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Friday, June 15, 2012

the concept 2 Wheeler Car - from Lit Motors

There are so many means of transportation – for moving from place to place and individuals sure prefer automobiles.  For going to Offices and for moving around in cities bustling with traffic, the most preferred form would be a two wheeler.  Though Scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes do provide great mobility, they have some innate disadvantages on the count of stability, providing shade against hot Sun and inclement weather.

Imagine a 2 wheeler vehicle with great stability and having a covered body – would that not be great ?

Lit Motors seemingly have a solution to this problem of growing cities. It appears more to be a dream – but a  San Francisco-based company behind this brilliant idea has just taken its first giant step forward with the completion of a proof-of-concept prototype.  It does look futuristic yet simple with the raw metal shell having just the basic bits that fulfill the promise of a self-balancing two-wheeler: it drives forward – and in reverse – and doesn't fall over.  The catalogue claims that utilizing electronically controlled gyroscopes located under the floor (putting out over 1,300 lb/ft of torque), the vehicle balances at a stop and stays upright in the event of a collision. In-wheel electric motors (40 kw) provide the power and regeneration, while hub steering keeps you pointed in the right direction.  It is also claimed that it can run at a top speed of over 120 MPH and battery packs would provide 200 miles per charge, and if only the contraption were to meet more than half of the claims the C-1 would be an ideal match for the commuters and city dwellers to move around safely in style.  

It is C1 from Lit Motors  which looks quite attractive going by its advertisement.  The prototype reportedly was made on a $200,000 budget making auto industry  enthusiastic about the vehicle eagerly looking  forward to the next, more functional, iteration.  Lit Motors is based in the Bay Area of California, designs and develops innovative and environmentally conscious transportation solutions for our growing world.

The Company’s website claims that their mission is to provide efficient, economical, and ecological transportation solutions to the informed and interconnected global community. They have the  aim to rekindle the excitement of the transportation experience by combining human centered design with the latest in technologies and manufacturing.

It is further stated that at Lit Motors they are reinventing the motorcycle moving away from the combustion engine to alternative energy in the form of electric motors to be used for personal transportation.  The proposed vehicle would have Scandinavian Design concepts, and would envelop the rider in subtle curves, softened volumes and lots of glass.  The overall design foundation is based on its waist-line which wraps around the vehicle’s circumference, and is grounded by the swooping rocker panel: hi-lighting its unique gyroscopic components.

Sure it would be much more than the traditional motorcycle and might change the way 2 wheelers have been bought and rode. The Manufacturers, claim to target the eco-conscious commuters in its sights.  The Lit C1's USP is  claimed to be not only its gyroscopes which will prevent toppling but the technology that would control and the right amount of lean in corners to counteract centrifugal forces.

Lit hopes the first models will cost $24,000 – a mere Rs.13.36 lakhs ! and that prices could come down by a third once production is ramped up.  If you had fallen in love, you can pre-order your vehicle with a deposit. The company’s website states that one of the first 200 can be booked with a deposit of USD 1000 and the next 300 with a deposit of $ 500.  Are you in the queue ?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.


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