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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sick leave .. medical check-up by Govt..... in Belgium

Long before the invention and usage of templates – there were specialists who used to tutor writing a leave application -  ‘as I am suffering from fever’

People do stay away from work….. there are various types of leaves- generally it is believed that employees of Govt and PSU enjoy many types of leaves and in most Private companies, the leave is very restricted – even the available ones would lapse as bosses may not sanction leave and then leave balance could get truncated with the closure of year…………………

Here are some types of Leave :  – Casual leave; Earned Leave(Privilege leave) ; Sick leave; Maternity Leave, Paternity leave, Bereavement leave; leave for election duty; leave to appear as witness;   Additional Casual leave and more…..…..

Every year – all shops and establishments are required to give leave on important religious functions and days of National importance.  In some years, it could so happen that most of them fall under Sundays – in some Companies – the Additional Casual leave [ACL] is : the difference between the obligatory no. of days when leave ought to have been declared and the actual days on which leave was declared (excluding Sundays) – I have seen almost 11 days of ACL besides 15 days of CL in a particular year in PSU.  

There are people who casually and routinely absent themselves – some just cannot attend Office regularly… for justifying their absence and getting their leave sanctioned – people elaborate various reasons – from ‘simple headache; fever to death of some relative’…………….

For sure, the Nation is not alone on this…. Recently TOI quoting The Independent had a small article about the new provision in Belgium.

In what could turn the applicant miserable, the newsitem stated that the  Belgium Govt has proposed a law which would require employees taking a sick day to stay at home for a medical check-up. The draft legislation would oblige people to remain at home for a four-hour time slot between 7am and 8pm for a visit from a doctor to confirm their reported ailments.

If the person who called in sick was not at home, they could lose their pay for that day, Belgian media reported. The rule change is part of an overhaul of labour laws which are different for blue and white collar workers. At present, people working in manual jobs do not get their first day of sick leave paid. That clause would be abolished under the new laws, but unions said the proposals were unacceptable.  To them it is a gross violation of personal privacy.

What do you feel ?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

10th Oct 2013.

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