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Monday, November 6, 2023

Veteran Mathews learns the value of being punctual !!

The ICC and our hosts the BCCI take the wellbeing of all participants seriously and are monitoring the air quality in Delhi…  ICC's statement came  after toxic air forced Sri Lanka to cancel their training session on Saturday, disrupting their preparation for Monday's World Cup clash against Bangladesh in the heavily polluted city. A toxic haze lingered over Delhi for the sixth consecutive day on Sunday. The air quality index deteriorated from 415 at 4 pm on Saturday to 460 at 7 am on Sunday. 

Lot of furore on field in the  38the match of ICC ODI WC at Delhi today !! -  At SYMA we run a Tuition Centre and the advice to students is ‘make coming in time a habit – never invent reasons for your late-coming!’   A few years ago there was a case before Delhi District Court when the Govt took action of dismissal  against an employee 

A veteran Cricketer,  robust batting technique, nagging consistency with the ball, athleticism in the field, - once touted as  Sri Lanka's most prized assets, but  persistent injuries and several standoffs with the Sri Lankan board prevented him from achieving his full potential. Against Pakistan in December 2013, he batted for seven and a half hours to make an unbeaten 157 (having already scored 91 in the first innings) and save a Test in Abu Dhabi.  He became their Captain in 2013 leading them to a Series win against England – later he was dropped   specifically for his poo running between the wickets. 

Today the Man with 106 Tests (7361 runs 33 wickets); 224 ODIs (5900/122) and 78 T20I (1148/38) initially thought  the umpire was joking, but quickly wore a worried expression, and began to engage in a long discussion with both Erasmus and square-leg umpire Richard Illingworth.  He pleaded with Bangla players too !!!!!!!


Many times, we get irritated when you wait impatiently for the meeting to commence, some come late (some don’t even apologise) – the delay actually impacts the time of those who are on time.  As a business owner or manager at any organization, you might often have to deal with employees who are late to work.   

We make adverse comments when trains run late – when there could 100 reasons for that.  IN Switzerland, the land of watches, trains really do run like clockwork.   If a passenger is  30 seconds late, the train is gone! Italy has two rail schedules: the one printed in the brochure and another, flashing updates, on a board in the station. The first may be a fantasy; the second, reality.  

Theories abound as to why time doesn’t fly at the same speed around the globe. Climate, economics and culture may play a role.  Punctuality is the characteristic of completing a required task or fulfilling an obligation before or at a previously designated time."Punctual" is often used synonymously with "on time". An opposite characteristic is tardiness. Each culture tends to have its own understanding about what is considered an acceptable degree of punctuality. 

Punctuality shows you are organized -  few  things scream “disorganised” more than perpetually running late. While being disorganised may seem quirky and offbeat in social circles, it spells bad news in the workplace. Being punctual also means you’ll have all the information needed to complete a project.  In his classic 1983 study, “The Dance of Life: The Other Dimension of Time,” anthropologist Edward T. Hall used the words “monochronic” and “polychronic” to describe how different societies view time. People in monochronic cultures, such as America and northern Europe, are task-oriented, Hall wrote. They do things in order, one at a time, starting with the most important and ending with the least. Polychronic cultures, found in Mediterranean and many Latin American nations, he said, are “oriented toward people, human relationships and the family, which is the core of their existence.” In this world, following a schedule is far less important than catching up with friends and family. 

Of course, in every society, some people are punctual, some not. Culture just tips the balance. Germans are famously punctual, and proud of it.  Admittedly, Germans didn't invent the clock, but we are trailblazers when it comes to making things as reliable as clockwork. They say that "punctuality is the politeness of kings."   

Back to Cricket field at Kotla, veteran Angelo Mathews entered record books for being dismissed without facing ball ! ‘Timed out’ !!  As he kept pleading, Umpire Erasmus then approached Bangla player  and had a quick discussionbut ultimately the decision to rule him timed out was upheld, prompting more animated and visibly upset gesturing from Mathews at his broken helmet strap. At the time of Mathews' being given out, Bangladesh had long since broken their huddle, and had taken their places in the field, with Shakib at the top of his mark, ready to bowl. 

The ICC Playing Conditions stipulate that the batter must be ready to receive the ball within two minutes, which Mathews clearly was not. "40.1 Out Timed out 40.1.1 After the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must, unless Time has been called, be ready to receive the ball or for the other batter to be ready to receive the next ball within two minutes of the dismissal or retirement. If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter will be out, Timed Out.":


Angelo Mathews became the first player ever to be timed out in international cricket after he asked for a helmet change after walking onto the pitch, subsequently not being ready to face his first ball within the two minutes the ICC Playing Conditions allow.  The strap of Mathews' helmet broke just as he was tightening it around his chin, during his final preparations before taking strike against Shakib Al Hasan. By this stage, almost two minutes had already passed since the previous batter Sadeera Samarawickrama had been dismissed. 

The Delhi Court heard a case -  "Whether the dismissal of Mrs. ______ from service was  illegal and/or unjustified, and if so, to what relief was she entitled and what directions are necessary in this respect?" Succintly stated, the facts of the case were that the workman was engaged in the services of the management since 1972 as Receptionist-cum-Typist. She was charge-sheeted for misconduct which inter-alia read : a. Habitually coming late to the office and not putting correct time of arrival in the attendance register. b. Signing over and above red mark put against her name in the attendance register. 

The Court decreed that the question before the court was whether the quantum of punishment imposed upon the workman was in proportion to the misconduct proved against her. 

Don’t bring the element of spirit of the game et al., simply it was well within the rules and Angelo Mathews has only himself to blame or can add his kit provider, the kit manager, the Cricket coach and so many others for the position that he was in today – “Timed out”  

With regards – S Sampathkumar

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