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Saturday, June 2, 2012

some relief - June heralds winds of change for Tamil Nadu

Does June herald winds of change for Tamilnadu ?

The weather in Chennai is mostly hot, irrespective of the months and in Summer, it scorches even when closer to the Bay of Bengal.  The availability of quality and reliable power is critical for economic development of the State.   Growth in power consumption is an indicator of  the industrial, agricultural and commercial growth  of a State.    The State has been reeling under power shortage for some years now.  It is stated that the demand is 11,500MW and generation  is lower than half of it.  The State  reeling under acute power shortage resorted  to long hours of unscheduled power cuts.   More was to follow when the situation worsened with some parts of the Districts facing outages over six hours and some power holidays were also scheduled.

Some reports do state that the intensity of summer has reduced in many parts of the State – but the City has not had any relief.  It continues to be hot and without power, people have been suffering.  Production units have been hit the most.  Some summer rains would bring relief to the suffering by cooling down the temperature.  There is some real good news for the power users ……….

From today, domestic consumers in Chennai will have to bear only one-hour load shedding and those in remaining parts of the State, three hours.  The scheme of power holiday for low-tension and high tension industrial establishments has been withdrawn completely. As part of it the State had been divided into six regions and industrial units in each region were required not to draw power on an assigned day apart from Sundays.  The  Chief Minister Jayalalithaa  has issued a statement issued on Friday [1/6/12] announcing  substantial improvement in supply position in the last few weeks owing to the availability of more wind power.  She expressed the hope that several thermal power projects and the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project would be commissioned shortly. “The present restriction and control measures will be gradually relaxed. Appropriate steps will be taken after holding a review of the situation next month.”  Ms. Jayalalithaa issued the statement after chairing a high-level meeting attended by senior officials.

Four units of the 840 MW Mettur Thermal Power Station, which was badly affected by a fire early in May, have resumed generation to their capacity.  In recent weeks, the State has been getting, on an average, 2,000 MW through windmills.  A  report in Times of India states that out of installed energy capacity of 7094 MW wind mills have been providing 2767, 2869,3469, 2654 & 2821 MW in the past 5 days from May 28th till June 1st.

That kindles greater hopes of better times in sight on the power front.  It was torrid time and the State has endured a  sweltering summer, the present news is a great relief for people in Tamil Nadu.

Board officials  are quoted as stating that various factors contributed to allow them to reduce the total hours of scheduled power cuts in the state. The stoppage of outage will reduce dependence on limited fuel sources like diesel and ease the pressure and cost for the industries.  The wind situation  is expected to remain good  till the end of September.

The onset of the southwest monsoon in neighbouring Kerala will ease the situation further  as cooler weather will mean less consumption of energy.  Happy days are here again !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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