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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What is 'Nudiusteretian' ~ nothing to do with "Nude"

When you hear a new word, perhaps one tries to break it in an attempt to reach to its etymology and learn something about it……..

Recently, came across this word ‘nudiustertian’ for the first time..

When you talk about time and days ~ it is today – the day to come next is Tomorrow, and the next day is ‘day after tomorrow’.  Similarly referring to the past ~ it is ‘yesterday’ and the day prior to that is ‘day before yesterday’.

Do you know how to state the ‘day before yesterday’ ~ the actual term for reference to 2 days before the present day ? Understand that it is  “nudiustertian” [courtesy]; pronounced  (noo-dee-uhs-TUR-shuhn), the adjective means ‘Of or relating to the day before yesterday.’

Its etymology is given as from Latin nudius tertius, literally, today is the third day; it has nothing to do with the word ‘nude’ which would mean naked or unclothed as a person or the body or  bare with the usual coverings, furnishings etc.,

And do you know that on your Computer, a google search on ‘Nude’ would perhaps throw the following result …………… if Google Safe Search is active on your computer..

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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