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Sunday, August 22, 2021

SYMA honours frontline works and helps needy with the support of Gartner

“Frontline workers” – a term we have been hearing quite frequently ! – who are they and what have  WE done to them ??    

Last year, Covid 19 was so severe that people were afraid of coming out of homes – and during those critical times, a bunch of young men and women kept coming to all homes in Triplicane and all other areas – checking for people who were ill and who required to be tested – and they provided great guidance, support in finding out hospitals and reaching out to medical centres for treatment of dreaded Corona. We respect them .. .. WE salute the silent warriors of the Society that include : all front-line warriors against Covid

‘Nurses, Doctors and other staff of Govt and other Hospitals, the Corporation workers, health-workers, Sanitary and cleaning workers like Urbaser Sumeet, Electricity board workers, and many many thousands of others who were out on streets serving people afflicted and those who were forced to live inside’ – SYMA too had a role and participated in doing something to the Society, by providing some essentials, ensuring auto and other medical services, organizing awareness programmes, coordinating with Greater Chennai Corporation in vaccination camps and like.

Srinivas Youngmen’s Association [SYMA]  has been doing service to the society ever since 1977.  Our services spread to various lines such as civic welfare, medicine, health, environment, education, personality development more.  The medical services and laboratory which remained closed during Covid 19 are open to public now.  Our Educational service (free tuition centre) is yet to function in this educational year.  SYMA has an unsaturated desire for serving the Society.     We at SYMA, feel strongly the primary responsibility  of improving the Society and helping the underprivileged.

.. .. and this week-end SYMA Office remains very active with hundreds of people coming and returning happily – in fact they are only making us at SYMA happy by coming there !  .. ..

Founded in 1979, this Organisation is a  leading research and advisory company.  They have expanded beyond their flagship technology research to provide senior leaders across the enterprise with the indispensable business insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow.  It is a Company known as “Gartner” -  a global research and advisory firm providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions.  It is headquartered in  Stamford, Connecticut, United States. They provided us the financial assistance – and SYMA has organized neatly packed ‘food essentials’ weighing more than 15 kg – a price of approx. Rs.1000/- per bag.

These are being distributed at Triplicane SYMA Office by our volunteers to : the Conservancy workers, frontline workers, vendors at Triplicane and other needy.  We deem it an opportunity to honour those workers and say “Thank You” for protecting us from the dreaded disease and ensuring hygiene in the Society.

We heartily thank M/s Gartner, the Sponsor, Mrs Saranya for the great coordination – Mr SRP for identifying and distributing, TJ Ramani for his zeal in coordinating with conservancy and other workers – zestful volunteers like Mr – Ramesh (Vasu); Mr Kasthuri, Sanjeevi Ragunathan, Mrs Jayasudha Sanjeevi, VP Manivannan, Mr Parthasarathi, Aravind,  Venkatesh, Venkatramana, Mrs Mahalakshmi, Rajkumar and host of others involved in proper distribution. 

By this small gesture and by appreciating those workers, WE feel happy in recognizing and honouring them.  SYMA in service to the poor – with your support and help, we have grown over the years.  We thank  all our donors and well wishers and look forward to your continued support.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

Secretary SYMA

[random photos – many workers may not be seen in these photos !]