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Monday, November 20, 2023

ICC World Cup 2023 - One day Insurance !!

More than 130000 people on the stadium and millions watching – the WC 2023 finals at Ahmedabad did not exactly go the way, our hearts wanted it to be – it was dictated by HEAD – a very cool one amongst those under pressure, Travis Head who ensured Sixth World Cup victory with a triumphantly paced 137 from 120 balls and hours before that took a  match-turning catch running yards to pouch Rohit Sharma – and days before, he had taken crucial wickets against South Africa.


Not a review of the match nor lamentation on the way Indians lost after such a golden run to the Finals but something on injuries and Insurance !!Players have been felled by bouncers, have had collisions and have torn muscles while running / catching ! – there have even been couple of fatalities. 

Way back in 1977 - in that Pongal Test, Mike Brearly pulled ErapalliPrasanna.  The sound could be heard on the stadium.  Mohinder Amarnath standing at forward short leg took evasive action, the ball struck his head and ricocheted towards the bowler, Prasanna took a simple catch.  It became a Caught & Bowled dismissal. 

Back in 2012 at Bangalore, a 10-year-old spectator Tia Bhatia,  was injured when a six from Chris Gayle broke her nose, she was admitted into and provided care in a hospital, where Gayle later visited.  Matches at Sharjah saw some huge sixers.  AB de Villiers was at his imperious best against Kolkata Knight  Riders – his hits sailed over the stadium and landed on the streets. In fact, one of the sixes literally stopped the traffic.  Decades ago, a young bowler in Buchi Babu (was it HoshidarContractor ?) was hit out of the park in Marina by Krish Srikkanth and the ball landed crossing the beach road ! 

This is no post on such huge hits – in 1983 WC, when David Hookes sent the ball soaring, commentator said, not a great shot – for my car is parked over there. Yes, the ball clearing the field could cause damages – of personal injuries and property damage – who would then be responsible ? – the player, the team, or the Ground or the Association staging the game ??? 

The mother of all assaults occurred in Mar 2009 - on a  dark day for Cricket  at Gadaffi stadium, Thilan Samaraweera notched  up his second successive Test double century following his 231 in the First Test at Karachi.  The next day, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricket team as they were on their way to stadium in Lahore.  The attackers exploded two bombs and men started firing at a police van which was providing security to the Lankan team.   Some players sustained injuries.  The players later left from the stadium by helicopter – that sounded a death-knell for Cricket in Pakistan 

Cricket fever was at its high in the present ICC WC 2023.  Capacity crowds for the matches involving India and yesterday the attendance was more than 130000.  Personal accident insurance policies of Insurers provide coverage for injuries sustained on the Cricket field and when taken covers injuries of the spectators too – but all these are related to field ie., the arena of the match – and perhaps none thought beyond – of extending coverage whilst at home too !!! 

Insurer ACKO came up with a novel idea of an Insurance Policy providing coverage for any sort of personal injuries sustained during the match – be it at the stadium or at home but occurring during the Cricket match – at a nominal premium of Rs.100/-  

Titled ‘100 Over Insurance’ – the Insurers claimed to provide coverage for personal injuries sustained during the duration of the match.  They claimed it as a initiative allowing  Cricket enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the excitement of the game without any worries, ensuring peace of mind.“With the 100 Over Insurance product, we are not just protecting our customers; we are joining in with them to cheer for every run and wicket that the men in blue score and take. This policy is a ticket for fans to enjoy cricket with peace of mind. It highlights our love for the game and our commitment to our customers' happiness and protection," said Ashish Mishra, EVP Marketing at Acko. 

The insurance provided coverage to Policy holders (fans) for potential personal injuries incurred while enjoying the game, be it at the stadium or in the comfort of their homes. Whether it's an accidental slip at home or an injury sustained while celebrating a wicket or a six with friends at a favourite hangout (not much of excitement as the coverage limit is mere Rs.5000/-) 

The duration of cover was only one day, infact even lesser, from the first ball to the final winning hit or the final wicket – geography being India, whether at home or at the stadium or at some hang-out !  

The policy excluded -  :Pre-existing injuries, pre-existing diseases and complications arising from them, self- inflicted injuries, bacterial infections, injuries suffered under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants etc. are not covered.  

Novel attempt, but not sure whether it reached the fans, and whether thousands of policies were sold ! 

With regards – S Sampathkumar


  1. Head broken heart/s is the title of this final… wonderful for taking back to the cherished memories of Indian cricket..!!!. 4 boundaries in 40 overs and 110 runs in 25 overs… indicated how them trying to craft the match… but not sufficient. Truly it is novel idea of such events like in USA where the premium is charged for card based on the hourly usage of cars.. premium decided which way the car is travelling… etc. breaking traditions 😊

  2. *For cars not card
    *The team not them

  3. I have insured New Zealand India test match at LB stadium Hyderabad when I was ABM in Parklane secunderabad branch. This is 37 years back.