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Thursday, January 24, 2013

CA topper ~ hard work of the daughter of autorickshaw driver

Most likely you would have read of Prema Jayakumar and her exploit ~ she is now flooded with phone calls of offers, appreciating her feat and more…. She deserves all that, for she is the nation's Chartered Accountancy (CA) exam topper; she wishes to complete her articleship before taking up any job offers that come her way.

Papers have been writing about her with caption  'Auto driver's daughter is national topper in CA exams’; she has Tamil connection ~ lives in Malad, Mumbai. The ubiquitous three wheeler is seen everywhere in Chennai and most other places; each one has their perception of the vehicle and its drivers ~ from being those who fleece their customers; some involved in crimes to .. those who come readily forward to help victims in road accidents; honest persons who return the costly items left by those forgetting travellers and more……. It is not exactly a cosy life, they do sweat it out to make money in the tough World.

So a daughter of an ordinary rickshaw driver rising to realize her lifetime dream is certainly worthy of reading again and again.  Prema Jayakumar, the 24-year-old  is the on ewho has topped the nation-wide Chartered Accountancy exam in her first attempt. Prema’s father drives an auto for a living, is now determined to use the milestone as a stepping-stone towards providing her parents with a life of comfort. Prema’s four-member family squeezes itself into a 300 sq ft room in S B Khan Chawl, Malad. Beaming over her success she is quoted as saying  “The day I start working, I will ensure that my father can rest at home. He has always toiled for my welfare.” Prema, who outshone her peers in academics since her school days, scored a remarkable 607 on 800 in the CA exam.

This is not her first stint on a toppers’ list: she scored 90 per cent in her Third Year B Com exams from the University of Mumbai, standing second. Prema said that she owed a debt of gratitude for the professors at her college and coaching institute, who had worked hard with her. The graduate from Nagindas Khandwala College completed her M Com from the University of Mumbai.

Prema has been the proud recipient of many scholarships arising out of her scholastic excellence.  While achieving her own personal goals, Prema has also been a guiding force for her 22-year-old brother Dhanraj, who also cleared his CA exam this year with his sister in his first attempt.  Her brother who started studying for CA after HSC, reportedly works at a call centre.  The siblings state that they  shared tips for success in the tough exam.  It has been hard work and they used to study from 7.30 am till 12 midnight. They say that sleep is very important when one studies  hard the whole day. Apart from a single break for lunch, they state that they watched TV for half an hour before going to bed.

Hindu reports that Jayakumar Perumal, her father, moved to Mumbai 25 years ago from Periyakolliyur in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu in search of a better life. “I have been driving this auto for 20 years now. I raised my three children on money I earned from auto driving. I always encouraged them to study and I am very happy for what they achieved,” he said.

Certainly a great feat, worthy of appreciation and emulation.  Congratulations to Ms Prema Jayakumar for topping the CA exam and Dhanraj for becoming a Chartered Accountant.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
24th Jan 2013.
Photo courtesy : The Hindu

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