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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Triplicanite AK Raman is no more


Today has not dawned  well – hearing the sad news of passing away of my cousin Sri AK Raman @ Pichu who lived in Car Street earlier [the house next to present SYMA hospital – where Aaditya flats now stands!].  He passed away after brief illness on 19.8.2021.

My athimber Arasanipalayam Vedantham [AK Vedantham] was a freedom fighter and a  Congress man, who worked with Nation’s Past President Mr R Venkatraman.  He was a staunch member of Brahmin Association too.

Like most Triplicanites, Raman [aka Pichu] studied in Hindu High School and graduated from Vivekananda College.  He worked in Balussery, then Dura Metallic [Sanmar] and became an entrepreneur running Companies on this own.

In my young age, Raman was a hero – his looks, moustache, cricket at kovil kulam and beach and the way he used to speak … memories roll.  I remember a couple of odd occasions of my school days – when he gave his cycle [great asset those days] for driving ! .. ..   he was a very good artiste and used to draw very well – some adorning the walls and some on paper !

Deep condolences to his family – his wife and daughter.  We miss a man with humane nature – have never seen him angry or speak harsh words ………… WE miss him – in our sampradhayam : வைகுந்தம் புகுவது மண்ணவர் விதியே - எம்பெருமானிடம் இந்த துயரத்தை தாங்க  அவரது  குடும்பத்தினருக்கு மன வலிமை தர பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன்.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar



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