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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

WI mankads its way to QF of U19 WC ~ England should remember running out Cheeka

It is war on Twitter …

Eoin Morgan :  Disgraceful behaviour in the U19CWC. WI's should be embarrassed!!
Jos Buttler :  Can't believe what I've just seen! Embarrassing! #CWCU19
Ian Bishop : The negligence has to stop at some point. The law is the law. Why should young cricketers feel bad for following the law ?
Ashwin Ravichandran : every single day,I can't push the front line,why should a batsmen gain yards.
Tino Best :  Smart play WIU19 keep pounding boys .
Harsha Bhogle : Amazed that the spirit of the game never comes up when batsmen hit the ball and stay on but does when a bowler does ….

Heard of : Keemo Mandela Angus Paul, a  17 year old from Guyana, bats right handed and bowls fast right arm ~ and how do you connect him with ODI 459, the 9th match of Reliance WC played at Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore in Oct 1987.

Following the U19 World Cup in Bangladesh?  Today it was a knock-out and West Indies Under-19 entered the quarter-final of the World Cup in controversial and tense circumstances, as Keemo Paul effected a mankad to claim the last Zimbabwe Under-19 wicket - that of Richard Ngarava - with three runs needed off the final over. Paul ran through the bowling crease without entering his delivery stride and broke the stumps, catching the non-striker Ngarava with his bat on the line while he was standing a couple of steps out of his crease.

The two on-field umpires conferred before asking West Indies if they wanted to uphold the appeal, and once it was confirmed that they did, the third umpire was called in and found the batsman just on the line, ending Zimbabwe's campaign in a game they had to win to make the quarter-final. The dismissal was within the rules of the game. The Zimbabwe manager Admire Marodza said the team was unhappy but there was little they could do but console the players because the dismissal was within the rules. "It is too early to comment but we are trying to get emotions under control in the dressing-room. Everyone is disappointed at the loss," Marodza said. "Rules are rules. We can't change them and we can't change what happened. A run-out is a run-out. I don't think it is anything to protest about. We are not happy about losing the game from such a good position. The way our boys competed, it is an achievement. We are happy how we played in this tournament." The Zimbabwe coach Stephen Mangongo said he was "disappointed with the way the game ended." "I have debriefed the boys in the dressing room and they were all crying," Mangongo said. "We have explained that technically the run-out is legal. We left it to the last man and we should not have done that. It was a hard lesson and they have learnt it the hard way.

For the uninformed, when  the batsman at the non-striker's end has backed up out of his crease and the bowler in his run-up removes the bails with the batsman out of his crease, the batsman is said to have been "mankaded". Technically, the dismissal falls under the run-out category.  It is named so after Vinoo Mankad ran Bill Brown out in the Sydney Test in 1947-48. Mankad, in the act of delivering the ball, held on to it and whipped the bails off with Brown well out of his crease.

In that 1987 World Cup match at Lahore, Courtney Walsh bowled the last over, Saleem Jaffer backed up too early.  Walsh gave him a warning, Abdul Qadir hit the required runs.  Pakistan will always remember Walsh for that gesture – many will call  Walsh a gentleman, perhaps WI slump started from that and they are yet to recover !!!

Eoin Morgan is a good Cricketer, but knows little of past.    Let him, Butler and his ilk  turn the pages of almanac to read about the first Test played at Wankhede Statdium in Nov 1981 – Test No. 911 – a bitter one as India won by 138 runs.  Krishnamachari Srikkanth made his debut – out for a duck in the first innings.  In the second essay, he was extremely nervy;  he had the peculiar habit of walking towards the square leg umpire after every delivery.  He fended one towards the slip and took his casual walks – not attempting a run but out of the crease.  John Emburey at the slips threw the wickets down and the whole England team celebrated !  Srikkanth was declared run out.   That day, it was well within the spirits of the game – Gavaskar openly admonished Srikkanth and there was the remorseless remark that this boy should learn that this is not ‘juhu beach and he is not going for a walking’ !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

2nd Feb 2016.

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