coverage exceeds 32.85 crores, more than 8.95 crores vaccine doses administered in the age group 18-44, so far.  The aggregate easily wallops the total population of some popular countries. !! Good citizens will appreciate the fact that vaccination was given free, and was made available without much hassle !!

Miles away, in UK – after World Test Championship – Wimbledon 2021 is underway.  Their country man Jack Draper was cheered on to Centre Court and roared off it. In between he caused sufficient discomfort to arguably the great male player in history that it seems a rather safe bet that he’ll be back. Not many teenage wild cards are able to work Novak Djokovic like he did, and fewer still succeed in dropping him on his backside across the course of an entire set.

It was  a stirring performance on the opening day of Wimbledon from the talented 19-year-old. It ultimately ended in defeat for the lad from Surrey, with sets two, three and four being won by the 19-time Slam champion for the loss of five games. And yet it was the first, won 6-4 in 37 minutes, that will lock Draper in the memory and reinforce the idea that he is the best of the emerging British players.  To Djokovic, Draper was the walkover that became a stone in the shoe. Not much more than that, of course, and his gear changes between the first and second set was quite predictable, but it was a challenge that needed a bit of beating nonetheless. The 34-year-old top seed will now move on in his quest to win a 20th Slam to match Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and as the five-time champion here he is a heavy favourite to defend the title he won in 2019.

Draper was getting a few roars in patriotic pity, and then a few more of greater substance when he escaped for 1-1, but there was no whiff of what was about to unfold in the very next game.  

In heartwarming scenes this afternoon at Wimbledon, Dame Sarah appeared overcome with emotion as the crowd stood and applauded her incredible feat. A British vaccinologist and Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University, the 58-year-old mother of triplets previously led the development and testing of a universal flu vaccine. Her work on the Covid-19 vaccine earned her a spot on The Times' 'Science Power List' in May 2020 but she remained humble, telling the Independent: 'I'm trained for it – I'm the mother of triplets. If you get four hours a night with triplets, you're doing very well. I've been through this.'  Among the applauding crowds were the Duke of Kent, Romeo Beckham and former British racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart.  Indeed a thoughtful gesture !  

Hannah Ingram-Moore, daughter of veteran fundraiser Captain Sir Tom Moore who raised over £32 million for the NHS during the pandemic, also received a round of applause. Ms Ingram-Moore smiled widely and waved as her father's name received cheers. Announcers paid tribute to the 'important work' done by keyworkers before the first game on Centre Court between defending champion Novak Djokovic and 19-year-old Jack Draper from the UK.  Medical professionals who helped develop the coronavirus vaccine were given a standing ovation on Centre Court ahead of the first match there at Wimbledon. In order to say thank you, the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club) has provided 100 daily Centre and No.1 Court tickets to various groups ranging from the NHS to Transport For London... and other inspirational individuals, all in recognition of the service they have provided to those in their communities throughout the pandemic,' the organisation said on its website.

The competition's chief executive, Sally Bolton, has said there will be a 'familiar feel' at the championship following a 'level of uncertainty' caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Ms Bolton said she was feeling 'excitement' that the famous tennis tournament was starting, adding that 'we can talk about tennis and not talk about Covid'.

Sarah Gilbert, British vaccinologist and Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University has  more than 25 years experience in the field and has previously led the development and testing of a universal flu vaccine, which underwent clinical trials in 2011. Professor Gilbert is not just busy at work, she's got her hands full at home too, being the mother of triplets. Born in April 1962, she attended Kettering High School, before attending the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, where she studied Biological Science and later University of Hull for her doctoral degree. She was made Professor at the Oxford-based Jenner Trust in 2010 and started work on research for a universal flu vaccine, which underwent clinical trials in 2011. The 58-year-old's work this year on the Covid-19 vaccine has earned her a spot on The Times' 'Science Power List' in May 2020.

Nations like UK are always at the forefront honouring their heroes and we need to emulate such great measures. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
28th June 2021.

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