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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Triplicane D3 Police initiative in - Patrolling and crime control

Those in men are so important for the society for they make us live peacefully by enforcing law and order and protecting the property. They are the ones having the power of legitimized use of force.  TN Police is known for their efficiency and have a long history.  Chennai Police dates back to the days of Madraspatnam in 1659  when Chennai was nothing more than group of fishing villages.

The crime graph in Chennai is not high and fortunately Chennai is a peaceful place to live.  The ever expanding cityline, the uncontrolled numbers of people visiting Chennai, poverty, unemployment, too many vehicular movements all pose a problem to policing. 

In tune with the changes everywhere, the City Police no longer zip around in Jeeps, they are now seen on Hyundai Accent, Bolero, Toyota Innova and more…… you get to see patrol vehicles often zipping along the road, controlling the trouble spots and reaching out to people. 

Around Triplicane, we have some Police stations and the one at Ice House D3 has jurisdiction for better part of the Triplicane.  It is  but natural that there cannot be a police cop present on your street all the time, still you can easily reach the Police and ensure that your locality stays calm, trouble-free and crime-free.  Mr R Dhalavoisamy, Inspector of Police, D3 PS recently held a meeting at his office with local residents at which SYMA was also represented by Yours Truly, TJ Ramani and Durai.

Mr Dhalavoisamy briefed on the preparedness of the Police and on the efforts taken by them in ensuring law and order.  He stated that the patrol vehicle would be stationed infront of National Girls High School at Besant road and would immediately respond to any call for help.  Besides there would be at least 2 visible points where police presence would be permanently felt.  He requested all the local residents to help themselves and cooperate  by contacting Police authorities, whenever they apprehend trouble in any form.  He urged the need for utilizing Police Helpline by calling ‘100’ – all calls to this No. are monitored round the clock and responded to immediately.  If every street can have at least 2 representatives, who keep vigil on their living place and contact the local Police station / Control room / Police Inspector himself – it would help the citizens in a big way, he said.  Mr Dhalavoisamy has been leading from the front and his presence is always felt in the areas of Triplicane  - his devoted efforts, definitely deserve appreciation.

Anyone of you apprehending some trouble can immediately contact the D3 Police Station @  or call 100 or.. Inspector Mr R Dhalavoisamy himself @ 9840976307.

Aside :  In the ever growing city with fresher demands on policing, the number of personnel may just be never enough. Still, there are many who strive to ensure the peaceful living of the citizens.  Elsewhere there are reports that the acclaimed Scotland Yard is taking out detectives from specialist squads and put back into uniform under fundamental changes to the way the force operates in order to meet budget cuts of £500m.  There are news that about  800 detectives spread among 107 specialist teams, from drug squads, to burglary and car crime units, will be moved back into boroughs, where they will work in strengthened neighbourhood teams. The changes are part of a blueprint which will lead to the New Scotland Yard headquarters in Victoria, central London, being sold off, along with about 200 other police buildings. The London mayor's office for policing and crime confirmed that 65 police stations would close to the public. The "interface" between the police and the public would take place, instead, in the community.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
Secretary, SYMA.

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