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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Polish woman Monika Tano matches Duchess Kate's delivery !

Monika Tano, 35, welcomed her third child yesterday shortly before 2am on 2nd May 2015 – the Polish national gave birth at her home in Birmingham to a baby girl – do you find any significance to this ?

The whole UK is talking and celebrating the birth of a princess delivered by Kate Middleton.   Press reports state that in an enviably short labour, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a healthy, 8 pound, 3 ounce baby girl at 8:34am UK time Saturday [2/5/2015], 2 1/2 hours after going into labour the same morning, Kensington Palace announced. By 6pm – 12 hours after arriving at the hospital, she and her family already had returned to their home. But not before following tradition and emerging from the hospital with her new daughter, the Princess of Cambridge, and her husband William to introduce the press and public to the baby for the first time, and absorb the adulation and cheers of an ecstatic crowd.

The baby’s name was the topic of much discussion.  Bookmakers had set the odds most favourably for Alice and Charlotte. According to British analysts, the government is rejoicing over the news. Kate’s due date had been predicted for nine days ago and officials were afraid that the pregnancy could extend through Thursday, the day of hotly contested national elections, potentially distracting the electorate when every vote counts for the parties.  The new Princess of Cambridge is now fourth in line to the throne behind her grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales, her father, William, and her brother, George. Prince Harry will drop down to fifth in line.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Kensington Palace has said. The fourth in line to the throne will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, Charlotte is the 21st most popular girl's name in England and Wales with 2,242 babies being given it in 2013.  Elizabeth is 39th in the list but Diana is not in the top 100.

Monika Tano is in news, for she has beaten odds of almost two million to one to give birth on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge for the second time. 

Monika Tano welcomed her second daughter Aurelia yesterday in Birmingham on 2nd May 2015, just under seven hours before the baby princess was born. It was the second time the 35-year-old has given birth on the same day as Kate with her first child, Liliana, born on July 22, 2013, the same day as Prince George.

MailOnline reports that while Kate was waited on by a team of world class doctors at the Lindo Wing in St Mary's Hospital, Ms Tano had a more testing time. After going into labour in the middle of the night, the mother of three gave birth on the floor of her living room with only the baby's father there to offer a hand. Paramedics arrived shortly after baby Aurelia's birth at 1.47am to take both mother and baby to hospital for monitoring. 

The woman was to say - 'It is a huge coincidence, I just can’t believe it. 'At about 3am I was sending pictures of Aurelia to people and then at 7am I started getting messages from people saying Kate was in labour. 'I was still in hospital and checked the news on my phone and couldn't believe it when she had her baby daughter too.'

Ms Tano's daughter Liliana  was also born on July 22. She delivered her second daughter Aurelia herself this 2nd,  with the help of her former husband Alain Tano. The 35-year-old also has a six-year-old son called Franek.   'Aurelia was born exactly on 39 weeks and was due next Saturday so was a week early and I believe Kate’s baby is a week late so I never thought it would happen again.b 'When I got pregnant, people joked that it could happen but we thought it was so unlikely we forgot all about it. 'It feels amazing to have two children who share royal births, it is just fantastic. 'It will definitely be a story for my two little girls to tell all their friends when they are grown up.'

Bookmakers Ladbrokes said the mum had beaten incredible odds of 1,880,000/1 to give birth to two kids on identical date to the Duchess of Cambridge. David Williams, from Ladbrokes, said: 'It’s a mind boggling coincidence. The odds almost broke the calculator. We’ve never heard of anything like it.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
5th May 2015.

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