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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Viswaroopam in quagmire - Kamal is International

Viswaroopam has hit headlines more than Verma committee report ! or anything else…..  One may not like Kamal but cannot ignore him… his fans often say that he is International… and that is showing truly now.  The available info suggests that the plot of the film is about an Afghani Al-Qaeda, his accomplice  and their international terror network, plotting  to attack New York with a "Cesium-bomb". Vishwanath alias Wiz (Kamal Haasan),  a Kathak teacher who lives with his nuclear oncologist wife, in New York getting into the act and eventually the hero turning triumphant… me for sure, would not like details of the movie being discussed.

In olden days, quite frequently there would be conflicts in marriages between the bride’s and bridegroom’s side… one man would try to play the ‘Judge [nattamai]’ ~ often, it would be pacifying the groom’s side by giving away what they demanded and asking the other side to go with the process……. ~ a settlement where one feels the pinch … the man in centre would try to gain glory at the cost of one….. not that fights are welcome ~ but there always could be logical solutions…

Away, when parties go to Court, they expect more of a legal solution rather than any advice for compromise….. as it frequently happens in cases like Cauvery dispute.  Now there is news that the  Madras High Court has postponed its order on the release of Kamal Hassan’s film Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu until Tuesday. While postponing the verdict, the court had also said that Kamal Hasaan would have to meet government officials and find a way out of the crisis.   If the actor-producer  expected the Madras high court to bring an end to the standoff, he would have been frustrated as there is  no  solution was in sight despite his apprehensions that the delayed release in the state would severely hit its box-office take.  The Justice is quoted as suggesting that “in the meantime, consider all possibilities” to reach “an amicable settlement”.   
Firstpost quoting CNN-IBN reported that the court had added that it was “worried about unity of nation and law and order situation”.  Firstpost opines that the film having  been submitted to the Central Board of Film Certification, as is required before the exhibition of any film in India and certified should be fit for theatrical release, that should have been the end of that. No objections to the release of the film should be entertained anywhere in India.  So it should be more on the legality rather than the sentiments.  But whether in the first place, the Censor Board allow something which would hurt the sentiments is another moot Q !

Kamal has been dangling with hurting the sentiments far too long and that is one reason many feel that the present imbroglio is self-inflicted.  There is further news that the film ‘Vishwaroopam’ has been removed from local cinemas in Malaysia a day after its release following a directive from the Home Ministry, much to the disappointment ethnic Indians here.  It is reported that Sri Lanka too has ordered a delay in the release in favour of a review by censors.  Tamil movies are extremely popular in Malaysia; mega Tamil films are mostly released in the same day as in India.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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