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Monday, October 7, 2013

Dr Manmohan's handshake with Nawaz Sheriff... youth ends his life at Peenya

Sad to read of this loss of life………. but prior to that a meeting and a handshake !

After the verbal jousting at the United Nations, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif used a one-hour meeting on Sunday to defuse border tensions with both sides agreeing to an immediate modest goal of having their military commanders meet to shore up the ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC). ~ it is completely another thing that whenever high profile meetings / peace talks have taken place, Pak has also resorted to escalation of violence and infiltration across the border.  

Miles away from our homelands, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Premier Nawaz Sharif, met for about an hour at New York’s Plaza Hotel…………… the highly anticipated meeting between President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani never shook out, but the Indian PM shook hands for the cameras.  India and Pakistan have fought three wars over the disputed region of Kashmir. Tensions are currently high after a series of fatal cross-border clashes along the Himalayan border resulting in death of Indian soldiers. The barbaric beheading of Indian soldiers is still fresh in the memory of Nationalists.  

To Us, Pakistan is a key player in facilitating the Afghan reconciliation process as U.S. troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. Billions of dollars of military hardware is expected to be trucked down from Afghanistan through Pakistan’s roads and ports as the 2014 transition begins, while Islamabad continues to battle its own homegrown Taliban insurgency. With that support and the support of China, Pak continues to play its game abetting insurgence and skirmishes in the border.  Manmohan was a bit tough at the U.N., calling Pakistan the “epicenter of terrorism” and categorically calling Kashmir a non-negotiable, integral part of India.  Nawaz Sharif, in his third stint in office, is  trying to consolidate civilian control in a country that has been ruled by the powerful military for three of the six decades since independence.  India wants peace ~ though the response has not been as equal.

Now comes the sad news of a suicide of a  32-year-old man at Peenya, who was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his residence in Peenya police station limits late on Thursday night, leaving behind a bizarre suicide note in which he blamed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his death.
Peenya police say HA Santosh, a resident of Agrahalli village and a native of Shimoga district, was depressed and dejected with the way his life had turned out. He had migrated to the city and had been working as a salesman in a Bata showroom for several years but has been struggling in his life.  His suicide note is reported to express his depression over the Union Government and is quoted as stating - "Singh has allowed many Pakistan people to come into India and they have settled here," Santosh says. "Apart from that, they are killing innocent Indians and soldiers. I am depressed over this and ending my life." A post mortem has reportedly been conducted and the body has been handed over to the family.

Santosh may have been driven to despair to his economic conditions and lack of success of life, but still has stated in his suicide note of the bonhomie extended to the  Pak PM and the Govt inaction on the killing of Indian soldiers.

The ending of life as also the reported cause make us feel sad….

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

6th Oct 2013..

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