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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

the Platinum minutes : new two-wheeler ambulances introduced in Chennai

In this beautiful World, on the roads of Chennai, one often gets struck in traffic – be it morning journey to Office or the tired one back home – then you hear mildly the siren – getting closer - that of an ambulance – many a times, wonder what to do – feeling helpless – with no space to move. The sound of the ambulance itself reflects the cry of life as if it were demanding help. Life has become so mechanical that some of us have become immune to such sensitive issues. The focus of saving a life is weakened either due to fear arising out of the potential legal issues or, due to lack of people with knowledge and skill to offer the so-called "pre-hospital care".

Heard of Golden hour – now learn about Platinum minutes too. Any tragedy can be taken to either success or failure within the first 10 minutes of medical attention, they say.  In this crucial period, quick and  timely help would ensure that the victim is  saved so that appropriate treatment can be made available from the nearby hospital. Golden Hour according to is  defined as the period during which all efforts are made to save a life before irreversible pathological changes can occur thereby reducing or preventing death in the second and third phase. This period may range from the time of injury to definitive treatment in a hospital. The first platinum 10 minutes becomes important to make this golden hour effective and should be distributed as follows to make it fruitful.

Safety is everybody’s concern ~ accidents unfortunately do occur – lot many of them avoided by observing safety and many lives saved by immediately attending to them.   So when driving a two-wheeler always wear a helmet.  Many accidents could be avoided if road rules are followed properly and citizens, yet accidents do occur.

To Chennai and India, April 2005 was the turning point for emergency medical services.  EMRI was incepted with the objective of delivering comprehensive, speedy, reliable and quality Emergency Care Services. This has been done by establishing an Emergency Response System that coordinates every emergency through a single toll free number ** 108 **  ~ that really has changed the way road accident and other emergency victims get medical attention.  Hats off to them for their efficient service.

Now comes a great improvement. Aimed at serving accident victims timely, Tamil Nadu government on 8th Feb 2016  launched two-wheeler ambulance service that would be positioned in vital junctions in the city. The two-wheeler ambulances would enhance the services rendered by the 108 ambulances, an official release said. Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa flagged off 41 two-wheeler ambulances, worth about Rs. 70 lakh, at a function in the Secretariat.

It is stated that a trained medical practitioner would drive the vehicle, equipped with among others portable oxygen cylinder, BP apparatus and glucometer. Out of the 41 two-wheeler ambulances, 31 would comprise motorcycles while remaining will be of scooterette enabling women medical personnel to provide first-aid service, and it is for the first time in the country, women para-medical staff in Tamil Nadu will operate two-wheeler ambulance.

These vehicles equipped with all necessary medical instruments and medicines for carrying out first-aid services to accident victims could wade through the traffic and reach the victims within 10 minutes. The two-wheelers will have  portable oxygen cylinder, pulsoxymeter, BP apparatus etc.

Hats off to these people who have been silently revolutionised the medical care on the roads of Chennai.  Kudos to all the staff and the Organisation behind this service – and to  suave Mr B. Prabhudoss.

With admirations !!

S. Sampathkumar
9th Feb 2016

Photos of 2 wheeler ambulance courtesy : The Hindu &

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