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Saturday, February 27, 2016

India beats Pak in Asia Cup, Amir's spell and Yuvi handling the ball !!

India Pakistan matches are gripping ~ and this one indeed was, though it was a T20 without a single Six !!

Mohammad Amir, bowled a sensational over, and at one point threatened to slice through the Indian innings.  Virat Kohli played an innings of quality and earlier Pak had folded for too low a score to allow anything to happen. All credit to the left-arm pace bowler, who almost a decade ago burst into the scene, was picked as a special talent by Akram and at the peak of his career was embroiled in match fixing controversy, handed over 5 year ban, and now is back, bowling fast !   

In T20 no. 512 at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur – Pak were all out for 83 – Hardeek Pandya taking 3.3-0-8-3 – then in the first over Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane both got out for ducks, then removed Raina too.  Kohli made 49 off 51.  Yuvraj struggled around making 14 off 32. 

At 15.1 Wahab Riaz hit Yuvi on the pads, the ball dropped at his feet, Yuvraj bent to pick it up and threw back to the bowler, as if in a net practice – surprisingly, Pakistanis did not appeal – it was one shot to the victory at that stage, yet, had they appealed, it was clearly out !

The rules on ‘out handled the ball’ is clear. The striker is out Handled the ball if, except in the circumstances below, in the act of playing a ball delivered by the bowler, he wilfully strikes the ball with a hand not holding the bat.  This will apply whether No ball has been called or not and whether it is the first strike or a second or subsequent strike.   

Notwithstanding 1 above,
(a) the striker will not be out Handled the ball if the strike with a hand not holding the bat is in order to avoid injury.
(b) the striker will not be out Handled the ball but will be liable to be out Obstructing the field if he makes a strike with a hand not holding the bat  
(i) unless trying to avoid injury, as a lawful second or subsequent strike which prevents a catch. 
(ii) unless trying to avoid injury, after he has completed the act of playing the ball, as defined in 1 above. 
(iii)  at any time while the ball is in play, to return the ball to any fielder, without the consent of a fielder. 
Such a dismissal  is not new in Cricket either – the first victim was South African Russel Endean padding out to Jim Laker, ball looping off his pads and he instinctively knocking it away with hand.  Andrew Hilditch was the next victim in an ill-tempered way.  Hilditch picked up the ball and returned it to the bowler after a wayward throw from a fielder. The bowler, Sarfraz Nawaz, appealed for the wicket and Hilditch had to be given out,  the only time a non-striking batsman was  out for handling the ball.
Remember that occasion in 1983 in India when Desmond Haynes redirected the ball away from the stumps with his free hand. After he was given out, ignorant Haynes who used to wear a chain reading ‘live, love, laugh’ argued with the Umpires on the dismissal.
Mohinder Amarnath out handling the ball against Australia

It was a big relief for Indian fan as Dhoni smashed a length ball through cover and picked up a stump as a keepsake, he may not  be allowed to keep that, as this is a stump with LED ! 
So at 10 pm India time, India beat Pakistan by five wickets and 27 balls to spare. … yet, a chase of 84 at one stage appeared improbable !
Last month, NZ announcer Mark McLeod, who is contracted by NZC, played a cash register sound effect during one of Amir's spells during the match at Westpac Stadium. NZC CEO David White said he has since apologised to the Pakistan team, and publicly reprimanded McLeod. Amir was playing in his first international tour since being suspended for spot-fixing in 2010. Amir  had a lukewarm response from New Zealand crowds upon his return. A couple of Pak players too had initially refused to share the room when his selection was announced. 
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

27th Feb 2016 @ 2215hrs

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