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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bangalore blasts and gaffe of Cong politicians

They have a pattern and happen at rhythmic frequency, maiming and killing people ~ mostly innocents, it hits the headlines of newspapers and promptly forgotten until it occurs elsewhere… bomb blasts in India……. Sad to read about another one at Bangalore this time - Seventeen people, including 11 policemen, were injured in a bomb blast barely 50 metres from the BJP party office  on Wednesday [17.4.13] morning.

A motorcycle that was at the epicenter of the explosion has become the focus of investigations. In the absence of any other evidence of the kind of IED that was used in the blast, investigators are veering to the theory that the motorcycle was itself the IED. The choice of the blast site, outside the BJP office, just ahead of the Karnataka Assembly polls has raised many questions. The brunt of the blast was borne by a police truck on duty. The blast damaged six cars and three motorcycles. All the vehicles were identified except one motorcycle which was blown to pieces. The highly damaged motorcycle may have had an explosive device embedded into a portion of its chasis below the fuel tank and the whole bike may have acted as a vehicle-borne explosive, said sources closely involved in the investigations. The motorcycle in question was a TVS Suzuki Max 100 with a Tamil Nadu registration number, TN 22 R 3769, chasis number 1108F001568 and engine number 1108M05647. The registration number has turned out to be fake, with Tamil Nadu officials reporting that the number belongs to a motorcycle of a different make — a Yamaha RX 135.

We have heard it all – insensitive gaffe of Sushil Shinde, Digvijay and others. Now it is the time for a smaller Cong politician from Karnataka who reportedly tweeted at the most inopportune moment : ‘If the blast near BJP’s office in Banglore is a terror attack,it will certainly help the BJP politically on the eve of election.’ -— Shakeel Ahmad (@Ahmad_Shakeel) April 17, 2013. 

At total variance with the way US reacted, Indian politicians were quick to exhibit their insensitivity and Within minutes of the blast motormouth politicians were implanting their feet firmly in their mouths with fatuous comments that insinuated that it had been orchestrated by the BJP itself to garner sympathy ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections. So any event is a political prism and anything against BJP is always done by themselves…. Cynical game even when it could gravely impact national security. The contrast with the situation in the US, where politicians across the spectrum have observed enormous restraint in their public pronouncements on the Boston Marathon blasts,  has been striking ~ but this is not the first or the only time….

Indian cinema has one thing in common ~ be it tamil, telegu or hindi ~ the hero can change anything be it the story line to the actress pairing him, the support cast and literally anything… heroes mostly don’t die and many a times the cinema courts would exonerate them by praising them as virtuous……  there is lot of difference between ‘real’ and ‘reel’ – one thought.

Sanjay Dutt was to surrender today to undergo the remaining jail sentence……… he is an actor, there are commitments, waiting films and poor person has already suffered with banks refusing loans and et al, has a firm supporter – Mr Markendaya Katju and many more…  close 300 crores stands invested and Apex Court granted Dutt an extension on “humanitarian grounds”. “Considering the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case and reasons stated in the petition, we are not inclined to extend the time by six months, however, we extend the time by four weeks from tomorrow. ~ the Court is quoted as observing.   This is rather ironical because yesterday the Supreme Court(a different bench) refused to extend the time to surrender in case of Zaibunissa Kazi and four other individuals.   The producers and others who invested on Dutt were fully aware that when a bail is cancelled at any point of time, the individual has to go back to jail.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
18th April 2013

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