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Thursday, February 18, 2016

buying a smartphone ... did you try Freedom 251 ?

Today’s most searched, sought after … is .. ‘ringing bells’ !!

Will people stand in queues to buy a product [not in ration shops !!] There are basic requirements, essentials, things of utility value and more….. and there is one thing that people keep buying when they already have some and the newer is one is not required or does not add any further utility value ~ but it is fancy buying as people tend to continuously upgrade……… it is the ubiquitous ‘mobile phone’.

Apple Inc logged 9 million in sales for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models in their first three days on the market.  Recently, all newspapers carried 2 & more full paged advertisement of thelaunch of Le phones.  LeTv, now known as LeEco, introduced two smartphones- Le Max and Le 1S at a special event.  The high end Le Max smartphone costs Rs 32,999 for the 64GB version and Rs 69,999 for the 128GB Sapphire crystal display version.  The third variant - LeEco Le 1s priced at Rs 10,999  ended in barely 9 seconds with a record order of 55,000 units. LeEco achieved a cumulative 20,28,000 registrations in its three flash sales, it is claimed.

That is the attraction of ‘smart phones’ – the phones with advanced OS that combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. They typically combine the features of a cell phone with those of other popular mobile devices, such as personal digital assistant (PDA), media player and GPS navigation unit. Most smartphones can access the Internet, have a touchscreen user interface, and many built applications.

The World of technology is ever changing – smartphones double up for camera, watch, computer and more.  Talking to people on holiday has just got a lot easier after Google added 13 new languages to its Translate app. Travellers can now translate speech in real-time in a total of 103 languages; the addition of the languages means Google Translate can now be used by 99 per cent of the world’s population. There are thought to be around 7,000 different spoken languages in the world. However, 2,000 of these have fewer than 1,000 speakers and 90 percent are used by less than 100,000 people.Supporting 103 languages will mean around 120 million new people will be able to benefit from the app, which allows users to let their phone listen to someone talk and get a written translation of what they are saying, in real-time, on the screen.

The 13 languages added to Translate are Amharic (Ethiopia), Corsican (Island of Corsica, France), Frisian (Netherlands and Germany), Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan), Hawaiian (Hawaii), Kurdish (Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria), Luxembourgish (Luxembourg), Samoan (Samoa and American Samoa), Scots Gaelic (Scottish highlands, UK), Shona (Zimbabwe), Sindhi (Pakistan and India), Pashto (Afghanistan and Pakistan) and Xhosa (South Africa).

Now getting back ‘Ringing Bells’ it is the company that introduced Freedom 251, powered by 1.3GHz quad-core; with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 packs a 3.2-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 0.3-megapixel front shooter for selfies. It runs Android 5.1 and is powered by a 1450mAh removable battery.

Established in 2015, Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. made a name for itself when it announced the Freedom 251, the most affordable smartphone in the world.Freedom 251 was officially launched in New Delhi on 17th Feb 2016  by Noida-based firm Ringing Bells. Bookings for the Rs. 251 smartphone, arguably the cheapest in the world,  were opened at the official website

The website claimed that they convert consumers' needs and insights into amazing products using deep requirement analysis and bridging gap by offering products with superior value through high quality and best-in-class features at an affordable price.  Rs.251/- was not affordable, but unimaginably low price. The commoner’s mentality worked on expected lines ~ 6 lakh hits per second, drove it to the only end – website being closed with a promise to open soon.

Which smartphone do you use ! ~ and did you try to purchase Freedom 251 ??
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

18th Feb 2016.

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